Pre-Vegas Brownies

Happy Monday, everyone!  Did you all have a good weekend?

Mine was pretty fabulous. And by fabulous, I mean one of the most low-key weekends I’ll have until… um… August?

Yeah, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it. Excited. But overwhelmed.

So a night in and a nice tasting and dinner at a winery was perfect for my mood.

What did I do Friday night during my night in, you ask?

Well… I broke out the big guns.After staring at Jessica’s Better-Than-Crack brownies for several months now, I finally had an excuse to make them. And thanks to hitting up the Easter clearance like a baller, I also had all the necessary ingredients.

Please do not judge me for using a box mix. I am not a huge brownie person (weird, being as how I’m a self-proclaimed chocoholic). And because I am not a huge brownie fan, the “perfect” plain brownie recipe is yet to come through my kitchen (I do have a soft spot for Almond Joy Brownies– they’re crazy good). The box mix will do for now. Does anyone else find it troubling how it takes literally less than two minutes to mix brownies and throw them in the oven? Dang.

Oh and I’m probably one of very few crazies to be baking over-the-top brownies the weekend before I travel to Vegas for a bachelorette party that consists of running around in swimsuits and cocktail dresses. Smart.

At least now we’ve got an excuse for the dimple on my left butt cheek. Even if the sexy boys at the pool don’t care where it came from, I’ll still feel obliged to let them know.

While the brownies started the baking process, I got the mix-ins ready to throw on top after 20 minutes of baking.This was also about the time I started watching No Strings Attached (a red box snag). The movie was ok. I didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it. There were some good lines- none of which I can remember at the moment. *Sigh.

And speaking of Ashton Kutcher, is anyone else curious how they plan to incorporate Ashton Kutcher into Charlie Sheen’s old role on tv? Is he the crazy younger brother that no one talks about? A son Charlie never knew about? Another kooky neighbor? I’m so confused!You top the brownies with the peanuts and reese’s and bake it for another 6-8 minutes. They come out looking pretty stellar.

My only frustration with baking these was putting the second layer of milk chocolate/peanut butter/rice krispies on top and sticking it in the refrigerator. What do you mean I have to wait 2 hours before serving???

Thank god I had the movie to distract me for at least part time. If you’re smart, have only one brownie at the 2-hour mark. Pair it with a nice white wine (or a bottle of $4.99 wine from Trader Joe’s- whatev). Then wait overnight to cut up for serving or hoovering the rest. The top was still a little soft on my first go-round.

What did I think?

Delish. Like I said, I’m not the biggest brownie person. But these were pretty good. I think if I found a fudgier brownie mix/recipe or had thrown in semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter, I would have enjoyed the brownie base more. And I’d totally put more peanuts and reese’s in the middle layer. Or maybe more rice krispies on top?

It’s the texture- I do wish there would be more “chew” in it. But that’s just a personal preference.

However, that’s not to say they weren’t good. Because they were And there’s not much to complain about the peanut butter and chocolate combo. It’s a winner. 

When I took them with as an after-winery dessert on Saturday night, they got everyone else’s seal of approval. So that’s really the only opinion you need. They’re good. Make them. But feel free to customize them to your own tastes. Everyone’s different, right?

The brownies are pretty much gone except for one I promised to save for someone. They’ve got another 24 hours to claim it.



If you think I won’t eat it for breakfast, you’re wrong.

Like I said- there’s a reason for the dimple.

Excuse me while I take a minute to step away from the computer and do a few lunges.


30 Responses

  1. I am not a huge brownie person either. I can tolerate them if I need to…haha…but I don’t usually make them on my own.

  2. I’ve never been a huge chocolate person (I know, WHO AM I?!), but nutty brownies? Yes please.

  3. these are totally crack brownies.

  4. These look so good! I rarely eat brownies, but I love them. I think my mom maybe made them twice my entire childhood. I’m feeling a little deprived right now actually.

  5. ahh I LOVE Vegas!! That’s where me & the Mr. got engaged :) You HAVE to go to Rehab at the Hard Rock, best time I had anywhere while we were there (except for the engaged thing of course.)
    Also it’s 2 lunges/brownie to make them not count. I know, it’s crazy right? (PS I make up exercise rules.)

  6. haha I’ve seen these brownies and they look so good! The more junk in there the better! I have SUCH a sweet tooth! I also have trouble waiting when you have to refrigerate the dessert, especially when it is something like brownies that taste better right out of the oven! Ug.
    I have seen No strings attached and I agree…it wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen but it wasn’t the worst either ha

  7. I actually love brownies when made right and I hate to admit it but the ones I love best are usually out of a box when I ask whoever made them. I tend not to make too many baked goods myself because they are dangerous to have around for me, but those ones look unreal!

  8. I’ve stared at those for quite a while too. Your approach seems pretty simple so I’m digging it. And I can take or leave brownies. I’d prefer a blondie or a cookie any day.

  9. I do love a good brownie- I’m surprised that you don’t! And I don’t think the fact that the batter comes together so quickly is troubling. I think it’s a beacon of hope and goodwill in our otherwise troubled society. Take that. :)

  10. Oh my gosh. This looks amazing. And with wine?! Seriously, how does it get better?!! I loooove brownies!

  11. I’d eat those any time of the day. I want some right now and it’s not ever 10 on the West Coast….. ha. I also prob would have polished off all the chocolates before actually baking, so good on you.

  12. I think that brownie batter (esp. from a boxed mix) is one of the best tasting things on earth. I would glady eat this instead of a well-balanced dinner, no shame.

    I love adding lots of add-ins to brownies, my personal fav is a big box of mini pb cups from Trader Joe’s! Yay, healthy living. Heh.

  13. I think boxed brownie mix is pretty awesome (esp. Ghiradelli). Yours are making my mouth water…would never have thought to put peanuts in my brownies – love it!

  14. i am a huuuuge chocoholic but im not that big into brownies either…but you added peanut butter so that changes my mindset. i’m in love.

  15. Like you, brownies are not my go-to dessert preference. BUT… give me a soft, chewy and dense brownie all done up and I am sold. :)

  16. Is it weird if I’m excited for your Vegas trip? I think they are going to have Ashton as his long lost son….who knows though. I’m definitely intrigued to see what it will be!

    Loving the add ins! I live brownies but always seen to burn them…boo.

  17. Everyone has a very specific brownie need. Tony is extremely picky about the texture of brownies. He always preferred box mixes to home made. That’s probably the only thing though. The look delicious!

  18. I’ll eat brownies/cookies/muffins etc to taste them, then actually eat one, then later for dessert, then for breakfast in the morning, all until they’re gone, and that is why I do not bake!

  19. Boxed brownies are good. If anyone says otherwise, they’re lying.

  20. I MADE THOSE! when my family wenton a ski trip in january I made them and they were SUCH a hit!!!

  21. brownies are my absolute favorite.. .and those my dear look fabulous.

    i don’t trust myself with brownies in the house so i make them, keep like 2 then give the rest away… which results in me eating them at the boyfriends house… yeah

  22. oh my, those look delicious. getting No Strings Attached is on my “on demand” list – at least it seems entertaining, yes?

  23. I’m not a brownie person either. I would eat the f*ck out of the Reeses though. I loved No Strings Attached. I was surprised that I even liked it. Shut up about your dimpled ass. I wish I had your booty!

  24. I love boxed brownies…I actually prefer them over homemade. Weird, I know. And better than crack brownies are amazing…I made them for the Super Bowl this year and ate way too many!

  25. You promised to save it for me, remember? Don’t worry, I’m hopping on a plane and should be there in a few hours :)

  26. I am with you on the brownies. I don’t ever make them for myself, but they are a hit at potlucks and such. and I see no shame in the box mixes. Do it, sister.

  27. um these look seriously amazing. i love brownies. now i want one. yum.

    dude, i’m going to vegas in 1.5 weeks! used to go there ALLL the time in college but it’s been way too long now. the whole living in africa for years thing kinda got in the way. can’t wait!!!

  28. Woah, those look amazing. I am seriously drooling right now. Sounds like a fun night in!

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  30. […] was inspired by Amy’s blog a few days ago – she made Jessica’s infamous “Better Than Crack Brownies” […]

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