How To Deal With Tuesday Rage

I won’t lie- the first day back from having 5 days off was rough.

How is it that I was super busy, which should make time fly, but it was the slowest day ever?

I blame Tuesdays. They suck.

Add another 25 minutes to my normal commute time?

This girl was NOT a happy camper. Straight-up hateful, if we’re being honest.

The roomie had asked if I was interested in going for a walk later on because it was relatively nice and I told her I’d be down for it as I got some weight training out of the way. I mostly wanted to do strength training first because it had been ages. But it was also very important that I got at least a half hour of alone time to cool off from my Tuesday rage.

It was in her best interest. My poor friend Annie, who called me on the way home, was not so lucky. I still feel bad (and will apologize again!). Pretty sure I really brought her down. Such a Debbie Downer. Whoomp whoomp…

Anyway, I dusted off my copy of No More Trouble Zones by Jillian Michaels and gave it a go. Cautiously- only doing 5 of the 8 circuits. I haven’t broken that one out for a few months (ahem), and even my other Jillian dvds hadn’t been in use since I moved 2 weeks ago.

Who am I???

After sweating it out a little bit, and killing my quads, I was ready for a walk around the neighborhood.

We checked out a new street (new to us) of bars and restaurants. And then my roomie got pooped on by a bird. Again. This time on the leg. 

Nature really does hate her.

Once we got back (and some of us showered off- gross!), I figured the only way to end the craptastic (literally) day was to fall back on a comfort food.

Mama needed pasta. Badly.Finally found a way to use those artichokes while I was at it. They’ve been sitting around for a while. Plans to make a chicken artichoke dip fell through. Oopsies.

Because I’m a girl who participates in monotonous eating during most of the week, my refrigerator wasn’t quite prepared for the random surge of the desire to cook.

As in, I found an awesome recipe for lemon, artichoke, and pasta, but didn’t have the “fresh” ingredients they asked for. Like none of them. Unfortunately, the thrifty girl in me doesn’t roll that way. I keep my staples consistently handy and that’s about it. Even the lemon was from a bottle. Don’t judge.

The recipe was not followed exactly. When it comes to cooking, eyeballing it all is more my style (ahem- definitely used more black olives than the original recipe). Makes me feel more legit. Like I belong on the Food Network or something. Especially since I lack the fresh ingredients.

Did it turn out? Thankfully, yes. Yes it did. Thank goodness I had that lemon flavoring around (leftover from a night involving vodka cocktails, I believe). It was a real burst of flavor. Which is sometimes not the case when olive oil is the main base of the “sauce”. Or at least that’s my opinion.

Parmesan really topped it off- another very important ingredient that I wouldn’t make the dish without. Again, something fresh I didn’t have on hand- but luckily there was a backup in the refrigerator. Thanks Kraft. :)

This will be made again. Fresh ingredients or no- it made my tummy happy. My rage became a little less severe.

And it saved my Tuesday from being a complete disaster.

So you know it’s a big deal. Word.

31 Responses

  1. oh tuesdays – so blah! at least by now it’s wed, right?? and your walk/yummy dinner hopefully helped kick the tuesday blues :). sometimes a few simple nice things are all it takes!

    – Beth @

  2. Mmmm I’m a lover of artichokes in pasta too, and don’t feel bad, I’ve used that fakey lemon stuff in recipes before many times and no one’s ever seemed to notice :)

  3. I’m usually raging after bad traffic. It puts me in a horrible mood, but then again, carbs usually help. The pasta looks delish!

  4. I feel like I really need to check out some Jillian dvds. I only tried the yoga one and hated it b.c she really doesn’t seem all that zen to me.

    Is there like an poop lotion your roomie can wear like bug spray to keep the birds at bay??

  5. Your poor roommate! I was pooped on the shoulder in the 6th grade while sporting my BRAND NEW Aerosmith concert tee. Ugh. I feel Tuesdays are just as bad (if not worse) than Mondays. Wednesday and Thursday seem to be my best days. Either way, you made it all better with delicious pasta!

  6. Tuesdays are the worst to me because you haven’t even gotten to the middle of the week – still stuck at the beginning. Your poor roomie – 1. that it happened to her and 2. that it has happened before!!

  7. No shame in those lemons. I have the lime and the lemon. Easy sometimes trumps fresh. Okay, always trumps fresh.

  8. Sorry about the rage! The fact that you used it to fuel a workout is pretty legit though, I would have used it to fuel me through a bottle of wine…

  9. Tuesdays are the worst. There really is no way around it.

  10. I’m exactly the same way with keeping fresh ingredients. Oh well…at least we can improvise with pantry staples, right?

    I get Thursday Rage…definitely the WORST day of the week if you ask me!

  11. Going back to work after time off is always very rough, but pasta makes everything better, no?

  12. Yah, yesterday sucked. No argument there. The pasta looks delicious though. That would definitely have made my day better.

  13. who REALLY uses fresh herbs? Not me.

    I think I’ve bought fresh herbs maybe twice, and both times they ended up going bad.

    Tuesdays totally suck.

  14. I had Tues rage as well yesterday and pasta cured me as well. I think being pleasantly stuffed does wonders to dull the mind.

  15. Tuesdays are just a crap day all aruond! I defintily think weight training helps get out the rage though!

  16. Tuesday isn’t my favorite day either…it’s kinda blah! And that dish looks awesome! I may just have to buy some artichoke hearts soon.

  17. I’m sorry it was such a craptastic day..on a brighter side, we are closer to the weekend now! Dinner looks like the perfect ending to the day too!

  18. Looks good, I never have fresh spices or anything on hand, whatevs. Also the only time I follow a recipe exactly is with baking. Sorry about the bad Tuesday, mine was a little rough also, but ended up better, thanks to a negative, haha.

  19. For something as easily accessible and cheap as a lemon is, I rarely have them on hand either. Glad yesterday is over- the rest of the week is all downhill and then it’s another long weekend- wooooooo!

  20. I hope your Wednesday is shaping up to be better than your Tuesday was. Dinner looks yummy. Amazing what we can whip up with limited resources. Wishing you a great day!

  21. Girl. Food ALWAYS makes Tuesdays better. Especially in the form of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. BAM

  22. I hate Tuesdays. They’re pointless. I haven’t done Shred in a few months. I’ve been concentrating on my booty and just doing Core Fusion upper body once a week. I miss Jillian’s jorts!

    The pasta looks yummy!

  23. I love reading these on Wednesday and being excited for you that Tuesday is over. Also, being pooped on by a bird more than once is super good luck! (says the girl that has been pooped on four times and counting…)

  24. I love that you had lemon juice leftover from vodka :) my kinda girl! Next time you have artichoke hearts, make a pizza! You can even get premade crust if you’re feeling in an “I don’t want to make it myself” mode again :)

    The pasta turned out decent for having only canned stuff! :)

  25. Pasta is TOTALLY necessary when I’ve had a bad day!!!

  26. Sprinkle some Parmesan on anything and it will taste amazing! I have used lemon from a bottle too-don’t tell anyone! ;-)

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