Rookie Mistakes

Yesterday’s game was rained out. I was sad.

Didn’t even make it into the stadium- only as far as the bar at the Captain Morgan Club connected to it.

What? It started raining RIGHT away. Seriously. I even took a picture to prove it. But realized my memory card was still in my laptop at home. Rookie mistake.

But it wasn’t a wasted trip by any means. I hung out with good people. And even got in a conversation with Ronnie Woo Woo (another one of Chicago’s people you should know) while waiting for my friend. Between all the people coming up to take pics with him and get autographs, he told me he liked me because I’m blunt and tell it like it is, but will treat a man good one day. And then he asked for me to escort him to the Bulls game tonight. I appreciated the compliment but declined the date.

He’s a little out of my age range.

After the official postponing of the game, I made my way out of the stadium in attempts to beat rush hour.

That’s a laugh. Rush hour never ends. Which is unfortunate on so many levels. But I was particularly edgy because I had been craving some stadium nachos. And if you recall, the game didn’t last long enough for me to make it into the stadium to acquire them. Sooooo…. my arm was looking PRETTY appetizing…

As did my Whole Foods Food Bar purchase.

Again, no pics. I know you’re sad, too.

And I need to kick this Whole Foods habit I’ve gotten into (maybe twice in one week isn’t necessarily a habit, but you know what I mean). I make salad at home every other day. Why am I spending close to $10 for one at a grocery store? Rookie mistake.

By the time I actually got home, there was an inner debate of whether or not a trip to the gym should happen.

I went. Not for long, though- that was the compromise. 15 minutes on the stairmill and a 20-minute inclined walk. And then weights during commercial breaks at home.

Multi-tasking is important.  :)

By the way, check out what Halley over at Blunder Construction sent me:She hosted a giveaway and painted these just for me! Aren’t they awesome? They would go so well against the blue wall in my apartment, but I’m going to practice patience and wait until the move in another month or so to hang them.

Thanks Halley!

I think I messed up the way they’re supposed to go. And plan to spend close to 2 hours staring at them before they actually go up on the wall. Because I’m not smart when it comes to such things.

One more thing before I go… 

I have a confession to make.

Pretty sure I’m gonna be one of the crazies who wake up a little early to watch the Royal Wedding.

Hear me out! I have to be up at 5:15 all this week anyway. What’s another hour?

And it wasn’t me, but one friend of mine who shall not be named (fine, it was Mon) suggested since we had considered getting up early to watch it anyway, we might as well do it at the gym.

Yeah. She said that. Not me.

I”m as surprised as you are.

And then agreed to it. Oy.

This better be one hell of a wedding dress we’re getting up for.

25 Responses

  1. I have already set my alarm for 3:45am. My coffee maker is ready as is a Z-bar. Should we dress up for this? Like, put earrings on for the gym? I feel like Kate may be watching us as we watch her walk down the aisle. PS – don’t text after 8pm tonight since I’ll be getting my rest.

  2. I’m getting up early too! I really just want to see her dress…LOL!

  3. I’m going to watch it. I won’t wake up early, but I’ll be watching.

    Sorry the game was rained out :(

  4. Ugh, the royal wedding, I can’t take it anymore!!! I am dying to see the dress, that’s all. But I can get my fill on CNN when I wake up at a normal hour!

  5. I’m seriously considering getting up for the royal wedding too. Sadly, last night I had a fever, chills, and my throat is still in massive pain. If I can get rid of the sick today, I’m watching the wedding.

  6. WHAT? You didn’t say yes to the Bulls game? Can I go in your place? Seriously, I’ll fly out there, now. Pretty please!

  7. I sort of love that idea- knock out two birds with one stone! And sorry about the game- what a bummer!

  8. Woah those canvases are AWESOME! I wish I had talent like that to make my own decorations.

  9. Ya gotta get that nachos fix in! Mon makes great nachos, right? You should workout and then have breakfast nachos! I haven’t gotten in to the royal wedding. I’m not sure why, but it just hasn’t hooked me this time. Can’t wait to hear your recap!

  10. I am sure Kate will look fabulous! I mean she is already gorgeous and women always look even more beautiful on their wedding day!

  11. Heh, I’ll be watching. I hate when games are rained out. SO sad.

  12. I don’t get why I pay $10+ for a salad either…but I do. It just can’t be helped.

    Kate is going to look fantastic…I can’t imagine how nervous she must be right now. I wouldn’t change places with her for a million dollars!!

  13. I am so sad that you missed out on nachos that I am going to make some for dinner tonight in your honor. The things I do for you…

  14. omg I love Ronnie’s compliments to you! LOL Yeah I think the age range is a little more than half + 7 there :-p

  15. So you don’t like older men? ;)

    I need to kick my WF addiction too. (It doesn’t help that it’s across the street.) It’s just so easy. Maybe we should join WFA. We can be each other’s sponsors.

  16. Baha, I was wondering why you declined a date with a famous person until I saw that he was older than my dad. I guess that was the right decision…
    Sorry the game got rained out!

  17. I was considering going to the gym really early to watch the royal wedding too, but it’s not playing until 1 am here! It’s definitely not that important to me, so I will be asleep :)

  18. I’m going to be sleeping when the wedding is on. I’m not even remotely interested in it. So far I’m the only girl I know who is not excited about it.

    Sorry about the game but at least there are lots of places to hang out in that area. Plus it’s a great place to people watch ;)

    btw…I think it’s a great idea to workout while watching the wedding!

  19. i’m taking tmrw off. not to watch the wedding though. so you can bet your buttttttt i’m not getting up to watch it. bahahah

    although if i was working i’d probably be up to workout. doubling up sounds like a plan

  20. bahahaha you’re gonna wake up at 3am to watch it? let me know how it is! I’m so sleeping tonight. hehe

    LOVED the paintings halley made for you! gorgeous colors!!!! =)

  21. I don’t think I’ll be watching it live but I will be stalking the internet for pictures and some clips (esp of the kiss) after. I wasn’t obsessed prior to today. Then something went off. I’m strange like that. :)

  22. Oi, that blows about the game. I’m kinda happy we dont have a WF here because I would be going there multiple times a wk and nothing good would come out of that.

    I am sleeping it. It’s my last day of work and I figure someone out there will have it DVR’d

  23. I am just now going to bed and for a brief moment considered just staying up. Then I remembered how much I would hate my life. And how it’s the only thing that people will have on TV tomorrow. I think I’ll survive.

  24. I love it! Is your gym 24-hour? I doubt many were open at 4:15 or whenever the madness started!

    Sorry about the Cubs game! :( I am going to a Cubs game in Cincy on the 17th – I can’t wait!!

  25. OMG, the 2 of you are completely crazy. I’m now sure of it. :)
    Happy Friday!

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