All I Can Manage

It’s been a long week, kids.

And it’s a good thing I took Friday off because I am very near or possibly on the line of overstretching myself.

 Sometimes I live on the edge like that.

Sometimes miscommunication happens. Stephanie and I are trying our hardest to meet up in this big city of mine, but it’s rough when there are 12 locations of a pizza place and both of you go to the wrong one. On the opposite ends of the city limits. We’re making attempt number 2 tonight for cocktails (which works out well- they’re sooooo necessary today). Logistics are harrrrddddd. :p

Sometimes I have no words. Like when a close friend is dealing with the passing of a loved one. And the only thing I can think to do is bake her something (f-ing typical, right?) or stock her freezer with Lean Cuisines. Basically, I seem to want to feed her into feeling better. We both possess the knack of awkward jokes at awkward times, but I still would rather have something a little more eloquent to express my sympathies and love than a crack made in poor taste.

Sometimes I just can’t sleep. The guy I’m going out with tomorrow night jokes its because I’m just really excited about our date, but I don’t think he realizes there’s a little bit of truth to that one. Not so much excitement (although I should stress I AM excited), but anxiety. I don’t really “do” the whole dating scene well and the last legit date I had included me purposely having myself overserved as the dude across the table from me discuss how he was celebrating Christmas by spreading his grandma’s ashes and all the funeral plans that were included.  Hi… I literally just met you 20 minutes ago… and it’s the holidays…

As you can see, that one scared me out of the dating scene for a while (read “Christmas”).

Sometimes I don’t manage time well. As in, my friend is coming in Friday and my house is so not ready for her. Cleaning… laundry… how did I not remember to schedule that in? Alas, another reason why Friday away from work is necessary.

Sometimes it just takes one thing to set you off. In today’s case, it was my hair. Specifically, the talent it possesses to be both a ball of frizz yet flat at the same time. We’re predicting rain. It’s probably not healthy to channel all my anxiety/anger/issues into a bad hair day. Something I’ll know to work on in the future.

No worries, I swear the mood I’m in is fleeting. Really. I’m already substantially better than I was when the hair incident happened.

I’ve got a run scheduled over lunch with my running buddy that is already calming me down. As is the excitement to meet up with Stephanie for a drink (fingers crossed!). Hopefully soon I’ll be good as new!

So… until I get a full grip on this week, I’m just going to continue to keep on keepin’ on and managing everything the best I can.


20 Responses

  1. Ugh, sorry for the suckiness. I’m the same way with dating. HATE it. Although I’m doing it right now and it’s not that bad. It’s usually worse in our heads than in reality. Although, as your tale has made clear, not always.
    Have fun with Steph tonight!!!

  2. I had a lot of frustrations around hair yesterday..I got all ready, took the dog for a walk, and when I came home, it looked like I just woke up. FML. Oddly by the end of the day it looked good.

    Have fun getting your cocktails on — it sounds like you need one (or five!)

  3. Sorry you’re having a rough week : ( Good luck on your date tomorrow! It is hard to get back into that mindset, so I try to take the pressure off myself and say it’s just dinner with a friend – be yourself. Because I find my biggest fear is being rejected, and I finally realized I’d rather be rejected for who I really am than someone I pretended to be…at least then I don’t wonder what if.

    You’ll be awesome. Have so much fun!

  4. Sometimes you just need to punch someone in the face. Damn society and its rules.

    Ugh. Feel better?

  5. I’ve done the exact same thing with the pizza places. I hope it works out better for you tonight!

  6. Don’t worry about the date, I’m sure it will be fantastic :)
    I am also a worrier… (thats why my friends call me “whisker”. Random Will Ferrell quote…no?)
    But when I feel myself start to lose it, I try to just sit somewhere quiet, take a deep breath and remind myself that it’s never as bad as i think it’s going to be, worrying about it isn’t going to fix anything and nothing that’s good is ever easy, so the stuff you work at always pays off more. Hope you feel better love xo
    OMG I should totally be a motivational speaker.

  7. Dating is so hard. I have no idea how to do it, and Im not looking forward to it. What I need, is to skip past all the beginning stuff and get to the part where I get to wear yoga pants and never do my hair.
    Your date will go well though – because if all else fails, at least you’re hilarious. And pretty. That helps too.

  8. WOW, you certainly have a lot going on. Sometimes I feel like my life is spinning out of control. I’m with you.

  9. I hate the whole dating scene. I get way nervous before dates for no reason. But then that usually results in me drinking too much, no bueno. I am all for an arranged marriage at this point.

    Too funny about you and Steph going to different locations, better luck tonight :)

  10. Sounds like we’re all on the verge of a meltdown, or suffering post meltdown drama in my case. Dating is hard, that’s why I just stick to the same men (only half kidding). But I think you will have a splendid time on your date if you stick to my rules :)

  11. It sounds like you’re in need of an emergency cocktail. These are important sometimes, and they don’t let you down. Also, stocking the freezer and baking are both perfectly legitimate ways of helping a friend deal with grief- I think you’re doing great!

  12. I’m a worrier too. Especially when it comes to dating. I overthink things and talk myself out of liking the poor guy. I’m the worst. Don’t do what I do!

    Have fun with Steph!

  13. And you know what Satuuurday is!! :) Shit’s ’bout to get reeeall. You’ll have fun tomorrow, I know it!

  14. Awww, you’ll make it. A run and cocktails always help – and trust me, your buddy will be happy to see you, even if that means also seeing your laundry. :)

  15. I’ve been there. We all have.

    But dude. You have a DATE!!!

  16. Hope tomorrow’s better, Amy! Cocktails can work miracles :)

  17. running always makes rough weeks feel more bearable! Plus, the week is more than half over now :) And maybe your date will end up being amazing. Though I’m totally in the same boat as you when it comes to dating – I’m so not a “dater”. Good luck!

  18. Yay for cocktails – AND A DATE! WOohoo!

  19. Oh Amy, I hope you had a good day. I’ve been over anxious about EVERYTHING lately. I am so tired of constantly feeling unsettled. I don’t normally drink and I’ve been enjoying some tasty grown up beverages lately at night to take the edge off. I’m thinking about you my friend. Oh and meals for loved ones in bad times is always a good call…regardless of how boring it may sound.

  20. […] did your comments about how we all have those “crap” days. Thank […]

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