Slow Progressions

One of the things my male friend said to me over the weekend was, “it scares me how much energy you have when it comes to staying out late and drinking with friends.”


Well I have this little secret.

I’m not like that all the time.

In all actuality, I’m quite tame. And boring. So what probably happens is that the energy builds up and BAM- dance party until 1:00 in the morning.

On most days, there is a set standard routine in these parts.

Get up way too early. Work. Lunch. More work. Complain about rush hour traffic. Workout. Eat food. Bed.

It’s really quite simple.

Sort of like the majority of my meals throughout the week. After a weekend of eating out, fried food, and over-the-top indulgent activities, it’s sometimes good to remind myself (and my stomach) that I am, in all actuality, one who does eat a healthy, veggie-ridden salad from time to time.Spinach with olives, mushrooms, broccoli, chickpeas, sunflower seeds and feta. Random combination, but do you expect any less from me?

The favorite joke in the office with some of my coworkers is “so Amy, what’s for lunch today?”

Same thing I have every day. Punk. And yes, it fills me up. I also had a big breakfast. Not going to starve. Promise.

The salad yesterday was complimented beforehand with a nice lil’ piece of German chocolate cake I found in the break room. At 9:00 in the morning.

Its a slow progression when it comes to reintroducing the health back into my week.

Same goes for working out. I have plans to run quite a  bit today, so I chose to visit my new gym last night and just go crazy playing on all the equipment. Pretty sure the trainers there now thing I have ADD.

To be fair, it’s possible they’re right. I’ve never been tested. And some think-

…oooohhhhh something shiiiiinnnnyyyyy…..

Sorry. Where was I?

Ah- the workout. 15 on the stairmill. 1.5-mile run and 10 minute walking cooldown right before a solid 22 minutes on the elliptical. Yes, 22. It felt like a good number to end with. Approximately an hour of cardio. I felt the Bud Light (and German chocolate cake- ahem) coming through my pores.

That’s disgusting.

But sorta true at the same time. So I stand by it.

To sum it all up, when I have a weekend that totally throws everything off, I more than welcome my boring cardio and eats. Because the energy is gone, I’m exhausted, and I just need to feel the normalcy set in a bit.

Until Friday rolls around. And then it’s once again time to-

oooohhhhh… something spaaaarrrrrkkklllyyyy…

36 Responses

  1. Haha, I definitely tame most of the time. But workouts have had less and less of a presence in my routine. I’m not sure what to do about it.
    I skipped out on happy hour with the new suitor last night so I’d have energy to get up and workout this a.m. Yeah, didn’t happen.

  2. I can’t even remember the last time I was up until 1am. I may be the most boring person ever. :)

  3. I feel ya. I figure if I load up on mostly healthy things during the week, the weekends don’t do as much damage. There is a salad in my lunch future.

  4. Every now and then I can bust out a super late night but when I do, God help you if you are in contact with me the next day. I don’t think I even formulate actual words, just more make noises and grunt until someone brings me a fountain soda and greasy food.
    I need to start utilizing this stairmill you speak of. I got into it a few times in the summer, but have neglected it since then.

  5. I’m so lame. I think the older I get the lamer I get. It’s pretty sad…..

  6. I miss salads. And I can pull a 5 am night out on special occasions (bach parties, weddings, poconos/beach weekends), or hang till last call (2 in pennsy) a couple times a month but for the most part I like to be in bed as close to midnight as possible. I find nothing wrong with that.

  7. sounds like me in college! I worked hard and played hard! Now I try to do both but at 27…my life has tamed WAY down

  8. Sometimes you just need a salad. End of story. I’m headed back to the gym tonight, busted toe and all!

  9. Hahah i love this post. I am the EXACT same way. Go totally off track on the weekends and then use the week to reintroduce health to my life/body. There are worse things I think! =)

  10. Amy you are teasing us with the mention of the boy..can’t you slip in a picture or a name or something! haha

  11. I think his comment was at least partially meant for me- I am clearly a bad influence. :) Salad on the agenda for lunch for me today, too- I need some greens!

  12. You *are* tame! Good girl!

    I wish I could convince myself to eat more salads.

  13. If I stay up til 1am, I’m usually close to dead the next day. I miss my youth.

  14. I could probably do 1 am nights every now and then, but the problem is that I could never get back to any sort or routine right away. It would take me days…I envy you!

  15. I always think changing it up at the gym means I can last longer. But maybe it is just ADD. :)

  16. Your weekday routine sounds so much like mine. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Nothing wrong with living it up on the weekends, if you so choose. :)

  17. Sounds like my weekday routine. I think we all have similar routines as adults now.

  18. hahaha I wanna have a dance party with you!!! ;)

    I totally have ADD at the gym. Well, not just at the gym. But especially at the gym. haha

  19. detox through exercise. my fav :) i’m definitely a boring person during the week but then go semi (okay maybe very) crazy on the weekends…

  20. Damn, now I want German Chocolate Cake! I’m with you, I have a strict routine, but hold back when I let loose with my friends. I will definitely suffer for a few days after though.

  21. hahahah I usually feel the same after a weekend with my workouts. Nothing a good coconut water can’t fix ;)

    I look forward to your post tomorrow!!!!


  22. balance is certainly the key =] I think you got it just right girlie!

  23. Hahahahaha I used to think I had ADD because I would start a conversation with someone and then I’d see something or someone and completely stop midsentence and not even realize it and run off to what distracted me. I’ve been noticing myself doing it more and more. I’ll literally be like “oh my god so yesterday I was walking and guess — HEYYYY JEN! How are you?” .. it’s a problem.

  24. I felt like that recently…I just wanted something green!! I think it was when we went out for gyros last weekend my hubby was like, “A gyro AND a salad?” Yes, jerk face. I wanted to SHARE a gyro, but since you didn’t, I’m getting both. I plan to eat all of the salad, and well, we’ll see how the gyro goes, but I at least want a few bites…which, he couldn’t share.

  25. I don’t really go out through the week, and I keep my weeday meals pretty healthy. However, I totally live for the weekend. Yup, weekend warrior right here

  26. I am extremely late during the week, too. Last night I went out at 7 (on a school night!) and got back around 10. It was cuh-razy.

  27. There’s a definite grossness/satisfaction factor in play when you actually feel your weekend being sweat out your pours, isn’t there? I’m with you on getting back to basics. I was so happy to eat a boring salad today for lunch. I did totally attack the office candy bowl at 10am today but hey, like you said, slow progressions… :)

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