A Typical Easter

Hello all! As you read this, I am most likely on a highway somewhere between Mid-Missouri and Chicago. Again.

I could probably drive the route with my eyes closed. Which may or may not be any different than driving it in thunderstorms and tornado warnings

Anyhoo, it was a great couple days back in my humble little hometown.

There were workouts with Jillian (The Shred was picked both times over Yoga Meltdown and No More Trouble Zones- mostly because I wanted the cardio factor). There was an afternoon walk with my mom. The sun did decide to peek around the clouds for a couple of hours and we jumped on the chance to get a little vitamin D in our otherwise cloudy weekend. And then there was the workout of lifting the Easter basket.Over and over again.

And yes, my contribution to the Easter festivities was Goose Island. Typical.

At least my dad enjoyed it.

There was also the food.

Oh my goodness the food.

Have I ever mentioned how I don’t like ham? It’s weird- I’m a fan of everything pork (hellooooo bacon!) but ham is not my thing. So my mom decided it also made sense to make a full turkey. With the ham.It’s like Thanksgiving and Easter all rolled into one!

No complaints. Except from my stomach when it was about to burst at the seams after dessert.Remember how we talked about our dessert “go-to”? These are my mom’s. Coconut Cream Crunch and Almond Joy Cake. Obviously I needed multiple servings of both this weekend.

Screw the candy. This is where it’s at…

Actually, I take that back. I’ll take the candy, too. 

Don’t think I just sat back and let my mom feed me the ENTIRE time. For Easter brunch, we all seem to join in on the fun.

My brother didn’t really lend a hand to the cooking like everyone else did, but someone needed to take the blurry pictures. Typical.

Anyhoo, after three solid days of catching up with various hometown friends and family, I’m a happy girl. With a happy tummy. And happy yoga pants. Happy yoga pants that should probably be worn for the next few days.

Can we classify them as business casual?

I’m not just being sent home with candy (weeeee!) and leftovers (yay!), either. As a product of a farming family, I’m also being sent home with a couple of pounds of sausage, ground beef, steak and pork loin.


This is why there is a cooler in the trunk of my car 24/7.

And also why I’ll be firing up the Google in the next few weeks to find recipes and, um, how to properly cook a pork loin.

What? I think this is why I end up having so many meatless days- not only am I too cheap to buy meat, I’m also too lazy to learn how to prepare it…

Whoops. What a dapper bunch we are.

I insisted on taking pictures outside this time. My brother and I never stop to make fun of how many pictures we have in front of the family room entertainment center. I could create an album. It would be a hundred pictures of various outfits and slow height growth (or in my brother’s case, rapid height growth).

But then it started to rain. Again.Typical.

Have a great Monday! Wish me luck that this drive back to the Chi isn’t nearly as treacherous as the drive out

26 Responses

  1. Wow those pies sound AMAZING!!! I’m sort of glad those aren’t staples around my house… haha.

    Cute pics of you and the fam! You are definitely a put together bunch. ;)

  2. Have a safe drive back!

    … Those cakes look AMAZING! yum! Glad you had a nice weekend!

  3. Holy yum! Those cakes look so delicious! And love the family pic outside :)

  4. Haha hope you have a better drive back than you did going there. I’m not a fan of ham either, turkey all the way for this girl.

  5. Almond Joy Cake?!? For real? I need that in my life.

    I’m the same way with ham. I love piggy products but baked ham I just can’t do for some reason. Hope you have a good drive back!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend :)

    I want to know how to make the Coconut Cream Crunch!

  7. I’m not a ham lover, either. My dad always makes lamb for Easter, though, (and roast beef for Christmas) so I never really have to deal with it. Cute photos! Hope your drive back is uneventful!

  8. I want to try the almond joy cake!

    I did Shred today. I keep trying to get into her other dvd’s but I always go back to shred. I think because it’s the shortest.

    Safe travels!

  9. I too am too lazy and cheap. but if other people make me meat, I’m all over it.

    My family does the double meat (ham and turkey) for every holiday. I like to think its a midwest thing.

  10. Glad you had a good time! I’m all about turkey for holiday meals. My mom considered making a ham one year for Christmas (maybe Thanksgiving?) and my whole family was devastated. :)

  11. Hope you’re having a good drive back to the Chi! Love that you contributed Goose Island :)
    You have a very lovely family!

  12. Yum! Looks like a great spread! Glad you made it home safely — I just watched a video of the tornado going through one of the STL airport terminals! Crazy.

    Super cute family photo, too. Lovin’ your outfit!

  13. Don’t you love going home for the holidays? My sister left (back to Chicago, too!) yesterday with a huge Banana Republic bag full of food! I’m married with one kid and still got sent home with zucchini bread and leftover ham. Love my parents. :)

  14. Sounds like a great Easter. I don’t like ham either. Blah.
    Hope you had a safe trip back!

  15. Goose Island is the perfect contribution! ;)

    Great family pic!

  16. I would also like to know how to make the coconut crunch. it looks delicious!

    As for the pork loin, highly recommend using a slow cooker. I never knew I liked pork until it was cooked that way!

  17. oh my gosh. those desserts look amazingly delish! can you share the recipes?!? we have pot lucks at work all the time, and i am always looking for new recipes to share! happy belated easter!!

  18. I love that you have a meat cooler in your trunk. That makes me kind of love you – even though I don’t eat meat.

    I always forget you are a farm girl.

  19. You’ll have to share your mom’s almond joy cake. On the real!!

  20. Hello, coconut cream crunch! I need to know what that is! Looks like you had a great Easter. I hope the drive back was uneventful!

  21. I am so jealous of your delicious Easter feasting! I haven’t had a real family-style Easter in a long time and really miss some home-cooked deliciousness.

  22. Who needs candy when you have those fine looking desserts?!

  23. Your family is so cute! And that outfit…love it! I hope your drive back was good! I was in the car all day, too. Ugh. And with crappy weather, as well. The things we do for holidays and family..

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  25. I am envious of your Easter dinner and desserts!!! yum!!

  26. […] sort of. It was the last of the turkey leftovers my mom sent back with me from our family Easter dinner. Really it was just a matter of throwing on things that happened to be around. Such as avocado. […]

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