Fresh From The Ground

Hey there!

Glad to hear I got a few laughs over my hellish adventures of gym shopping. :)

Not being one to judge solely on first impressions, I do plan to stick out a week of working out there to try it out. But I promise you, there are a few more places on my list (thanks in part to some of the awesome Chicago kids!) to check out before deciding what my next move will be.

Fine, I actually do judge heavily on first impressions and I’m only giving it a second go around because they’re one of the cheaper options out there.

The honest truth. It hurts.

So back I went last night. And the roomie joined. I was truly looking forward to her opinion. Because she just wants a little activity in her life. No specific goals (that they badgered me for). Just a little more energy.

The second time back? They loosened up. A lot. I still avoid eye contact. And the weights area is still a bit overwhelming- I’m not a huge fan of doing weights anyway (why do you think I insist on using dvds to do them at all?). I’m rather self-conscious about it when it’s crowded and people are hanging out waiting for you to get done.

Not ideal. Strike 2.

I got home and comforted myself with food from the ‘rents.Mutant zucchini! I often question if their garden is on top of a nuclear reactor site that I’m unaware of. It may also explain the above average heights of some of my family… .(i.e. my brother being 6’7). And possibly the reason that I’m a little spazztastic every once in a while?

I’ll keep researching…

Anyway, when they offered to bring up some stuff during their visit, I said YES. This saved me from a trip to Trader Joe’s for the week. Holla’.

My favorite seems to be the zucchini and potatoes. I’ve been inhaling them this week on the regular.I like plain sweet potatoes, but white potatoes should never be consumed naked.

The potato… not you. You can wear or not wear whatever you like when dining in. No judgement.

Just remember, if it’s a hot meal, guard yourself. This has been your public safety announcement for the day. You’re welcome.

There happened to be a little cheddar and sour cream laying around, and it was used and topped with some paprika. This made it tasty, because I’m just awful at preparing regular potatoes. Even in the microwave. Like this one was. I ALWAYS screw it up. At least a little.

This one just had a teeny tiny section that didn’t seem cooked the whole way through. Yeah. I know. How hard is it to screw up a potato? I suck.

At least there’s one thing I don’t screw up. Usually.

That would be baking. And I’m just going to take advantage of that awesome transition to let you know there’s still time to sign up for the Blogger Bake Swap!  Jessica and I are still taking emails (if you want to do it, we NEED you to contact us!) until FRIDAY if you want to participate. So if you’re interested, you can read more HERE and shoot one of us an email!

Have a good one, kids!

21 Responses

  1. Hahaha…cracking up over here! Seriously your posts always make me laugh first thing in the a.m. which is never a bad thing!

  2. I would never eat a potato naked… I reserve that soley for spaghetti.
    But only because I’ve ruined too many shirts with marinara.
    Just kidding…maybe…

  3. I was always too intimidated to use the weights at the gym. I will do that stuff at home thank you!

  4. Haha, the weights section of the gym can be intimidating. Unless you workout at your works gym, when it’s all old ladies and men. Then you look awesome.

    Also, would totally do the bake swap, but I refuse to stand in my kitchen baking until the temps are at 60 degrees outside.

  5. I love baked potatoes, but for some reason, I rarely make them myself! I get them a lot while out though…and in fry form ;)

  6. Weights are always tricky- too many people trying to impress gym-goers if you ask me!

  7. I do like to dine naked. Potatoes are fine, but I draw the line at soup. It just gets weird. I love regular potatoes though. I go through huge kicks where I eat them like crazy.

  8. 6’7″ bro? I’d be all over that. Tall boys make me swoon. My hubby is 6’4″ and I think he’s a shorty. Mind you, I’m 5’4.5″

  9. Cheese makes everything better. Nice job on getting the free steroid ridden zucchini, I’m jealous. I wish I had a garden where I could grow ridiculously sized produce but until then I will just take freebies from friends. If we lived closer I would say we could swap zucchini and avocado!

  10. I am so picky about gyms…I get it.

    Your dinner looks so good…that tater….yum!!

  11. To me all a baked potato needs is butter – and a lot of it. Plus some salt and pepper. Potatoes are my favorite food. I used to eat 3 with dinner….and yet, as a child, I was lanky. I miss my pre-pubesent self sometimes.

    I usually just cook mine at random temperatures, depending on what else there is with dinner. 350 it takes about an hour, 400 about 45 minutes. No foil or anything, just throw it on the rack (of course, I don’t eat the skin so germs need not apply). Once it squeezes nicely its done.

    Or I use McCormick seasoning packets, those cook real quick and are delicious!

  12. I think it’s hilarious that you love roasted zucchini so much – it reminds me of a soggy cucumber and I know how much you LOVE cucumbers. :)

  13. That potato looks SO good… I don’t know why but that is exactly what I want for dinner tonight. Yum!

  14. Potatoes are not meant to be eaten without cheese or sour cream! Naked’s only good…………well, you know where. ;)

  15. Sometimes it shocks me how versatile zucchini is. If your parents need to get rid of their stock, they can send some my way :)

  16. Hahahaha I’m glad to know I can consume a potato in the buff ;) hehe

  17. You are quite the funny lady! ;)

    I love zucchini! Did you see the humongo one that Roni had ( or Seriously ginormous! ;)

  18. Good luck with the gym shopping. Hopefully this one grows on ya, at least a little. I wish I could do the bake swap, but I’m not a great baker. No one would want my goodies. They bring no boys to the yard.

  19. I can’t eat white potatoes. I only like the sweet ones.

    Good luck with the gym search!

  20. I feel you on the weights. People can watch me do cardio all day but I HATE when people watch me lifting weights. Creeps. Me. Out.

  21. You are so stinking cute!! You make me laugh and thats why I’m here :)

    I love me a potato topped with goodies…I used to eat sour cream on it with lotsa salt…not any more!!


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