Planning Ahead

Often, not always, but often, I like to do things a little over the top. Make a production. Get a little overly dramatic about mundane things.

In a good way, of course. It’s fun. It’s appreciated. I just like to. Ok?

Blame the Leo in me if you have to. (Insert shameless birthday plug here- it’s only 10 days away! Prepare for mental breakdown…)

Anyway, this weekend I have a couple of houseguests making their yearly trip to Chicago. Having out-of-towners come in is always fun for me because I get to show them MY city.

Yes, it’s like I own it.

I also get to do things like make a big deal out of meals. As a single girl, I don’t often make a big deal out of everyday dinners. What’s the point? It’s not time efficient. And God knows if there’s one thing I’m always short on, it’s time.So I wait. And wait. And wait for people to come visit.

And then when they finally come, it’s so ON.Breakfast is the meal I’ve been focusing on this time around. It’s the most important meal of the day. And how bad of a friend would I be to deny them anything but the best?

So I creeped on Andrea’s blog (again) and found these amazing muffin/donut creations.

I didn’t even have to break out a mixer!

Or cupcake liners- you break them out of the tin while they’re still warm to dunk them in butter and sugar/cinnamon goodness.Obviously, this was the part where I burned my fingers a little (because it’s not baking with Amy unless someone gets hurt). But it was worth it. These muffins were easy and quick.

As in, I made them while my roomie watched a dvr’d episode of Two and a Half Men.  It was pure luck that I had nutmeg on hand for this one. JUST bought it a couple weeks ago randomly. Often, I skip it if a recipe calls for it, but this time I think the muffin would have been lacking without. Whew!

My thoughts? Andrea was right. It’s like eating an old school sugared donut.

A perfect addition to balance out any breakfast. You know I’m right.I also threw in a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. For good measure.

But switched them up by adding a simple glaze of powdered sugar, milk and vanilla.Just like how grandma taught me.

Because you know I’m not going to do the same thing twice… right?Variety is the spice of life. BAM.

My guests aren’t coming until later today (and won’t have breakfast until tomorrow morning), but I baked everything Wednesday night for good reason.

1. It was something I could make ahead of time and really it was the only night left open before they get here.2. It had been too long since the last time I visited my friend Jaime and baby Summer. And I never go over there empty-handed. I made a baby shower promise to provide a constant supply of baked goods.

Plus, Jaime probably wouldn’t let me through the door without treats in hand.

Sort of kidding. Just sort of.Baby Summer and I hung out together while her parents ate dinner together for only the second time since she was born. I didn’t mind helping out. :)

Don’t get any ideas, mom.

26 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness who does someone have to pay around here to be your friend?? :)

  2. I’m going to go make those cinnamon muffins now. See ya.

  3. Cutie goodie basket and even cuter baby bundle!! I love muffin/donuts. Well, I just love anything baked and drizzled with frosting.

  4. Ok, so I’m thinking I should probably come stay at your house. If this is how you feed your guests, I think I could be very happy there. :)

    You look good with a baby. Not that I’m hinting, its just true.

  5. I love the last line. Cute baby!

    How does Andrea come up with these goodies? Every single one looks amazing!

  6. awww, what a teeny little baby! I would be so nervous alone with a little one like that – sometimes I think I know nothing about babies. And, the glaze over those muffins sounds like a brilliant idea

  7. Oh my gosh, I want a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin!!! That sounds so tasty!!! I’m a leo TOO! :) Happy early birthday! Mine isn’t til August!

  8. Well, I’m sure your friends will love the baked goodies you made for them! Have a fun weekend! Stay cool! <— take that as you wish, temperature-wise or awesome-wise.

  9. Cinnamon donut muffin..bring it. I am a sucker for all things cinn and all things donut for that matter..and heck, all things pumpkin. So basically you should invite me over, k?

  10. The little bow on her head is too funny. :) Those muffins look awesome- you are a better hostess than me!

  11. “Yes, it’s like I own it.” Haha….you crack me up! And those muffins look amazing. If only the pictures were scratch and sniff.

  12. Andrea is a genius. And I love playing with other people’s babies. I spent all night last night cuddling my 3 month old niece. The best part, though, is giving them back. Sooooo not ready.

  13. You look like a natural, haha. And I can expect some of those in the mail for my b-day right? RIGHT?!?!

  14. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more excited about our bake-swap. Oh look at that, even more excited.

  15. Can you send me some muffins? They sound amazing. I don’t bake. I burn.

  16. I don’t really need the muffin as much as I NEED the cinnamon topping. I love it.

    And what a beautiful baby!! So gorgeous. I just love other people’s children. :)

  17. You’re such a good friend:) And those look delicious, and I’m now inspired to bake.
    That baby is gorgeous!

  18. These look so good!

  19. I’ve made donut muffins before too…so good! I love that picture of you and Summer…so sweet! Have fun with your company!

  20. I think we’re friends, right???? I’d LOVE some baked goodies!!!! ;)
    What a cute lil baby girl…….so pretty…..and tiny….!

  21. I love having out of town guests too. And like you, I always make muffins. Thank you for sharing another tempting post. I hope you had a lovely weekend, and I hope you have an even lovelier week. Many blessings and much love…

  22. Awww look how adorable baby Summer is!!! I always have to say the same thing to my mom everytime i hold a child her mind starts racing. Your muffins look great!

  23. Wow. Baked good heaven!
    I did not know you were a fellow Leo!

  24. Any time you feel like sending someone a muffin basket, I’m your girl.

  25. ummmm those cinnamon sugar donut amazing things look RIDIC! if i quickly get pregnant, would you drop me off some? i mean, it could be worth it? ;)

  26. […] downtown in front of us. So we had to make sure and start the day out right…Oh yeah… those muffins are still making their […]

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