The Remix

Earlier in July, Jessica and I decided to do a bake swap (we’re nerds, remember?). And she held true on her promise to get hers to me last week.

I, however, ran into some bumps in the road.Sure… they look pretty… but this stupid batch of cookies fought me every step of the way. The end result was less than impressive. Too dry. Almost bitter. Not up to my standards.

And on top of that, the marshmallow buttercream (yes- marshmallow buttercream, ya’ll) ended up being not as thick as I remember- making it prone to becoming a massive melted mess during transport in the middle of July.

Don’t get me wrong- they weren’t bad. But I’m not about to send off baked goods that don’t live up to my expectations to others. It’s not my style.

So I hung my head. Emailed Jessica and Kelly (it was her birthday!). And said I’d try again the next week.

Then I passed off the fail cookies onto my coworkers. They’re like garbage disposals and will eat anything.

And as to prevent another baking fail, I turned back to a few that I’ve tried already. Cookies would be the best to travel. I still had Oreos left from Mon’s birthday dessert. OMG it looks like I get to make oreo-stuffed cookies again!There’s no way these don’t turn out well. And to make sure I wasn’t being completely boring by repeating an old recipe, I did a little remix.Ande’s mints and dark chocolate chips in half, Reese’s Pieces in the other half.

Yeah I opened the bag of Reese’s beforehand. You would have done it, too.And you know what? It’s sort of like R. Kelly’s “Ignition” remix- sometimes you may just like it better than the original anyway.“Hot and fresh out the kitchen….”

I love these things. It feels like you ate 2 or 3 cookies, but you can still claim it was only one. That’s more my style.

I also heart them because I have a soft spot in my heart for Reese’s of any kind. (If you ever want to impress me, write that down for future reference.)

The remix was a success.

My coworker and I also decided to mix it up with a random run together during the week.

Like that segue I did there? Corny. But I’m running with it… (aaaahhhh puns!)

Whatever. This is the dude I was supposed to run with on Saturday, but we both really sucked at coordinating plans.

Last night we straightened out our issues out and went for it.

Our meeting point it still a pretty decent hike from my place, so I ran 1.7 miles before even hooking up with him at the lakefront. From there, we ran another 4.1- giving me a total of 5.8 miles. Or something like that.  Given that I never run much more than 4 miles during the week, you can be sure I slept like a baby. Which also rarely happens during the week…

The run went well- only issue is that we’re different paces, so it’s hard to match up from time to time. And then I made him stop at one point because of a serious cramp.

He asked if it was something I ate.

It’s hard telling a guy coworker about your woman problems.

So yes… it was something I ate. ;)

The rest of the conversation was not so awkward. Thankfully.

In conclusion? Baking for blog friends is fun. Running with friends is fun. Sleeping like a baby is fun.

Fun stuff.

Happy Thursday.

43 Responses

  1. Aha, Adrienne must have gotten the one with the mint, because she said it tasted minty. I had a reeces one. Delish, well done! I wonder how many will be left by the time I get back from Wisconsin.

  2. I want cookies. Now. And the ones you post always look so good…

  3. Those cookies look damn good and yes I would have totally opened the of Reese’s beforehand too! :)

  4. ….and you’ve succeeded getting R. Kelly’s “Remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen” stuck in my head for the last 10 minutes since reading your post :)

  5. Those look amazing! You are truly a cookie genius!

  6. Holy yum these look good! Want one a.s.a.p.

  7. I remixed a remix and it was back to normal! Ahh, Mitch Hedberg.

    I would have opened the Reese’s first. You are correct.

  8. Haha! Talking to guy coworkers about girly problems is hard…that’s why, like you, I don’t!

  9. Sounds like a great day! And those cookies look so good! I need to make them like soon!

  10. You are such a good baker! Even though you considered teh first ones a fail, those would be an utter success in my book. :)

  11. Holy eff my mouth. I need those cookies.

    I love your remixing!

  12. Oh my. Now I can’t get that R Kelly song out of my head!! Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce……………

  13. Speaking of R. Kelly’s “Remix to Ingnition”. That song used to be on my running playlist and I realized that the lyrics “bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce…” coincided perfectly with my ass bouncing when each foot hit the pavement. ;)

  14. Brilliant. You got every girl in here wishin.. she could eat cookies. Was that too much of a stretch? I just can’t help but sing that song in my head now.

  15. Those cookies look so good. I can’t even take it…I must try them!!

  16. You can always count on coworkers, right? ;)
    And I love your philosophy about only eating 1 cookie, but it’s like eating three. We need more of these cookies in life!

  17. Did I ever tell you about the time that R made me listen to 3 hours straight of R Kelly on a road trip? Including the original version of Ignition- that song is like 10 minutes long! I need an Oreo stuffed cookie in my life. If you used Double Stuf, those would really be triple stuffed cookies, right? That should probably happen.

  18. Sounds like lots of “fun” on your plate. :)

    Those cookies look awesome! I’m the same way with my baking. I insist on perfection. My coworkers will snatch up anything involving food, wine and basically anything that’s free!

  19. These look crazy good. Its like everything delicious all packed into one cookie. Im not sure if thats even fair.

  20. Oh my gosh I’ve been CRAVING chocolate today and I don’t know why! I wanted to jump through the screen and steal these! YUM

  21. I know it’s probably easy for me to be brave about it, but I think you missed a perfect chance to embarass him mortally by yelling “NO THIS IS MORE OF A LADYTIME CRAMP”.

    Having had multiple discussions of bloody nipple prevention and thigh chafing with my female coworker, I’m now numb to embarassment.

  22. “It feels like you ate 2 or 3 cookies, but you can still claim it was only one. That’s more my style”

    I love that. Totally my style also!

  23. Those cookies look amazing! Double yum!!!

  24. Just like the party was catered….

    I would open the Oreo’s and the Reeses and mush them together to make a big Reesoreo because I’m a pig like that.

  25. I too like reeses in EVERYTHING and anything. Have any leftover? I’ll trade you some s’mores cookies for some :)

  26. I always bring coworkers my abundance of so-so baked goods! hehe. Both batches look delicious though :)

  27. gahhh those are STUFFED ?!?! insannity right there!! oh yes I would only bring perfection cookies to others…sooo that time I used salt instead of sugar in the cookies I made? yeahhh its a good thing I tried them first!

  28. perhaps they didn’t taste so good but by the looks of them i would polish of these cookies in a second!! such talent amy :).

    – Beth @

  29. Haha, you should hear us talk to my boys about girl problems. They are the most well versed boys on cramps and PMS. We are all close and really, if they should know this stuff happens. They hate the bleeding from your vagina part…I hope it scares them!

    The cookies look amazing!

  30. […] say, “yeah, this was the last of the bag of reese’s from my baking efforts a couple of weeks ago. And this may be the longest span of time a bag of candy has lasted in my household. […]

  31. […] say, “yeah, this was the last of the bag of reese’s from my baking efforts a couple of weeks ago. And this may be the longest span of time a bag of candy has lasted in my household. […]

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