Nerd Alert

When I grew up, being a nerd was a bad thing. In junior high, getting called a nerd/dork/geek was DEVASTATING to the ego. And you would NEVER EVER call yourself one. That was, without a doubt, social suicide.

You were better off under the radar. Listen to N*Sync at home behind closed doors- don’t even let your parents hear it. Do NOT laugh at any jokes. Ever. Roll your eyes instead. Hide the books you were reading for leisure between your mattresses when friends came over.  And your journal, too. Throw the stuffed animals in the closet. Unless, of course, your boyfriend (who holds your hand on the regular) gave it to you. Then it should be displayed prominently. You’re even allowed to sleep with it if that’s the case…

So many rules. They’re exhausting.

Somewhere along the lines I gave up.

I’m such a freakin’ nerd, guys.

Late 90’s pop music is still heavily scattered throughout my playlist. If I had a poster of Justin Timberlake, I can promise you it’d be up above my bed. I have a library card. Two actually. Cheesy puns are my favorite. My roommate and I have a house stuffed animal (shout out to Adler!). And this baby blog of mine is about as close to a journal as it gets.


So when Jessica suggested a bake swap, I was ON IT. Baking? Blogging? Pen pals? Hell yeah.

We decided end of July would be fine (mine is still in the works- oops), and this arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon:I opened the box while my roomie and her friend were home. This happened in about 5 minutes flat.

Jessica did an AMAZING job! The bars were crunchy and chewy. Sweet and salty. And chocolatey. All at the same time. Heavenly.

Thank you, dear! I’m so glad we nerded it out enough to do this!

We were so quick to inhale, I almost didn’t notice the card…Oh girl… so do I. So. Do. I.  :)

One bad thing about our little bake swap is timing. Being as how dry ice makes everything a little too expensive to be shipping, we had to cross our fingers that not everything would be a devastating melted mess by the time it got to the other person.

She did a good job, but this is where I realized my mistake in round 1 and will be fixing in round 2 of baking something to send her.

Logistics are harrrrrrdddddd.But these are sooooo gooooood.

Which would explain why I had 3.

At least the one I had before dinner fueled a decent 2.7 miles. Or so that’s what we’re going to claim it did. It was pretty muggy. But I’ll take a humid 90 degrees over a humid 100 degrees any day. No complaints.

The other 2? They fueled my weak attempts at weights and abs in front of the tv as I watched MTV’s Challenge: Rivals. My new roommate got me hooked to it. And she wasn’t even there to watch it. I turned it on. Completely on my own and aware of my actions.

Aaaaahhhh reality tv. You got me again. I feel like such a nerd.


27 Responses

  1. God damn girl. Once again, I was planning a post titled “Nerd Alert.” Seriously – I swear you’re inside my head, First about TGIF and now this! haha.

    And anytime you wanna bake for me you just let me know. I love pen pals. I had, like, 5 as a child.

  2. You’re a nerd?!?! At least you aren’t a geologist!! Low is constantly ripping on me and her bro! LOL!

  3. Yum!! Those look amazing.
    I think its good to be a nerd. Somewhere along the way it got cool to be a nerd. I don’t know when or how it happened, but it did and I’m glad. Nerds are so much more fun.

  4. It’s cool to be a nerd, nbd. Darren tells me what a geek I am all the time. I embrace it. Uh, yeah still haven’t shipped you your stuff yet either, I’m lazy, but I swear I’ll do it!

  5. I not only openly listened to *NSYNC, I was the one of the girls who made up (ok fine, copied down to the hip thrust) dances for each song! Yeah…
    BWhat a genius idea for the bake swap! Love it :)
    I love the Challenge. Gonna watch it on dvr tonight! :-P

  6. What a cute idea for a bake swap!! Love!

  7. Bake swap? Genius.

    And I have 90’s music on my iPod also…so glad that I’m not the only one!

  8. HEY! I want to do a baking swap too!

  9. Those look so delicious, I love the baking swap idea! How do you ship it so it doesn’t get ruined though? overnight? any special packaging? I wanna swap!

  10. Nerds are cool and you are cool! That looks so tasty!

  11. Ok, so Jess keeps saying that she can’t bake…I think those pretty much make that an outright lie, yes? :) I’ve been listening to late 90’s a lot lately- I blame you for that. But the nerdiness is all me.

  12. Yum! Shipping is always a little chancy. I hope round 2 goes better!

  13. Spreading some nerd <3 right back at ya! Puns never get old, and library cards are darn useful! :)

  14. Haha, I was a total nerd in middle school. It was sad, but looking back now I’m proud of my “unique” personality. Jess is awesome and those look great!
    PS – I love the Challenge!

  15. I love embracing my nerdiness. I go to the library multiple times per week and I am not ashamed! Listening to NSYNC in high school a little too much? Slightly ashamed..

  16. Nerds rule! Mmmmm….now I was some Nerds candy-it’s been ages.

    I am still drooling over her salty/sweet concoction. I read about it this morning and kind of want to save a picture of it as my background on the computer.

  17. That looks amazing! I wouldn’t be able to keep my paws off it.

  18. Late 80s music is my forte. JT and I? Secret lovers. I have a library card ON MY KEYCHAIN (like the grocery store things? Yep.) Cheesy jokes are my favorite.

    AND i’ve done four cookie swaps wither bloggers. If you want in, let me know. We just did one last week. They are the best.

  19. this is such a cute idea! And don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m a huge nerd. And I never had a bf in high school (or middle for that matter). Just a bunch of stuffed animals and books…

  20. How do I get a penpal like you ladies to bake for me and not get a baked good back in return? lol. I can send veggies. or salsa… but bake I cannot.. and if i tried you wouldn’t want to eat it ;)

    i’m holding out for vince

  21. I think there’s a little nerd that hides in each of us. Unfortunately, mine was visable going through school. For that I was tortured. ;)

  22. I work in IT, where it is an HONOR to be called a geek!

  23. Ugh! I sooo was watching rivals yesterday. Why Why Why?!?!!? These people are absolutely crazy and I can’t believe I have wasted hours of my life watching it!

  24. WOW. Thos do look pretty awesome!

  25. […] in July, Jessica and I decided to do a bake swap (we’re nerds, remember?). And she held true on her promise to get hers to me last […]

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