Sexy Sweat

That would be one of the most popular google searches to get you to my blog.

I’d be flattered if it weren’t for being slightly creeped out.

So, as we discussed yesterday, it seems running into a raccoon or skunk on a run is quite common, huh?

My boss asked if the skunk sprayed at me.

I told him I’d be taking a minimum of 3 days off to de-skunkify if something like that ever happened. And maybe even an extra day for sheer embarrassment from the whole situation.

Just a heads up on that one, Mr. Bossman. So no- it didn’t get me this time.

And yes, I was happy with the doctor and his outlook on the sitch. For the last few weeks, when I did run, I stressed myself out the entire time. Overanalyzing each and every stride.

Last night’s run was much more carefree.

3 miles at 8:34. After the first half mile, I didn’t think once about the leg. 

Maybe because my mind was consumed with how disgustingly hot and sweaty I was getting. The humidity tried to beat me, but determination and fingers crossed that I wouldn’t pass out mid-run were the two things that got me through.

Determination was also important to hit up the stairmill for 10 minutes after. Some because I’m starting to freak about what my booty will look like in a swimsuit next week, and some because I’m trying to take every advantage of the gym that I can before I no longer have it after I move (insert a Snooki “waaaaaaah!” here).

Normally the stairmill is my “cool down”, but because heat rises and it puts me right up next to the ceiling, it totally wasn’t.

By the end of it all, I didn’t even want to touch a thing in my apartment until properly showered.

Thank god a few people think I have sexy sweat, huh?

Because the sudden heat wave rolled through during the day, and because I’m slightly dumb when it comes to such things, I didn’t even think to open the windows/sliding doors to my apartment before leaving for work. Returning to a sauna is not the best feeling after a long day.

Because of this little oopsie, I thought it best to pass up plans to heat my oven and roast vegetables for 30 minutes. Instead, I heated the stovetop for 10 minutes or so and made the ugliest omelet ever using chicken sausage and mushrooms:Even my glass says “it’s getting hot in herrrrrr” with all the sweating it was doing. Sexy, right?  ;)

I screwed up the flip. So a bunch of feta was thrown on top in hopes that you wouldn’t notice so much.

It didn’t help, did it?

*Sigh. Whatever. It was still tasty.

We’ll try making sweet potatoes again tonight. The apartment temp levels are much better today. Air conditioning isn’t happening just yet because temps are supposed to dip back into the 60’s next week and I’m pinching pennies.

These 25-degree swings in temperature are just nuts.

Oh Chicago weather. You’re so fickle.

So what do you eat/cook now that the summer months are upon us?

(Other than ice cream, of course…)

41 Responses

  1. mm does fro yo count? I like doing easy meals in the summer..lots of salads with fruit and smoothies..and yes this weather is so fickle but I am so loving it!

  2. The temps are doing that here too, I’m still resisting the air until it’s permanently in the 80s and not into the 50s at night. And yes, that is an ugly omelet. Haha.

  3. i like to hold out on A/C until the very last minute too! This time of year usually isn’t so bad. I hate that coming home to a hot apartment feeling though.

    I definitely cook less in the summer – I made a lot of bean salads, hummus wraps, more cold stuff.

  4. Just in case “sexy sweat” wasn’t high up on your search results, it certainly is now!!!

  5. haha sexy sweat? Interesting…I wonder why?

    In any case, I don’t mind temp. swings as long as they don’t go up TOO high or TOO low!! RIght now it’s about 70 and it feels perfect!

  6. I’ve been making big batches of quinoa salad to get me through… It works great as leftovers. Cook up some quinoa, mix in some chopped veggies and beans, add some oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Boom!

  7. I find myself more drawn to salads and eating my food cold (roasted sweet potato cold with greek yogurt is a fav)… it’s not even that hot yet. I dont know what i”m going to do when sumemr comes ahaha

  8. No more free tread! Good thing your new neighborhood has a couple of gym options- let me know if you want the lowdown, since basically your new neighborhood IS my neighborhood :)

    Enjoy the Cubs/Cards series my friend!

  9. Im all about salads and grilled veggies when it gets hot out. Anything other than that is too much damn work.

    Btw – I keep getting searches for “sweaty girl”, and “hot sweaty girl”. It creeps me out.

  10. Sexy sweat eh? Yeah, that wouldn’t be me.

    I eat tons more fruit, particularly berries, and also ice cream.

  11. I have a run scheduled for this afternoon. Outside. I’m scared…but both my gyms are just as hot and humid!

  12. We’ve had 100 degree weather here and I have yet to turn on my AC. I’m such a cheap ass. Oh well.
    I can never make a proper omelet, that one looks fab to me.

  13. Well, it is supposed to be 90 here in Atlanta and well, our air conditioner is not doing well again this year. I am currently waiting on a call that a man is going to come and fix it. So, we are sweating up a storm here too! UGH, I love warmer weather, but where did Spring go?

  14. Sexy sweat made me laugh. The thought of me having sexy sweat made me laugh even more – at myself. :)

  15. I do porch dinners a lot on warm-weathe Fridays, which generally consist of bread, cheese, olive topenade or hummus, and of course, red wine. Delish!

  16. BBQ. Its like roasting vegetables, but outside. And thre are no pans to clean. Hopefully you can get a grill at your new place!

  17. Well, my summer food is fruit and wine. And beer. And pizza. Mostly booze.

  18. AMY! Matty is buying a $300 smoker and is threatening me with a pork shoulder that’s bigger than my head. Apparently THAT is what I’ll be eating this summer. Boo.

  19. It’s gettin hot in herre so take off all your clothes! Love that jam.

    I eat a lot of wraps and salads when the weather is warm. And ice cream!

  20. You should have just called it a scramble and we never would have known.

    I love grilling!!! That’s what summer is for. Fresh veggies with a little olive oil and salt. Steaks. Burgers. Yum.

  21. I totally turned my A/C on yesterday, it was really hot when I got home last night. Glad your leg seems to be 100% again!

  22. hahaha sexy sweat…. hmm I wonder what they are really looking for?!

  23. I sometime get skeeved out with how people find my blog. And now I’m singing “Amys got sexy sweat” to the tune of “Sexy Back”

  24. I don’t care if my oven gets hot during the summer. I like having the same things year round.

    You say your omelet looks ugly, but I think it looks delicious! So gooey!

  25. Summer means Cantalope…the best melon ever!!! I love google searches…so funny to see how peopel find you.

  26. The weather is definitely warming up here in VA too!!! I eat lots of fruit, smoothies and frozen yogurt!! haha

  27. I know how you feel because Boston has been the same way. Whenever I think of summer, my mind automatically goes to froyo…yum!

  28. The weirdest thing happened today…I googled “sexy sweat” and ended up finding your website.. (seriously tho, the omelet looks amazing to me- maybe because I haven’t had meat in 3 days…but still)

  29. Hahaha just remember my mantra… fugly food is always the best:)

  30. i want sexy sweat. i’m jealous of you.

    ice cream is a big one. but also less “cooked” foods. mostly because the LAST thing i want to do is turn on the oven/stove

  31. I’ve been baking lately because I know that in a few weeks, the oven will be off limits! I stick to stovetop recipes, and lots of pasta salads!

  32. Yay for carefree runs! :) I love the stairmaster and laughed out loud at “cooldown”… :) Sad that your new crib won’t have a gym, though.

    I think that omlet looks amazing. Feta cheese makes everything look fabo!

  33. Funny you ask, I just woke up this morning thinking I need to start posting some more “summer-esque” recipes, because this weather has me craving crisp light meals. So I did ~ Thai Ground Pork Lettuce Wraps :)

  34. Isn’t it funny how all we want is warmer weather, but when we have to run in it we curse it? I’m the exact same way!

  35. all i want to eat when its warm is ice cream, smoothies and cereal. i should be 300 lbs in no time.

  36. I hold off on the ac for as long as humanly possible. I have to enjoy the few months where my electric bill is next to nothing after all!

  37. I haven’t had a carefree run in 359 days to be exact.

  38. Well, I do have ice-cream in the freezer but I’ve also been eating a lot of chips with cheese and salsa. LA weather is crazy, too. It was 90+ degrees before and now, it dipped to a low 60s. Craziness.

  39. During the summer my go-to is a cold noodle salad with lots of veggies and peanut sauce and/or frozen yogurt. I’ve convinced myself that froyo and ice cream (protein! carbs! fat!) are balanced meals. Hehe.

  40. […] are so much easier than others. Everything about last night’s run made it easier than the one I did two days before. 3 miles at 8:31. No complaints. I walked home […]

  41. SUmmer fair…I love big fresh salads!

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