On The Couch

That’s where I am and where I shall stay. All day.

Last night was rough.

On multiple levels. But I was talking specifically about watching the Mizzou game.

It was ugly. Really ugly.

As in, I should probably continue to hide in shame for the rest of the day.

Not that I am looking for an excuse to stay in all day. I have one.

It’s called dehydration.

But at least I’ve got my ol’ backup plan.

Granola pancakes. BAM.

And coffee. Duh.

Because my ego’s still a bit bruised from the poorly played game last night, I am boycotting football all day and breaking out this new purchase:Best purchase ever. Thank you, Katie, for giving me the heads up on the deal on Amazon after I expressed my undying love for the old MTV show.

It was one of those shows I’d have on in the living room, but as soon as I heard one of my parents coming, I’d switch the station to something else. Pretty sure they knew I was pulling the ol’ switheroo, but whatev- it made me feel scandalous.

It’s also how I watched Dawson’s Creek and South Park.

And kinda like how I broke the parental code on the movie channels. Repetitively.

Soooooo scandalous.

Hi mom.

But anyway, I clearly have no attention span today, so I’m gonna retreat back to the couch now and immerse myself in everything that is 1997.

La la la la laaaaa….

19 Responses

  1. YES! I used to hide in the basement to watch Dawson’s Creek, remote in hand.

    I ran this morning and plan on spending Saturday afternoon just like I spent Friday night: watching Joey and Pacey fall in love. Aww.

  2. Sorry about mizzou : ( I thought of you when I saw the replays. I’m planning on watching games all day, but I def. turned the channel last week after the irish bit it so I completely understand.

    I find it so funny people weren’t allowed to watch dawsons creek! My parents were apparently more liberal than I thought.

  3. I used to hide to watch 90210! I was never told I couldn’t watch it, but I didn’t want to risk it.

  4. Hehe, I had to do that with music! I wasn’t allowed to listen to the Beastie Boys so I’d have to turn the radio off real quick. :)
    Enjoy the couch today. I just spent 2 hours there myself. It was fantastic.

  5. Soooo, any good stories from last night?

  6. I still instinctively want to change the channel when watching something at the parent’s that I think they might not like. Old habits die hard.

  7. I saw you tweet that you got this and decided I really I need to get this set myself. Like, now.

    Also, I was in college for Daria, South Park and Dawson’s…I feel old.

  8. I am so glad to know I wasn’t the only child subjected to parental codes and sneaky channel changing.

  9. I bought that about a month ago. I’m not even half way through. Definitely need to step up my game.

  10. I think we all pulled that smooth move! I’m sure my boys do the same…ugh, being a parent. Sorry about your team. That stinks! The pancakes should improve your day though! Damn those look good!

  11. I ordered it too! I think you’ve got me beat as far as superfan status, but I can catch up!

  12. I never saw Daria! We didn’t have cable but I read about it in magazines and always wanted to see it. Same with Dawson’s Creek (what that on cable too or was I just not home to watch it?).

  13. God, those pancakes look amazing!!

  14. […] last left you deep into the first season of Daria on […]

  15. Those granola pancakes look scrumptious!!! And Daria?! I haven’t thought about that show in ages….classic!!

  16. Hahaha yes! I did the channel switch for the Real World when I was in middle school! Love it :)

  17. Pancakes and Daria? Goodness…that can cure almost anything! I need to get my hands on that DVD ASAP. And the pancakes too!

  18. I won’t rub the Mizzou game in your face because I’m deathly afraid of our game this weekend. I’m already biting my nails.
    I need a day spent only on the couch ASAP. Hope it was amazing!

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