You Learn the Darndest Things…

… when running in an urban area.

For instance, just this week I learned not to run too close to the buildings. Especially in blinding sun.

Because not all doors are clearly marked with an awning.

And people sometimes exit these unmarked doors quickly.

By flinging the door open. As you’re passing by in a speedy manner (or so you like to think  you are).

Thank goodness I have ninja-like reflexes and was able to throw my hands out as to soften the blow and keep from breaking my nose/face/everything on the glass.

It was a close call, folks. But we all walked away unharmed. Sort of. After bouncing back in shock, I picked up my run again with a bruised ego. He, of course, probably went home with a new story of how he almost killed a runner.

I’ll let you take a moment and fully develop the visual.

That wouldn’t have been the first time I ran into a door.

ALWAYS make sure to look the direction you’re heading. Because sometimes, just sometimes, the door that was propped open earlier will not continue to be that way throughout the entire night. And you’d hate to be THAT bridesmaid that people are going to remember for shattering the door.

Trust me on this.

Words of wisdom on a Tuesday morning.

You’re welcome.

30 Responses

  1. You said “to soften the blog!”

  2. This is why I don’t run anymore. Glad your ninja skills helped you out!

  3. bahahahaha I love this.
    I would scream bloody murder if someone whipped a door open when I was running by.

  4. No dude the sun is getting super annoying. The suburbs aren’t any better. Esp. in the early morning, it’s BLINDING as it comes up in the sky. There’s one part of my run where I have to come up a hill, on a curve, with no shoulder on the road, and the sun directly in my eyes. I just kind of pray for no cars to come flying into me.

  5. Ninja like reflexes are very important. Even if you’re not in the city. You wouldn’t believe how many people jump up out of nowhere. One day I swear I’m going to take out some poor pedestrian.

  6. While running this morning in the city, I was crossing a 4-way stop. A damn cab driver allmost hit me on the crossswalk and then had the nerve to lay on his horn. RUDE

  7. Quite wise..same seems to go for me at work..I have to stand in the middle of hall for fear of being clobbered by an opening door

  8. I’ve had run-ins with car doors before! Only while cycling, not running. But it still scares the bejesus out of me & totally effed up my cycling mojo for the rest of the ride. Thank goodness for ninja skills!

  9. Hahahaha, awesome. I mean…glad you weren’t hurt. Ok, so I haven’t taken it as far as to bust through a GLASS door (crazy!), but I’ve definitely busted through a screen door. Sober. Doors – they come outta nowhere sometimes!

  10. Oh man! How scary. I totally zone out when I’m running so good for you and your reflexes for thinking to put your hands out in front of you! I probably would have been on the ground.

  11. Oops!! I never pay attention when running…I would have been on the concrete.

  12. Haha that would so happen to me too. I hate running in urban areas for that reason! Running paths FTW!

  13. I broke my toe walking into a closed screen door when I was a kid- that pretty much sucked. There are signs at Public House (downtown) on their glass doors that read, “This Is Glass” and then one on the big window that reads “This Is Also Glass”. My guess is a LOT of people have walked into them.

  14. ahhh, i am paranoid that i will be running on the sidewalk and a car will open their door without my noticing. glad you are in one piece!

  15. Haha, I’ve ran into many a clean sliding glass door. Sometimes it’s really just hard to tell if it’s open or not! I have bad eyesight…

  16. hahahahah!!! I never run in an busy place of a downtown street! I get to self conscious on how I run, etc!

    I have anxiety right now thinking about it! :)


  17. You are a wise woman indeed.

  18. I expect nothing less from a Tuesday post from you :) Hope your dreaded day of the week isn’t going too shabby :)

  19. Yeah, might want to stay away from running by doors ;)

  20. Hahahaha I just burst out laughing in the middle of the airport. That’s AWESOME.

    I’m glad you have ninja reflexes ;) I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m running in an urban setting hehe

  21. I’m totally jealous of your ninja-like skillz, Amy!

  22. I am beyond jealous of your ninja skills – I can’t even avoid poles that don’t move. I need to take lessons from you ;)

  23. My parents were just in Chicago.. they loved it! I’m hoping that they weren’t one of the people that opened the door on you!

  24. Really good moves there my friend…I’d be flat on my face or in a hospital thanks to my slow reflexes.

    PS – I almost booked a trip to Chicago last night but then I realized my kid’s school schedule got in the way. What else is new? Sigh….

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  26. […] also pretty sexy when you almost suffer a mild concussion from running into a door. That was more embarrassing than it was […]

  27. […] for when running into random doors. That […]

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