Good to go!

That’s what the doctor told me yesterday.

We discussed in detail what has been going on the last month or so, and he said that “clicking” feeling I’ve been concerned about is actually more normal than I realize and it’s good to be proactive, but I shouldn’t be overly concerned about this one.

He bent my leg every which way it would go (I’m not that flexible, so it didn’t take long), he thinks the pain I had been experiencing was just overuse and not related to the pop he felt during one rotation. When that happens, he said to take some time off  and I shouldn’t be concerned until the specific “ache” just doens’t get better.

Well ok then. It was an expensive 15 minutes of my life, but the reassurance was nice. After dealing with crutches and taking 8 weeks off at the beginning of last year, I was starting to work myself up in a tizzy of all the things that could possibly be wrong with it.

Even though I’m still obviously cutting back on running quite a bit, at least we know my leg won’t be falling off any time soon. Whew.

At least one good thing of it all? I’ve been focusing a little more on my strength training. Or at least on my Jillian Michaels dvds- which may not be hard core to some, but it’s about as good as it gets for me. When it comes to weights, I lack any kind of motivation to do them. Someone needs to be barking orders.

To celebrate my non-injury (I guess?), I met up with Mon at the gym after work. We needed to catch up on each other’s weekends, and because of the threat of rain, we chose to walk side by side on the treadmills. Cute, right? 

We’re nerds.

What was not cute was the skunk that ran out in front of me on the way home. He’s been around for a while now. My friend Bailey has lovingly named it Petunia.

And then she called the office building and lovingly said, “Petunia needs to die”.

Clearly that has not been taken care of just yet. Because we had a stare down in the parking lot- both parties frozen in terror. After about 10 seconds, he bolted to the right. And I promptly bolted to the left.

My heart is still recovering.

Had it already been Tuesday, the worst day of the week, god knows what might have gone down.

But instead, it’s Tuesday now. Let’s hope my planned run tonight will go well. And that I don’t run into Petunia on the way home.

Because we’re not friends. And he’s got fire in his eyes. I’ve seen it.

Your turn- scariest/funniest/weirdest run-in with a wild animal.

Aaaaannnndddd go!

29 Responses

  1. I’m happy to see that you got through the trial! I know how doctor-related things can get very stressful.

  2. It’s always so uplifting to get good news at the doctor’s office. My knees are always freaking me out, too.

    As for animals, we have these foxes in our neighborhood, and sometimes they wake us up in the middle of the night screaming. The first time I heard it, I thought someone was being murdered. I freaked the funk out.

    Sounds like this:

  3. Strength training can help too with injuries.

    I had a run in once with a dog that wouldn’t stop trying to hump me while running. It wasn’t fun!

  4. I was chased by a mama goose the other day while running. Like, I had to turn around and run the other way. Naturally in front of like 6000 cars on a major street.

    I also encountered a raccoon once running on the prairie path out by my in-laws place in the ‘burbs. It was dark out and that thing scared the crap out of me. It’s eyes were glowing and it kind of reared up and hissed at me. I’m probably exaggerating, but it was scary.

  5. A skunk once jumped out at me on a run and I FROZE! He posed ready to spray and I was freaking out!! haha! Thankfully I wasn’t sprayed because that is STINKY!! My dog knows.

  6. Skunks scare the crap out of me. I ran into one not long ago when I was walking the dog. I nearly had a heart attack because she flips out when she sees other animals. Thats really what we need with a skunk eh? Fortunately she didnt see it, and we were spared.

  7. Good news on the leg! Not good news on Petunia. I had a run in with a possum once – saw it off my deck in an old apartment. Well, saw its little beady eyes. Scared me to bits. Then my roommate told me a long story about how possums were different from opossums, the latter being the ones in trees. This, by the deck, he said, was a possum. Well, I told this story repeatedly to other people – this British gal had no clue – and once in said roommate’s hearing. He laughed himself to pieces and finally set me straight. Either way, I don’t like rat-like things with beady eyes. Trees or no trees.

  8. Yay for the good news about the leg. Darren once chased me through the grocery store with a lobster, that was kind of scary. Then I had a complete panic attack another time when a giant black snake slithered into our outdoor cooking area while camping.

  9. Yay for the green light!

    In Cali there is always signs for mountain lions…luckily I haven’t run into any yet.

    I’ve petted and fed skunks in the wild. Is that weird?

  10. What great news!! Excited for ya, girl :)

  11. Yikes, skunks are awful. Last winter I ran a run in with a coyote in Lincoln Park that was somewhat terrifying. Luckily I was with a bunch of people so I didn’t REALLY freak out.

  12. I was running around dusk once and a raccoon darted in front of me and through a fence after glaring me down, as if I was trespassing. I probably was. I had horror scenes of raccoon attacks (does such a thing exist?) playing in my head for the rest of the run.

  13. On my last race a few weekends ago, there was a snake since it was on a trail through the woods. I thought it was a stick so I didn’t get out of the way and when I got closer and realized what it was I almost screamed!

  14. Oh gosh! I really want to tell you a story about a skunk but SOMEONE is reading over my shoulder and will certainly get mad =) To be continued!

  15. I had a run in with some not so nice dogs before, but nothing really unusual. Though, I did run over a recently dead skunk with my car in high school. The smell lasted almost a month!!!

  16. Glad to hear all is well with the leg!
    There was a buffalo in my front yard when I was little. I remember being scared and in awe.
    Also notable, my dad was bitten by a muscrat when he was younger. He still has a scar.

  17. I’m so glad your leg is doing better! I hope it stays that way. Skunks are the worst…so stinky.

  18. Hooray for non injuries! I feel silly when I go to the dr and they tell me everything is going to be ok but the reassurance is totally worth it.

    Petunia? Eww. Needs to go away, glad you got away unharmed and smelling nice!

  19. I’m really glad the dr. gave you the all clear…and I hear you on the expensive 15 minutes! I just had a checkup and when all was said and done the 20 minutes cost me more than $300. I’m so annoyed!! Stupid, useless insurance.

  20. Hahahaha I love that you call her petunia…I miss looney toones!

  21. I’m glad the doctor gave you the a-okay. I’ve never been near a skunk in my life. I would lose my shit.

  22. I could go on and on, but the best story is when I was in the field and saw a florescent line tied to a tree that said “really mother effing big rattlesnack 5 m ahead on trail” I figured it was old. 5 m later, my face inches from a rattlesnake, I realized it was from earlier that morning.

    Not fun.

  23. Yay for good news about your legs! I’ve never really had any weird encounters with animals, thank god!

  24. Yay! I am happy you got the go-ahead! :)

  25. Glad your knee is ok! I bet it was such a relief to hear. Phew!

  26. yay glad you have been approved! I am hoping my PT tells me the same thing this weekend.

  27. Yay! So glad that you are okay!

  28. holy eff. i forgot it was tuesday. maybe that’s why my motto today was “should have never gotten out of bed”. because today sucked.

    that said, i’m glad that you got the reassurance from the doc. sometimes that co-pay to hear that is sooooooooo worth it.

  29. I am really flipping scared of snakes and I had a full blown panic attack on a trail run when I almost stepped on one. Just thinking about it makes my heart race.

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