The Kitchen Is Closed

Happy Weekend!

Just a quick check-in before me and one of my besties head out for a day o’ fun involving shopping in the morning and some serious party time in Wrigleyville for the Cards/Cubs series.

A long day fo’ sho. Note to self: brew another pot of coffee as soon as I’m done typing this.

In regards to my last post, yes, you all are right- Stephanie is awesome. I have high hopes to head to Boston sooner than later to kick her butt in some Mario Kart.

That’s right- it’s a Mario Kart challenge and I am not afraid.

And thanks for the date well wishes.

It went well. Even though the actual dinner was a disaster.

This IS me we’re talking about- Murphy’s Law strikes again.

We went to the cutest little tapas place. But because of my super late lunch/job performance review (yeah, wasn’t kidding about being stressed out this week) and because he’s just weird, we weren’t hungry. By the time we were, it was already time for the comedy show at Second City, so we just decided to wait it out.

The show was fantastic. Yet over 3 hours long.


“I could eat now.” Doesn’t matter who said it first. We both felt it.

So I suggested a pub by my place. Kitchen closed.

I suggested a pizza place about a half-mile down the road. Kitchen closed.

I suggested a Mexican spot back in the direction we came from that surely was open because it’s open at 4AM on the weekends.



After walking around my neighborhood for almost an hour, we got desperate.

The liquor store was open. An over-priced six pack and frozen pizza?

Well… that’ll do…

The pizza tasted like cardboard.

At least the beer was pretty good. But he picked that out. So I pretty much failed on that front, too.

But we rolled with the punches. And despite the sad showing of eats, the conversation flowed, a good time was had, and we decided we can actually tolerate each other enough for a second date.

You may not find this that big of a deal, but considering he was the first person I told the whole running-into-the-door story to, and he didn’t go running scared, this is a win.

And considering he laughed uncontrollably first, and then asked if I was ok over an hour later, I decided he may actually be my type.

Sadistic humor is a weird common ground.

But you take what you can get.

13 Responses

  1. Glad you had a good time :) don’t forget our skype toast for megs bday!! Haha

  2. You have the best stories! ha!

  3. i love your life. im glad the date was interesting – if it would’ve been boring there would’ve been no story!

  4. Asking an hour later? That’s something I’d do. Maybe there is guy out there like you who would find that…endearing? There may be hope for me yet.

  5. Yay! I’m glad you had a good time. In my experience, disaster dates (that end well) are actually some of the best.

  6. I think that sounds like a good first date. You’ll always have the memory of shitty pizza…

  7. At least it wasn’t a boring evening. ;)

  8. I love you for feasting on beer and frozen pizza on a first date :)

  9. Sounds like a fun time to me lady. Seriously, rolling with the punches is the name of that game and you guys seemed to have done a great job with it. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  10. Such a cute first date story! The kind you tell your grandkids…hahaha

  11. This could be what turns into the cutest first date story evvverrrr ;)
    Hope it continues to go well. Though I’m not sure I could be so charming without dinner for so long ;) He sounds like a keeper so far!

  12. […] We solved ours with a late night visit to a mexican spot by my place. Funny enough, it was one of the multiple spots I attempted just a few nights before. […]

  13. Glad your date went well! :) You know that you guys can stand each other if you can run around town (on an empty stomach which leads most people to be grumpy) and have fun with each other!

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