From What I Can Remember

From what I can remember (because sometimes my mom does have to call or email me to straighten out the story), my family was never big into desserts/food that included marshmallow.

This is one reason why I was devastated to have such a late introduction to all that is marshmallow fluff.

Not the point of my story.

Anyway… there always seemed to be a bag sitting around in the pantry. Lonely. Untouched. Often ignored/forgotten unless there was absolutely nothing else sweet that my brother or I could get our grubby little hands on.

We’d scale the counter and then the cabinets like little monkeys until we could blindly reach on some shelf (that in all reality was probably not that high) until we’d feel the squishy bag of glorified sugar. Victory.

It’s true. Marshmallows were really only sought out in times of desperation. Or for hot chocolate. Duh.

Because we rarely had rice krispie treats. I will say rarely because I don’t honestly remember eating them as a kid except for at classroom parties. Chocolate chip cookies and scotcheroos were more our thing.

So when I stalked browsed Picky Palate a little longer for a second dessert after picking out the cinnamon roll sugar cookies to make for my friend’s Packet Stuffing Party, I stumbled across Cookies n’ Cream Rice Krispie Treats and decided to give them a go.

Five ingredients? Seriously? They look fantastic and easy. Sign me up.

But when it came time to making them, I got stage fright. Frantically, I looked at my roommate and said, “I’ve never done this before, what’s supposed to happen when I put marshmallows in the microwave? How do I know it’s done???”

My roommate- and it should be stated that her baking consists of Break n’ Bake cookies from the grocery store- looked at me like I was crazy.

“You’ve never made rice krispie treats before?”



“Yes. I feel as if I’m going to screw up the easiest dessert known to mankind. What do I dooooo?!?!?!” (insert whiney voice here)

She talked me off the ledge and I read the directions again and gave it a shot. So easy a 6-year-old could do make them. Which is probably why they do. Shame…So I took my crumbled mess of oreos (ahem- Target generic knock-offs), rice krispies (ahem- Trader Joe’s generic brand), and the sticky butter/marshmallow stuff and mixed it all together.

After seperating it into two smaller pans, I stepped back and assessed the situation.Everything really is better with sprinkles.

Oh wait… no, that’s not right…

Everything really is better with sprinkles AND chocolate.Yes.

Yes it is.

No wonder I was never one to request the original rice krispie treat. There wasn’t enough chocolate. That must be it.

Well at least we know how to remedy THAT.Delicious. Light and airy, but still had plenty of crunchy sweetness to satisfy the kid in me.

And let’s face it- the kid IS the head of the household. Always.

Yes, I may  have gone a little overboard with all the goods to take to Annie’s party of five. But people at work enjoyed them. My roommate seems to like me more now. And even that one male friend of mine is getting a few to enjoy.

See? I’m nice to boys on occasion. And yes, I’d like to keep that fact hush-hush.

In other news, and to sort of sum up my baking efforts, it is no surprise that I was very much motivated to run 4 miles on Monday and 4.7 last night. My usual 3 just wasn’t gonna cut it.

It’s all about the balance, folks.

What’s a childhood treat you missed the bandwagon on?

Along with rice krispie treats, we also weren’t big on making s’mores. Seriously- it was the marshmallow thing…

24 Responses

  1. I like normal rice krispe treats, but I never thought of adding something awesome like Oreos to the mix. I need to get on this! You’ve now got my brain running and trying to figure out all the wacky (and not so wacky) stuff I could throw into my next batch.

  2. this is crack. seriously. it’s all about the balance — AGREED!!!

  3. Mmmm. Now I am craving Oreos (or knock offs) at 8am. Awesome!
    I never had scotcheroos as a kid. Never heard of them until I met my husband. So deprived, I tell you!

  4. Try her gooey vanilla smore bars (not sure of the official name) next time you have marshmellows hanging around. oh my yum.

    I don’t remember being deprived of any childhood snacks. I am super intimidated by making treats though,….homemade is so much better, but they always taste better when someone else makes them.

  5. Ya know, I don’t really like rice krispies, but I’d probably try that cookies and cream version.

  6. Hmmm, one thing I always wished my mom would fix was kraft macaroni and hamburger helper. Now I realize she was just making healthier versions of those foods, but that’s what all my friends had when I had dinner at their house and I felt left out. My dad had a sweet tooth though, so no sweets were off limits :)

  7. We never had smores as kids either. I had them for the first time when I was like 13 camping with a friends family. I’m amazed you’d never made rice krispie treats thoigh. That’s amazing.

  8. I could really eat an entire batch of those right now! They look SO good! :D

  9. we never had anything fun. No soda or sugary cereal. We did always have a box of TastyKakes locked up in a pantry for our lunches but I’m sure you can guess who sniffed out those keys and had a binge-tacular time with that discovery.

  10. I think we ‘talked’ about this before…but I never made rice krispies until a few months ago…I probably won’t make them again…I just don’t *love* them.

    I do however love marshmallows and have microwaved them when I’ve made impromptu smores ;)

  11. Since I don’t eat marshmallows I have never had one of these…talk about missing out. But truthfully, unless a dessert has chocolate in it I don’t really care to try it. I’m sure I’ve been missing some amazing things all my life!

  12. i guess i missed out on fluff too. but mostly in pb and fluff sandwiches, nothing dessert related.

  13. I have had rice crispies like once in my life – something about them just doesn’t appeal to me; however, when I saw your pictures, I almost started drooling! lol It seems that even a baking-challenged person like myself could make this! haha

    Great job on going above and beyond the 3 miles you had originally wanted to do! :)

  14. That surprises me that you had never made them before..I make them all the time..but I think it is because they are almost 99.9% impossible to screw up!

  15. I really ate anything with sugar in it as a kid, I wasn’t picky. Now, my desserts usually require chocolate. Ahhh, how my palette has become so refined. I do love a good rice krispie treat in my life. And no s’mores!? Awful! (PS, the idea of you OR your brother scaling the countertops is hilarious- weren’t both of you over 5 ft by the time you were 7??)

  16. OMG, you weren’t big on s’mores?! Those were a MUST at every camping trip, summer holiday, and family party when I was a kid.
    But fluff was another story – I never even had the stuff until college!

  17. Well I ate rice krispie squares a lot but never ones with OREO’s mixed in! Those look divine!!

    I am thinking about having a rice krispie cake at our wedding since we’re going to do a dessert table :-)

  18. I could never get into Rice Krispie treats either. I’ve always loved s’mores though!

  19. I suppose it’s ok to be nice to some boys ;)
    Ithink I’m obsessed with the addition of Oreos to these bad boys !

  20. If there are any of these left, let me know and I’d be happy to take them off your hands! I wasn’t deprived any sugary goodness growing up but I’m a subpar baker so I’ve never tried making rice krispie treats myself. I just may have to risk burning down by condo and try these though.

  21. Oreos and rice Kripies are my favorite cookies/desserts. Will you marry me?

  22. oh wow! These look intense to say the least!

  23. […] in regards to yesterday’s post, my mom did confirm it- I was just not a big marshmallow fan back in the […]

  24. you need to try peanut butter rice crispy treats! you add pb to the normal mix and then add an entire layer of chocolate on top (not a drizzle a LAYER)…MMMM so good!

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