The Lakefront Experience

Yesterday’s weather was so gorgeous. It’s as if the stars aligned. Perfection. Seriously.

Chicago weather is volatile. So I expect that to not happen again for at least another 3 or 4… months?

Anyway, with temps in the mid-80’s, blue skies, and low humidity levels, I just HAD to take advantage of it in every way possible. Starting with a lakefront run.

The lake is a bit of a hike from my place. But I’ve been dying to try it out and a friend lives pretty close to it, so we decided to meet up and give it a go. He’s been looking for a running partner and I said why not? When in training, I prefer solo running. It’s easier. But when I’m just running to run? I don’t care how fast or far. Let’s just go…

Not knowing how long he’d want to run, I chose to walk the 2 miles to our meeting spot instead of run it. I realized the error of my ways after the first mile- it’s too hot to consider a 2-mile walk as “nothing”.

By our meeting time, I was a little heated, but at least I didn’t have to worry about warming up. We started immediately on a decent pace that kept us a little winded, but still able to hold a conversation the entire time.

We had to stop to walk a few times. But that was his fault. Two coke and whiskeys does not a dinner make. And gatorade is not a sufficient breakfast. Silly boys.

Yet I was still impressed we pulled a solid 3.7-mile run.

Maybe I need whiskey in my diet?

Anyway, after we parted, I ran another .7 miles for good measure and ended up with 4.4 miles ran for the day. Apparently that’s the magic number of the week.

However, I’m pretty sure after the rest of the day, there was more walking done than running.

Mon and I decided to trek back towards the lakefront and hit up North Avenue Beach to people watch get a little sunshine.What can I say? I’m addicted to the lakefront.

I’m also addicted to street fests these days. When I heard about Roscoe Village’s Burgerfest, I said SIGN ME UP.Nothing says class like popping a squat on the sidewalk to enjoy my Miller Lite and Guac Burger.Tasty.Clearly we were just way too excited to get some food and drink in our systems.

A solid run. A little tan. A lot of good food. All done with good friends.

Now THAT is a perfect day.

29 Responses

  1. I was in your fair city on Thursday and Friday and the weather was PERFECT. Definitely sad to be back in hot and muggy Philadelphia.

  2. First of all I want to say that you’re a badass for running with so many dudes. I’d be scurred, because I’m slow.
    Also, we’ll need to go to the lakefront when I show up at your doorstep with a suitcase one of these days.

  3. I had a perfect summer day yesterday too! I did a 5 mile “run”, took a 3 hour nap, finished a great book and then spent about 7 hours poolside at a BBQ with my best’s family. Nothin better than sipping cocktails and listening to classic rock while you watch the sun go down.

    I need to find a street fest in Philly. Pronto.

  4. I went to Roscoe Village Burger Fest yesterday, too!!

  5. Damn, maybe I need to switch to a liquid diet so I can get some good workouts in?

    And burgerfest? I’ve never heard of something so lovely. Well that is until I read guac burger. Can we say bring it???

  6. Everyone needs whiskey in their life. Everyone.

    I think we got all your humidity to the north. Yesterday (and today thus far) was BRUTAL.

  7. You are an animal. I can barely get out 3 miles when it’s over 80 for fear they might find me in a random neighbors yard clinging onto the grass for my life.
    And I second what Kacy said- when I show up bundled up inside her suitcase (obviously I wouldn’t have to pay airfare that way) I would like to go to this fest of burgers too please. K? xo

  8. Hi there, I’m a newbie poster and I just wanted to say hello to a fellow Chicagoan!

    Chicago weather is pretty crazy- you totally have to live here to understand :) But nothing beats our beautiful lakefront! Especially in the summer.


  9. The burgers and beers sound yummy. We had great weather in MA too. I didn’t have burgers though :(

  10. […] we’ll try this again? Last time I had a lot of help from the following ladies: Natalie, Melie, Amy, Kacy, Shelby, Kelly, Marie, Katherine (who’s blog I can’t find right now?), and Sophia. But […]

  11. You’re right. that absolutely sounds like the best day =) gah so jealous! there are never fun festivals here… or really any fun food. Is it time to move yet? eep!

  12. Your friend’s dietary habits cracked me up. Sustaining on coke, whiskey and gatorade. Priceless! Sounds like it was a fun day though!

  13. That IS a perfect day! Love it! And I am a firm advocate for a whiskey-driven diet :)

  14. Smile. It sounds like a perfect day. I love the choice of consumption too. Very tasty and tempting. I want a drink and a burger now!

  15. it was beautiful here too! I only wish it could be like that all the time – already it’s gross and humid out today. So jealous of the Lakefront – it looks so fun there! Glad you had a great day!

  16. That really does sound like the perfect day. I’m a little jealous.

  17. GAH- the weather sounds so amazing! It was 108 here the other day…and that is NOT cool.

  18. Aww sounds like such a fun day! I spent the day yesterday lounging by the pool alll day/recovering from Saturday night. It felt good!

  19. It was soo nice here all weekend! Of course thats why its 100 and storming now

  20. Sounds like an awesome good time to me. Good runs, good company, and cold beer = fun times

  21. What a great day you had!! You and Mon are two classy girls. Gotta love a great burger and a Miller. What a great day!! And, btw you rock girlfriend, 4.4 miles, Awesome. Have a great week. :)

  22. Looks like SO much fun!!

  23. Sounds like a perfect day! You look so happy :)

  24. Looks and sounds like a perfect day! I’m so glad you had a great day! I hope you have an incredible week!

  25. I’m sad I missed Burgerfest! Ah well, there’s always next weekend. ;) Glad you guys had fun at the beach, too!

  26. Hm, maybe I should start drinking whiskey too. My runs have not been great!

  27. Saturday was freaking gorgeous! Got a little warm around the 2:00 hour, but almost a perfect day :)
    And that DOES look like a perfect day!

  28. Two coke and whiskeys does not a dinner make. And gatorade is not a sufficient breakfast…haha, I love it!

    What a perfect day! If I were to ever live in the city (not likely now that I have a ball and chain…haha), I would have to live near the lakefront. So pretty! I’ve never run along the lake (on the Chicago side – run in Michigan a lot!)…but I want to!

    Guac burger? Muahaha…YUM!

  29. […] Warning: I may have to rub it in that the entire weekend ended up being pretty perfect. […]

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