100 Words- Lethargic Edition

Energy has been lacking for the last few days.

Not sure why. 

I’ve cancelled the last two days of workouts. And sat on my couch instead.

Or laid on my couch. Either/or.

Friends tried to get me out last night.

I politely said I had plans.

With a couple of Red Box movies. And a bottle of wine.A new wine. Because I was feeling mischievious…And leftovers. Because that was a lie. I was actually feeling quite boring.

Hopefully this lethargic feeling goes away. It’s driving me nuts.

Plus my friend will hate if I cancel our run… again. Ugh.

20 Responses

  1. I haven’t had Middle Sister, but I love the name. Almost as good as Fat Bastard and Cardinal Zin.

  2. Maybe its because this wk has been full of natural disasters as such? I feel the same way though so you’re not the only one. I feel like ick today and would love nothing more than to have a glass of red right now and nap….um, its 9:30am, thats not a good sign right? Maybe I will just psych myself out and think I’m on Italian time since I’ll be going there soon.

  3. I’ve been feeling the exact same way. I was supposed to go to a party last night and opted for pjs, wine, and a movie instead. It was actually quite a perfect evening. I’m thinking it’s this looming hurricane that’s got me homebound, or maybe it’s my body telling me to slow down? Either way I’ll listen to it but only for 1 day longer!

  4. I am so with you on the lethargic feeling. It has hit me like a ton of bricks. I hope you get some rest this weekend and feel refreshed!

  5. Ugh. I have been sitting on the couch for the last two hours, fighting with myself about going for a run…so I know how you feel. Here’s to not feeling like lumps next week!!

  6. Too bad you’re not on the east coast, a hurricane is a tailor-made excuse to sit on your ass doing nothing. I’ve got some books to read and (as long as our electricity hold out) a lot of Friday Night Lights to instant download.

    You can always just use us as an excuse; say you’re stayin in in support of your east coast friends.

  7. I go through that so often. You just need to recharge. Your energy will come back soon!

  8. I’ve been like this all week. Must be some toro’s in the atmosphere!

  9. dude. I feel you. Maybe it’s the whole end of summer blues or something. Wait, I might have just made that up… whatever I’m going with it.

  10. Sometimes we just need time to ourselves with a good (or any!) bottle of wine. It’s good for the soul.

  11. I have been feeling so lethargic today too…maybe it’s the weather? The fact it’s summer? It’s a Sunday? Who knows. I’m going with it though – just trying to relax until Monday’s craziness hits.

    Have a good one Amy!

  12. This is my first time on your blog and oh my goodness – I love it! You are really funny and witty :) And it’s nice to see a fellow chicagoan! haha

  13. I’ve been going through this recently too. Colin actually had to drag me out the door for a run yesterday because I REALLY didn’t want to go.

  14. Hope you got your enery back…I mean nothing says Monday like a lot of energy right? Riiiiight…..

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  16. Hey-
    I meant to comment on an earler post but forgot. If you’re still looking for a gym, I would reconsider Xsport. I’ve been going there for a year and half and love it. I hop around to different locations but I have been to the one that I think you were talking about. They do kind of harass you in the beginning about personal training, but you just have to keep saying you’re not interested and they eventually will leave you alone. For $35/month, you can’t beat the price, especially when you consider it’s open for 24 hours and you have access to everything. If you need a buddy to help fend off the personal-training vultures let me know. haha I live in lakeview. :)

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