Trickster Cookies

Tonight I’m helping with stuffing packets for the race my friend has spent the last 6 months of her life organizing. There’s going to be a little crowd of us, so Annie made the request for me to bring a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for people to snack on.

Sigh… well I GUESS if you really want me to bake…

Obviously it had to be something cute. Like these cinnamon roll sugar cookies…  Yeah. Aren’t they obnoxiously adorable? They appear to be teeny cinnamon buns.

But I’m still that baker who’s scared of using active yeast in a recipe. So until then, I’ll just “cookie-fy” or “cupcake-ify” anything.

These came from the mind of Picky Palate– as do quite a few of the things I’ve attempted. Never has she disappointed me. And I have high standards when it comes to sugar and butter. So that’s saying something.

Normally, I use my grandma’s recipe for sugar cookies. It’s an oldie but a goodie. However, this time around, I used the posted recipe. Just in case. And I think it worked out well- the cookies are less sweet than most sugar cookies I’ve tried. But because you add a little more sugar and butter through the filling and icing, it balances quite nicely.Did I say a little?

I meant a lot.

Paula Deen’s heart probably stopped for a second as this was happening.

The recipe calls for light brown sugar. I only had dark.*Shoulder shrug*

I was also a little more liberal with the cinnamon. Because I do what I want.

Oh and say hello to my piece-o-crap phone!

Heeeeey phone heeeey!  Ugh. It’s slow. It doesn’t accept all messages. And the roller ball thingie keeps popping out. Just die already!

Woah… random tangent…

Be careful to roll it tight so they won’t fall apart as you cut them….And admire my new nail polish color. That is chipping really badly. Whoops.Slice carefully. The cookies had a tendency to unroll if not handled carefully. I tried to smooth the ends of the cookies as much as possible so they wouldn’t separate mid-bake.

The entire apartment smelled like cinnamon rolls.But they’re not.

I’m such a trickster!The icing wasn’t the cream cheese recipe she posted with the cookie recipe. Because I didn’t have enough cream cheese on hand and was too cheap to buy more. So I went with a good ol’ fashioned mix of butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk to taste.

The roommate gave the thumbs up. Which was good. I mean… I ate a couple. But at that point, I was sporting quite the sugar buzz and most likely would have had a hard time critiquing the final product.

If we’re being honest.

Fine, it was three.

Is it bad this was about a half hour before bed and had no issues falling asleep?

It’s probably time to cut back a little on the sugar consumption.

I’ll write it on my list of things to do. Right under “win the lotto”.

See? Progress!

43 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh…I want those…all of them!!

  2. Those look YUM! Are they soft or hard cookies?

  3. want. In my face.
    PS- your “hey phone heyyy” comment made me laugh so loud someone asked me if I was ok.
    PPS- Is that Sally Hanson Gunmetal, by chance?

  4. Those cookies look awesome! Combining cookies and cinnamon buns is just genius.
    My phone is being a piece of crap too, and I can’t upgrade for another 7 months. Damn phone companies.

  5. Wow Amy those look unbelievable!

  6. oh my goodness, these look spectacular!!! my mom makes the best cinnamon rolls and these are such fun cute versions. i need to give them a try!!

  7. ooo how clever are these!?

  8. I love cinnabons, those cookies look amazing.

  9. If I didn’t have aversions to rolling pins, I’d be all over this..maybe I’ll get past my fear.

    And your frosting is way better than cream cheese..cream cheese is nast!

  10. Oh my gosh those look good. And I cannot bake cookies without trying at at least 3 cookies. (2 cookies in the form of raw dough and one as the finished product) hahaha

  11. Haha, I love that about baking. I feel like I’m on speed after.
    Those are adorable, and I want them.

  12. Picky Palate rocks my world. I love how all her ingredients are usually in my cupboard!
    These are too cute.

  13. I’ve made cookies JUST like these before! Cutest little f-ers.

  14. Those are the cutest stinking cookies I have ever seen. Seriously.

  15. Win the lotto is on my to-do list, too! ALWAYS!!

    These are adorable! I’m sure everyone appreciated them as you guys were helping stuff those race packets! Mark my word, I would never, ever want to organize a race…I recognize how much hard work goes in and I don’t think enough racers appreciate it!

  16. I hate calling things “cute” but, damn, they are superbly cute. Also: can I get your grandma’s sugar cookie recipe? I’m a huge fan of any recipes from grandmas. They tend to be the best!

  17. yes i really do want you to bake. and then send me some. i’m not selfish at all, right? ;)

  18. Gosh those look too good!!! I tried to link your page to a post on my other blog but I don’t know if it worked. If you want to let your readers know, there’s an online deal today for Whole Foods! It made me think of you.

  19. Despite my love of cream cheese icing, I have to admit – you can’t go wrong with butter!

  20. I can practically smell them, I swear.

    As for your fear of yeast, I strongly recommend a bread machine. I found mine at a thrift store for muy cheapo. Just dump everything in, use the dough setting and still bake in the oven. Seriously easiest thing ever.

  21. Love the polish! Tony actually likes it when my black polish starts to chip. He is so classy like that. I’m such a clean girl…I think he thinks it’s hot for me to look a little dirty some times. I love him though.

  22. Those are so adorable!

  23. nom nom nom those look so good. I don’t know why, but cinnamon roll type things intimidate me to bake, but you made it look easy!

  24. HOLY MOLY!!! i want some of those right now!

  25. GAH!!! Now, I just need to find a decent GF sugar cookie recipe and I am in business.

  26. You make the cutest things!!! Those look AMAZING!!!

  27. These are super cute and deceiving – I would never have guessed they were cookies!

  28. […] I should have another cinnamon roll sugar cookie, too. For the energy. Obviously. Advertisement LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

  29. […] I stalked browsed Picky Palate a little longer for a second dessert after picking out the cinnamon roll sugar cookies to make for my friend’s Packet Stuffing Party, I stumbled across Cookies n’ Cream Rice […]

  30. […] least I know the cookies were homemade. The cinnamon roll sugar cookies recipe was broken out […]

  31. […] Also, if you intend to have a male visitor, maybe leave a couple lying around along with the cinnamon roll sugar cookies left over from earlier in the week. It makes you look all domesticated and all […]

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