Small Celebrations

OMG guys. I slept until 7:45 AM.

This is kind of a big deal.

Fine. Don’t celebrate with me. Roll over and go back to sleep.

But I’ll continue to celebrate.

Because it’s the latest I’ve slept in WEEKS.

Could have something to do with how exhausting yesterday was.

Including the late night out. It was my friend’s birthday. She rented a trolley for a pub crawl.

Best idea ever.

I really only was with them for the end of it, but still reaped the benefits of bar hopping without having to deal with cabs or the el. WIN.

Not a win? Sitting next to one of her friends who discussed how lonesome it was to be a trader who works for himself. Then discussing the ins and outs of his volatile week.

Good thing I know SO much about finance. And am SO interested in the stock market.

Oh wait…

But I kept amused. My attention instantly perked up as soon as he started to compare himself to Chuckie.

Yes, the doll from the cheesy horror movies.

I have no idea why he’s still single.

ANYWAY, even if I stayed longer than I really wanted, there were other things that led to my ultimate point of exhaustion.

I ran 3.5 miles. On the lakefront. My friend and I had bad timing. Again. So I was running solo.

This was for the best.

Why? Well I’ll tell you why. Because I ran down the lakefront path as I always do. And got to the turn around point.

Normally, I’d have another 2ish miles left.

Then again, normally, my stomach doesn’t start to revolt. I blame the shenanigans from the night before.

Not that it was a surprise. But it was frustrating, nonetheless. So I pouted the 4 freakin’ miles home. Totally not planned well.This helped.

Or at least I hope it does. Because this is a version of the same lunch/dinner I’ve had all week.

Still have 4-5 ears of corn left from our accidental hoarding of garden vegetables.

Not that I’m complaining. It has been fantastic. Although the people at the grocery store are probably ready to send out a search party.

They’ll have a tough time finding me this morning, though. After this second cup of coffee, I’m off to meet up with a few fantastic ladies. One who actually ran the Rock n’ Roll Half this morning!

I’m going to celebrate by vicariously living through her stories and eating my weight in breakfast food.

It counts, right?

24 Responses

  1. I wish I slept in. I hate that life has made me used to waking up so early! 6:30 on a Sunday is not a good plan! Oh well, I guess I have to go with it and make the best of it! I hope you have a great day and enjoy your breakfast!

  2. I’ve been getting up at 2:30, 3, 4 for the last week and a half too. Maybe this has something to do with global warming. Or end of days. Something like that.

  3. I hate how work makes it so difficult to sleep in. I’ve been better at it lately though. Probably due to the very late nights I’ve been partaking in…
    Have fun at breakfast!

  4. Second cup of coffee? Amateur.

  5. I am like a bear. I can sleep all day if left alone. Partly because our master BR is in the lower level of the house and we keep it like a cave in there. Partly bc I love to sleep. Mostly bc of the 2nd reason.

  6. 7:45 still counts as getting up early in my book – you’re a trooper!

  7. I hope that people don’t think that I’m a geek when I talk about finance at parties…that might explain why I don’t have too many friends?

    7:45? I woke up at 3:45. PST. I’m SO tired right now and it’s 10:35. I’m really jealous too. :)

  8. Haha I love when I’m able to sleep in! But this morning I woke up at 8, freaking out that it was Monday and I was late for work.


    At least I slept in!

  9. Biscuits and gravy, no fruit, FTW

  10. Also, 7:45 is earlier than I wake up on most weekdays :D

  11. I slept until 7 this morning! We’re such rebels! You have me craving corn now.

  12. i slept in too this morning. 10:30 was when i looked at the clock the first time. the second time was 4pm. oops? guess i’ve been running ragged lately!

  13. I get REALLY excited when I sleep in. Anything past 7am is a score in my book.

  14. Poor ginger! At least he didnt ask for your #…..right? I am really hoping he was comparing himself to Chuckie bc he was a ginger. If not, I don’t even want to ask.

  15. I hear you! I can’t sleep late to save my life. I think the latest I’ve slept in the past few years is 7:45 too… and then I panic because it feels so late!

  16. During the week I am always counting down the days until the weekend where I can sleep late and yet I am always wide awake and up by 6:30 or 7:00. I get that that is still later than my 5:30am wake up cal during the week but c’mon…just once I want to wake up, roll over and see 10:00am flashing on my clock! Is that really too much to ask?

  17. you better lock that catch down before someone else swoops him up.

    i will now proceed to have nightmares of a real live chuckie existing. yikes!

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