I feel like I spent the majority of it staring into cardboard boxes.

Luckily this means I’m pretty well established in the new place. Sadly, this means I’m saying good bye to the old place.

The only place I’ve stayed more than one year at since starting college. I’m like a gypsy. With shoes.

The movers came bright and early on Saturday morning. Like everything else with this transition from one place to the other, our start time was changed and things were thrown off. In this case, from 9:00 to 7:00 in the morning. Yes, that means I was up by 5:00 getting as much done as I could before they arrived.

If my neighbors didn’t hate me already, they do now- those guys were fast but NOISY. And at that time in the morning, I’m truly surprised someone didn’t walk out of their apartment and start throwing things at me. Oh well.

The good thing about bumping up their arrival time by two hours means we were done two hours earlier. Well, not done so much as we were able to collapse on the couch about two hours earlier.

Look what Bailey’s boyfriend sent both of us as a housewarming gift:An Edible Arrangement!

So cute! And so thoughtful! It’s just really unfortunate I don’t  like fruit… :(

It’s ok- I lived vicariously through Bailey as she ate part of it for dinner.

Eats have been strange over moving weekend. But then again, so has everything else.

The bathroom on the main level (mine) is being completely renovated and won’t be done until tonight. This means I have to go to the basement level to use my roommate’s. And I live upstairs on the second level/attic. Just this morning I think I climbed up and down the stairs 15 times as I don’t have a new routine in place.

Guess I won’t miss the gym’s stairmill that much afterall?

Other things worth noting:

– We have a gas stove. This will take some getting used to once again. Not really complaining. Just adding it to the list of changes.

– We have no ice maker. After dealing with this twice before, how did I not check for this??? Not that it would have broken the deal. I would have just known sooner. So really, maybe this isn’t worth mentioning?

– My face has not seen makeup since Friday. The skin has no clue what’s going on right now.

– Since I live in the “attic” level (I have slanted ceilings and everything), I live directly under the roof (duh). When laying in bed awake but not “up” on Sunday morning, I heard critters. A stream of inappropriate words went through my mind as I pictured mice taking over my bedroom. Turns out, I just have a very social group of squirrels living in the trees around me. I’m fine with this as of now. They’re not IN the house. They haven’t woken me up yet. They don’t terrify me. So far so good. 

– When it comes to mileage, the commute is almost half of what I am used to. HOWEVER, it takes just as if not 10-15 minutes longer. So that’s neat.

– When walking around the neighborhood, I noticed pub/tavern signs for specials throughout the week. I should really stop noticing those…

And speaking of sweetness, check out what my friend Annie did:Her new favorite hobby includes the use of a breadmaker. So not only did she help to move a pantry (forgot to have the movers grab it- grrrr!) and other odds and ends that didn’t make the cut on Saturday, she also baked bread for me. My friends are too wonderful.

Seriously- I have no idea how people do this moving thing by themselves.

Annie also made and painted those two mugs herself. She was an Art major in college and could not believe I still didn’t have some of her stuff. I couldn’t either. It’s cute and I secretly really wanted some. ;)  

Alright everyone, it’s time to stop messin’ around and get to work. It’s the one thing in my routine that has stayed the same. Laters!

55 Responses

  1. oh gosh! I hope the chatty squirrels don’t keep you up! As you know I have squirrel like critters living in my house. by choice. b/c i’m crazy like that!

    good luck getting settled doll! and snap some pix once you do! <3

  2. Gas stoves are so much better than electric! I have had gas for 5 years and the house I am moving into has electric. I am seriously considering forking over the $ for a gas stove. That does seem like a major adult purchase though, so I am not sure I’m ready for it.

  3. Welcome to Chicago!

  4. You’ll totally get used to the squirrels. There was a little roof right outside my window at my parents house, and they used to dance on it all the time. After awhile I hardly noticed it anymore.

  5. Moving is the most stressful thing EVER! I’ve lived 5 places in 5 years and all of those moves involved multiple thousands of miles. It’s pretty much the worst.

  6. I have my first fridge with an ice-maker and water filter and I have to admit, it’s pretty glorious. Especially because I fill my cups with more ice than water…
    I am super jealous of your gas stove though- you can roast peppers right on that bad boy. mmm mm!

    • Well I def need to invest in ice trays. I know this because I keep opening the freezer and then staring, trying to figure out why. Then go, “oh, I need ice and have none”. And close the door all sad.

      This happens prolly 5 times a day. Time to shell over the dollar or two for a decent ice tray or two…

  7. The last place I lived was squirrel central. They’d even throw pinecones at my head when I left. No lie.

  8. Getting used to a gas stove was hard for me. Things go hot soooo fast! You’ll get used to all the changes soon though – no worries! Have a great week!

  9. Wait, who doesn’t like fruit? None whatsoever?

  10. Haha, this hatred of fruit you have is starting to come back and bite you in the ass! :) You’ll love the gas stove- I can’t wait to see the new place!

  11. Gas stoves are amazingggggggg, I hate my electric crap. I’m jealous. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS WEEK!

  12. That’s great you got moved a bit earlier! And have ssuch great friends!

  13. Glad you’re adjusting! I hope things settle in quickly. It’s such a pain to get used to a new place, unpack and learn your way around. At the same time it’s also fun and exciting!
    I feel ya on the traffic though. Driving 6 miles should NOT take 45 minutes. Kills a little piece of my soul daily.

  14. Glad the move went well!! :) I agree that no ice maker is annoying but hooray for a gas stove!!!

  15. how do you not like fruit?!?!??!?!?! haha I like to get the strawberry dipped Edible Arrangements (and by that I mean steal those centerpieces from banquet and party tables). Good luck with all the moving stuff… I, too, am like a gypsy. I lived in one apt. two years during college and nothing more than one year since. It sucks, a lot.

  16. Glad you survived the move!

    I’m jealous of your gas stove. Mine is a flat-top electric one and it sucks.

  17. Can you just lick the chocolate off the fruit?

    Movers are awesome and who cares if you woke those people up? You don’t live there anymore.

  18. Could totally do a face plant in that edible arrangement! You lucky dog. Or I guess your roomie is since she loves fruit!

  19. Gas stoves are the best I think for cooking. I hope you don’t get too hot up in the attic. I personally do not like squirrels because when I was younger they would be on my roof and when I would walk by they would stare me down and look like they were going to attack me. I always wondered if those edible arrangements were good. What did Bailey think? Do you think you will like this place better than your old one? Good luck with everything Amy. I wish you the best. :)

    • She loved that edible arrangement. Think she might have polished it off already…

      And so far, I love it. The two living situations are almost too different to compare, though! I’ve really thrown myself for a loop on this one!

  20. I love squirrels, but I don’t think I would want them living near me!

  21. housewarming gifts are a great think about moving, that’s for sure! That and the feeling of getting everything organized and unpacked. Congrats on the move! :)

  22. Hope the bathroom renovation is completed smoothly and speedily. How annoying to have to traipse down two flight of stairs everytime you need to use the bathroom.

  23. I hope you adjust soon! You’ll love your new place in no time, I’m sure! And hopefully that bathroom gets done quickly!

    Love those mugs….your friend is talented!

  24. So many things….

    *Annie rocks
    *You need to take advantage of all the specials and hot guys you meet
    *I still dont understand how you dont like fruit
    *Baileys bf is awesome
    *I was kinda hoping for mice. So you would have a hook like crazy mice lady and you would make friends and feature them on the blog. And now I’m thinking of Muppets Take Manhattan and the mice that work in the restaurant
    *My last apartment was the place that I’ve lived the longest–three yrs! And now I go back to being a gypsy-with shoes of course.

  25. I’m still getting used to the gas stove thing too… I like it but the smell of the gas? not so much.

  26. Ugh moving. I swear I purged every time I moved just so I didn’t have to lug so much junk with me each time. I also am the worst about not unpacking just living out of boxes etc. for months until someone does it or comments on it :/ I will say my worst moving experience was moving college dorms in a thunderstorm. Ugh never again in a rainstorm just not worth it wait a day! How do you not like fruit crazy lady! I could be a fruitarian if given the option.

  27. Just catching up your blog from the weekend. How did I not know you didn’t like fruit?! Even if it’s covered in chocolate?!
    And I sometimes think our faces need breaks from makeup:) Especially our poor lashes from the mascara (I’m saying this as my left eye is half closed shut from sleeping in some waterproof mascara last night, lol)

  28. Congratulations on the big move! I know exactly what you’re going through and it is so stressful but worth it. Hopefully those squirrels will find a new home on someone else’s roof so you can sleep in on the weekends ;)

  29. No fruit? Like no exceptions?

    I love no make-up days, when my face is cooperating though! I need good rest and a hint of sun to pull it off!

  30. hahaha you got me on the gypsy comment…I’m a gypsy too! Graduated in 2008 and have spent a year in 3 different places. I just moved to number 4 which I know is only going to be a year….ahhh!

    You do have awesome friends…those mugs and the bread are super cute!

    • Isn’t it the worst when you even know it’s only going to be a year and you’re moving again? That’s how it was for me the first year I was up here. I knwe about a month into it my roommate wasn’t loving the new city.

  31. I can relate to so much of this! Tony and I are beyond exhausted right now and we only moved the office this past weekend. I finally put make up on yesterday for the first time in a week. I think people were thankful that I covered up the scary circles under my eyes. I hope you have a great week and that you get in the groove of things sooner rather than later.

  32. Ugh, moving DEFINITELY requires professionals. I always used to move myself but once I tried movers I will never do it myself again!
    Glad it’s over and you’re in the new place. Time for champagne to celebrate!

  33. Congrats on the new place! Quite bold in the running/fitness/health blogging community to proclaim you don’t like fruit. You might get hate mail.

    You also might get hate mail from jealous women wanting to eat those edible arrangements. If only those had existed when I was single.

  34. Moving is the worst and not having professionals makes it even worse! I hope that you are settling in well and lucky you to have such sweet friends! Edible Arrangements are the best gift ever.

  35. I hate fruit, too. But trust me on trying the chocolate covered orange slices (or be like me and just peel the chocolate off and eat that); that’s a fantastic combination.Who knew chocolate and orange is even better than chocolate and strawberry?

  36. Your place sounds neat! I can’t wait to see pics of it.

    So your commute is shorter now? :)

  37. Welcome to the city! Let me know when you’re ready to conquer the lakefront path together. Speaking of, I’m moving down the block from Blago on July 1. I’ll invite him to join us.

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