Whomp Whomp.

Oh hey there.

I didn’t drop dead yesterday (in case you were wondering- and I do appreciate the concern). However, it was a pretty close call. It’s been a pretty lame couple of days.

Here’s what’s been up:

I ran 2 terrifically hot and humid miles on Wednesday over lunch with my friend. The weatherman had said it would be a high of 82. Pretty sure he was a liar. The guy friend was still struggling a little from a weekend of overextending himself (ahem) and so when he wanted to call it quits after about 2, there were no complaints. 

However, we got just as sweaty walking back as we would have running. The sun was a beast. Our workout was lackluster. Whomp whomp.

I got my haircut in the ‘burbs. The plan was to hack a couple of inches off as to get rid of any and all dead ends. I freaked out last-minute and just cut off one inch. No one cares. Whomp Whomp.

Because my haircut was later in the night, I went to Mon’s to chill for a bit beforehand. However, about an hour before leaving work, the onsets of a migraine were starting to kick in.

Seeing spots right in front of your face makes driving difficult. If you didn’t know that already. 

Mon and I still had a pleasant chat. However, instead of hanging out on the couch, I was sprawled out on her floor for an hour with my hands pressed against my forehead and eyes closed. Her cats were sniffing me. I pretended they were concerned. Pretty sure they just wanted me out of their way. Whomp whomp.

Once the throbbing and nausea subsided, hunger pains kicked in. So we got salad at Jason’s Deli thanks to some online “deli dollars” I had accumulated one way or another.Free dinner. Score!

However it’s pretty much a variation on the same basic thing I make for lunch every day. Whomp whomp.

I’ve been a total stress ball lately, so instead of yesterday being a date with Jillian and my weights, I took it outside after work in attempts to “run it out”. And to possibly make up for my poor running the day before. And to also make up for the two massive cookies I snuck from the leftover catering at work yesterday (if we’re really being honest).

The route is never the same when neighborhood running. But I often find myself gravitating towards a specific street for this:This was a picture from last week-  it was much smaller than weeks past, but the concept is still the same. Someone actually takes the time to draw a new little piece of artwork in front of their apartment every week. Ah the little things in life that I get joy out of…

Anyway, I did feel a little better after running myself in circles around the neighborhood a few times to come up with a grand total of 4.4 miles. This was satisfactory because I wanted to make sure to hit the 4-mile mark at a minimum. Not much to say other than I do not enjoy owners who take their dogs off of leashes. 

Followed this up with a walk to Trader Joe’s with the roomie to pick up some random things. And wine. Obviously.

This close proximity is amazing.

Yet devastating for my wallet.

Whomp whomp.

Now it’s your turn to give me a “whoomp whoomp” from your week. Please. Make me feel better about being lame. It’d be really nice of you…

One thing I cannot “whomp” about is the start of the weekend! I’m just as busy as ever, but this time with activities that are mostly much more low-key.  Whew… :)

23 Responses

  1. Phailin was concerned. Wrigley on the other hand, well she gave you the ‘your in my spot’ signal by turning her rear to your face a good 5 times and then screaming at you. I heart my girls.

  2. I got a Victoria’s Secret catalog and an L.L. Bean catalog in the mail yesterday. I went through L.L. Bean, while I tossed Vicky in the trash. The exact word out of my boyfriend’s mouth? Lame.

  3. My coffee travel mug was leaking all morning and now I am fairly certain my new light-colored jeans are ruined… and it looks like I may have potentially peed my pants from all the tide stain-sticking I had to induce. *whomp whomp*
    “If peeing your pants is cool, that makes me Miles Davis!” (Fact: Billy Madison references will be funny to me forever)

  4. I slept through my alarm, and woke up too late to run cause it was already too hot and humid. I wasn’t about to attempt my first 5 miles in 90 degrees of sticky air. So it looks like I’m setting my alarm for tomorrow instead….whomp whomp.

  5. I missed the delivery of a hotly anticipated mail package. I won’t do it again today. I swear.

  6. Migranes are no fun :(

    I can’t stand running in the humidity here! It’s SO crazy hot! It’s been over 90 degrees almost every day!

  7. I love that picture on the sidewalk! There are little chalk drawings all over the place on my running route, but they’re childrens drawings so its not quite the same. However, the other day I did try and do a hop scotch that some kid made. I failed badly. People were looking, it was quite the show.

  8. I woke up and realized we forgot to turn the A/C down last night when we got home so our house was 80 degrees this morning instead of 72 (it never got lower than 80 degrees overnight which also sucks). Couldn’t figure out why I woke up soaking wet. Thought I had a hot flash. Whomp whomp.

  9. SO many whomp whomps lately. Mainly the lack of sleep, exercise and vegetables in my life. Oh and the lack of money. Having a TJ’s within walking distance in September both thrills and frightens me to my core.
    Hope your head feels better. Oh, and I never get anything serious done to my hair. Whomp whomp.

  10. I got an amazingly fresh free dinner at my sister-in-law’s yesterday! That was a huge score after what was served up for lunch…

    Have a great weekend Amy!

  11. Well my one roommate “thought” I told her I sent an email to the exes roommates inviting them to my b-day at the beach, so when she saw them on Sat she invited them again. I never did such a thing, and I think she knows that… whomp whomp

  12. I was cleaning out my crisper drawer in my fridge last night, and apparently was really in there, because when I stood up (very quickly) I smacked the back of my head on the bottom of the freezer door. I now have a lump on my head. Stupid concussions.

  13. The sidewalk art is so pretty! How cute and unique!

  14. Aweee chalk drawings :) Those would cheer me up too! Wah lately it has been so hot, I can’t even run unless it’s before 9am or indoors!

  15. Amy, I heart you!! Every morning after I get the kiddos out the door I sit for a few minutes and have my coffee, and you my darling make me smile!!

  16. my whomp whooomp?

    lots of oversleeping, slacking on grocery shopping, piles of dishes, failed recipe attempts, late flights for the pilot resulting in getting woken up at 3am every morning and zero workouts

    hot. freaking. mess

    but its the weekend! yay!!!!!

  17. Started dating this guy who’s super awkward and nerdy. Starting to think he’s not awkward, just gay. Whomp whomp.

  18. Pretty sure I had a mini meltdown about the upcoming move, followed by a pity party… definitely a whomp whomp! But it is the weekend, yayy!

  19. Totally locked myself out of my apartment… for the third time in less than 2 months. Pretty sure my apartment manager thinks I’m a nut!

  20. I am happy you feel better from your migraine! You poor thing. I get them too and they are awful. Happy Mon and the cats could take care of you.

    And I love that sidewalk chalk work! TOO COOL!

    My week has been very whomp whomp too. My in-laws are here and I am bored.

  21. This entire wk has been whomp whomp and it needs to stop. I’ve felt “off” ever since last wknd and need to get into some kind of routine or just feeling normal again b/c this whole off feeling doesnt bode well for me.

  22. […] goodness you’re here. After all the ”whomp whomp” stories you gave me yesterday, it really does seem like we’ve been ready for this weekend to finally […]

  23. […] Anyway, after we parted, I ran another .7 miles for good measure and ended up with 4.4 miles ran for the day. Apparently that’s the magic number of the week. […]

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