Vacation From Vacation

There’s something to be said about taking a vacation day after vacation is over.

That lil’ extra 24 hours off does wonders. I’m much more rested than I would have been if I came in to work yesterday. Ideal considering the mess that will be my inbox when finally opened up. Not looking forward to that one.

Seriously- is there a way email can be avoided for the rest of the day? That would be fantastic…

Anyway. After crashing and spacing out on the couch for a few hours after getting Sunday night, I slept in all the way to 6:30 yesterday morning.

That’s right- it was my day off and I was up before the roommate even left for work. It’s how I do.

The plan was to get an early run in and relax before the Cubs game.

Instead, it rained. And rained. And I started to wonder if either one of the previously mentioned activities would happen.

But a clearing in the sky happened and Megan gave me crap about being a wus, so off I went.

It was still decently early, so I ran through the remains of the celebration of the Chicago Pride Parade.

It smelled like booze and good times. A little crazier than my Sunday in the car. Which smelled like my friend’s gym bag (his fault), dirty hair (both guilty), and Arby’s (both guilty again) for most of the ride. A disturbing combination indeed.

Anyway, because I’m slightly ADD and still checking out all the streets in my running “area”, I was able to make a 4.65 loop before realizing the time crunch I was working with.

Neighborhood running may soon trump the trails I used to run on. Mostly because I keep entertained with sights and not trying to run people over. My speed may suffer. But it’s all about give and take in such non-gym member circumstances.

But back to the time crunch. I started to rush. Because some things are important to be on time for.This is one of them. Thank goodness the sun decided to stick around for the rest of the day. Imagine my annoyance and frustration had it been rained out when I took an extra vacation day from work.

Oh Wrigley Field… I’m a Cardinals fan, but I will always enjoy the Friendly Confines. This I know.Megan and I didn’t indulge in baseball favorites like last time, but there was still a brew or two to be had.

Monday Funday. It doesn’t happen often, so you’ve got to make sure to celebrate properly. Ya dig?

Ok fine… it’s time to throw myself into work now and hopefully be so busy that I won’t even notice the awfulness that is Tuesday.


34 Responses

  1. I will be at Wrigley Field in 5 days to see my beloved Cubbies play! I’m so excited! I am a fan of taking one extra day off after getting back from vacation…if I don’t, I always feel so rushed for some reason.

  2. i have never taken that extra day off after a vacation…i bet that would be so nice. coming back from vacation can be stressful — so much freaking laundry and unpacking!

  3. Luuurve 3 day weekends <3 Looks like you put that extra day to good use :)

  4. I hate you. :-)

  5. Jealous.

  6. Oh my god. I get so rested the Day After. BASSEEEEBALLL weee I am so glad you had fun :)

  7. Neighborhood running is great. I keep entertained by trying to look inside peoples windows. I don’t care if it makes me a creeper.

  8. I wish I could take next Tuesday off to recover from my impending four-day weekend. It’s going to be a blast, but it might kill me. Yes, Tuesday will be rough.
    Glad you had a fun extra day!

  9. I really want to go to Wrigley someday. Preferably to see the Phils… if it ever happens, I’ll have to let ya know : )

  10. God I love long weekends…and I really need to get it together and go to a Phillies game this year! My husband and I are both fans but we never make it. I always make it to at least one Eagles game though… priorities.

  11. Who won the game? If I’m going to read this blog, as a male, I need to know pertinent facts like opponent and final score.

  12. I am all about the vacation day at the end of a vacation. Its a sign you’re getting old, I’m told. Whatevs.

  13. I need to do that – I never take an extra day to recoup after vacation and I think a lot of times it would help me SO much!!

  14. What a fun Monday!I just read Megan’s version a couple minutes ago:)

    And today is kinda your Monday right?! So Tuesday might as well be skipped this week for you ;)

  15. Dude, I’m so glad I’m not the only one that sometimes I needs a vacation after a vacation!!! I feel like that after crazy weekends sometimes too!

  16. Every vacation should have a mandatory extra day off to recover. Firm believer on that one. I wish I could have transplanted myself to that Cubs game …nothing says Chicago summers like the Cubs.

  17. I’m glad you’re getting to experience the greatness of Wrigley. You’ll soon be a Cubs fan like me :) I’ll be in Chicago this weekend to go to the Taste…can’t wait :)

  18. Next time I come out, I actually want to go inside Wrigley, not just hang out outside.

  19. That is the best thing a Cubs fan can hear from a Cards fan. :)

  20. I’m so glad that the rain stopped. That would have been too ironic for words.

  21. I have scheduled a vacation day after every vacation I’ve taken in the past several years! It’s just necessary!

  22. I prefer the random hooky day to the Vacation After the Vacation. Just picking a random day during the week to be off makes that vacation day seem so much more useful, compared to lumping yet another day into my longer vacations.

    Honestly though, the fast pace of travel is also to blame. When I take the train back and forth to Chicago, it’s so restful it feels like part of the vacation. Frantic drives or hectic airports totally ruin trips for me!

  23. I took next Tuesday off! I always need that “buffer” day between vacation and work! Glad it cleared up for you yesterday, dare I say it’s finally Summertime Chi??

  24. I absolutely need that extra day coming off a vacation – it’s the only way to catch up on everything!

    You look fabulous, as usual Amy!

  25. I am so jealous of your Monday Funday! I went to a (minor league) baseball game after work yesterday….almost the same, right? Okay, not really. :-)

  26. I totally agree with your vacation philosophy! I took an extra day this week too just to get situated at home after my real vacation. and it has been awesome. Too bad I can’t do it like, every other week :)

  27. Kinda jealous about the ball game! We only have minor league here but still fun. Oh and you looked absolutely gorge at your friend’s wedding!

  28. I ALWAYS needed a day off after a vacation. Always it’s just hard to recover! LOL Sounds crazy, but my vacations involve DOING something :) I LOVE baseball games on nice nights there is just nothing better even if I barely understand the game!

  29. I always need a vacation day after a vacation. If not, watch out, it’s not a pretty site. And wtf is up with people still emailing when they know you will be out? I can’t stand those and then when 10 people are cc’ed on the email and everyone replies. Argh.

  30. I always do the extra day. It’s very necessary. I would’ve sat on my butt the whole day though. You are a far more motivated person than I.

  31. Aww I miss Monday Fundays! Oh, and Sunday Fundays tooooo. Good times.

  32. I’ve never done a vacation day after a vacation, but then again, I can’t remember the last vacation I had. I need to remember that the next time I get to go on one! Looks like you had a great day off. Good for you Amy. I hope the rest of the week treats you well!

  33. I am a fan of the vacation day after vacation. I do that often. Plus, now you have two 4 day work weeks in a row!

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