Four Hours

Four hours. That’s a lot of time when doing some things.

For example, I will probably never run four hours. Two hours for a half marathon is good enough for me.

I will never drive for four hours without a potty break. That’s a long span of time to be on the road without stopping. My bladder is too small for such things.

I will probably never clean for four hours straight. Classified as a “spot cleaner”, I am the girl who will focus on one or two things each night and use a span of days to actually “clean my apartment”.  So if you come to visit, please give me at least three days warning- thanks.

One thing to do for four hours that makes it seem like not a lot of time?

Sleep. Sleeping for four hours in one night is simply not right.

I need at least five. Six to display some intelligence. Six-and-a-half to not be hateful.

If you remember, I had a late night on Saturday night and didn’t realize until after I had gotten up how much rest I actually (didn’t) have.

But it was fine. Luckily I didn’t have a busy day planned or anything.

Oh wait…

First on the ticket was Jaime’s shower.

There was punch and alcohol offered. I stuck with water. I think all the guests should take this as a moment to publicly apologize to Jaime. We played the game “guess the size of her belly” and all overshot- by at least six inches. Um…. sorry…. :p

After games, cake (!), and presents, I left her house with a sugar buzz and confidence that I was up on the latest summer fashions for newborn girls. Ruffles on the butt are VERY “in” this year.

And the sugar buzz seemed to kick-start my “second wind”.  Or, if we’re being honest, it may have been a “first wind”.

It was time to meet up with a few more of my favorite suburb gals for dinner at Grande Jake’s in Buffalo Grove. Mon and I hadn’t done our regular Sundays of Mexican food in quite some time and I had a Groupon. So she, Annie, and I took some time and enjoyed my favorite part of the restaurant- chips and their large selection of salsa.The one in the right corner was my favorite (obviously). It was also one of the spiciest- tastebuds were lost. Typical.

Annie enjoyed a margarita and Mon enjoyed a Mexican beer. I enjoyed another water.

Besides, I was patiently waiting for this:Yeah- the cheese on my enchiladas verdes was intense. And I am a big fan of the melty deliciousness, but this time around, most of it was scraped to the side. By the end, the only thing left was the discarded cheese and tomato slice (I don’t like them- it’s a texture thing).

Randomly, I’ve had this food as carryout before with a friend who was in town last year. We had the burritos and I was semi-obsessed because that burrito lasted for three meals. THREE meals!

It really is delicious, but I think they do better work with the burritos. Either that, or I’m still remembering how amazing my enchiladas verdes were from Salsa 17. Still dreaming about those…

After we had taken up our table for probably way too long (it was super busy!), we headed back home where Annie and I decided to stroll the neighborhood for a while. Gotta help along the digestion process, right?

We walked a few miles and chatted. And since it was right as the sun was setting/had set, we even managed to snag some bug bites. Another sign spring is here?

Now if only the temps would get in line…

Turns out I can function a little better on four hours than I thought?

We won’t test that theory again anytime soon. Hopefully.

29 Responses

  1. When I saw the title of this post I was wondering if it was referring to how many hours of sleep you got last night!

    Those enchiladas look bomb, I am all about the crispy cheese.

  2. Muahaha, hungover much? Now I want Mexican. Biotch.

  3. Love me some cheesy enchiladas! Now I’m craving Mexican food! And I’m with you on the 4 hours of sleep thing – I need 6 at a minimum.

  4. Yummm I love mexican food! Tasty! Haha your poor friend. I’d be bad at guessing how big her tummy is, too!!

  5. Dude. My post today is about a bridal shower and Mexican food.

    Are we twins?? Weird. Any might I suggest fish tacos next time? I will never look back from that decision ;)

  6. “Ruffles are the butt are very big this year.” Haha…love it! I hope you are feeling more rested today. I definitely am not.

  7. I cant function on four hours of sleep. It just wouldnt happen.

  8. I have no attention span so doing anything (besides sleeping) is pretty impossible for me too! I like that you are a “spot cleaner”… I should do that rather than just NOt clean. =)

  9. I need a least 6 hours of sleep to not kill myself falling over and bumping in to things. I am a wreck with less than that. Why are the tomatoes at those Mexican restaurants always like that? They are so pale and crunchy. It’s like they look for those specifically. I hope you have a great week Amy!

  10. You can survive on 5 hours sleep? Lately I need almost 9…so sad.

    Oh and I am literally trying to lick my computer screen where that lovely cheesey enchilada is!

  11. I was the same way yesterday- stayed out a leeetle bit later than I thought I was going to on Saturday! :)

  12. Somehow i can function on little sleep… I dont know when my body decided to do it, but it works when it has to. Although, I’d rather just get enough sleep. mmm enchiladas, i should make them for cinco de mayo!

  13. Four hours of sleep is like my sleep appetizer. I need nine to feel rested. Ten if I’m waking up before 10:30 am.

    I now have a major craving for Mexican.

  14. Mexican food is da bomb! And I can totally put down a burrito no problem. It’s a gift. :)
    Hope you get more sleep this week!

  15. Ugh, I have been right there with you. 2-4 hours on multiple occasions last week. It’s surprising that anyone still likes me at this point.
    I would have no idea how to calculate the size of a preggers belly. I’m sure I would overestimate and feel like a huge jerk.

  16. well 4 is my lucky number. so maybe it’s okay that i got 4 hours of sleep last night too?

  17. Oh yeah, I’d be calling in sick to work if that happened.

    Your Mexican looks amazing! And let it be known that the next baby shower I’m at, I will round down…a lot, when it comes time to guess the circumference of the mom’s belly! You jerks! :)

  18. hah, I always think that – “heyyy, I can function on four/five hours of sleep just fine! This isn’t so bad!” then the next day is absolute misery. it’s like a delayed reaction or something.

  19. omg, cheesey enchiladas. plus mexican beer. hell, i think i could eat that and function on 2 hours of sleep! haha, just kidding. but a meal like that would certainly make me feel better :)

  20. That guess the belly size game can never lead to anything good :-P

    And I’m with ya on the max running amount being a half:)

  21. Ohhh…yummy cheese. I can deal on 4 hours of sleep. I’m an insomniac.

  22. People who CAN exist on four hours are a different spieces. Give me a solid 8 or get away from me.

  23. I have been going on 6 hours the past week and am officially a zombie. I can’t imagine 4 hours!

  24. Ugh 4 hours of sleep is miserable I need at least 6 to function 8 to be nice..and I agree if we ould get some warm weather no rain and mimimal wind it would be a freaking miracle come onn chicago

  25. If I only get four hours of sleep I’m slightly evil. Seriously, no one wants to talk to me when that happens!

    Looks like a fun day! And there is nothing better than dinner at a Mexican restaurant!

  26. soo funny with the shower– what games did you play??

  27. I need a pee break every three hours or so. I drink too much water and coffee to make it any longer.

  28. No worries on the belly estimates, I need a shirt that says “objects in front of me appear larger than they are”. Though my favorite shirt is still the one I sleep in these days that says “beer makes my clothes fall off”. It’s just wrong on a pregger on so many levels :)

  29. […] beginning to think maybe that I’m just not supposed to get more than four or five hours of sleep on the […]

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