Weekend of the Sweet Tooth


Football really let me down this weekend. Looks like I’ll be sending Kacy some loot for Oklahoma’s win against Mizzou.

Meh. But for the record, since we were up against the 1st ranked team, we held our own for a good portion of the game. Whatev.

And I didn’t get to see one minute of the Bears game due to delays at the airport and the stupid tiny bars not playing it.

At least the Cards didn’t let me down…We’re one behind Atlanta for the wild card spot. Don’t let me down, boys!

I went to the game and dinner with my whole fam to celebrate my mom and dad’s 33rd wedding anniversary.

Even if he’s about a foot taller than me and we’re completely different complexions, it looks like my lil’ bro and I have the same crooked smile. And mannerisms.

Turns out we may actually be related afterall…Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

We had a casual dinner in downtown St. Louis together the night before the game.You can take the girl out of Chicago… but not the Chicago out of the girl. Love my Goose Island beer…

The beer was a nice change-up from the two chocolate martinis I consumed upon arriving in St. Louis. My male friend picked me up and took me straight to a Chocolate Bar before taking me to the hotel to meet up with my parents.

Clearly he knows me well.And because I was flying, it was a little impossible for me to bake for my parents. However, my mom loves baking, too, and made sure to have a little chocolate cake ready for us at the hotel after dinner.


Seems to be a full weekend of excess, if we’re being honest. Saturday was spent at a bar watching Mizzou try their hardest, and Sunday was spent at Crown Candy Kitchen. My male friend took me there, again, because he knows all too well about the sweet tooth I have.If that’s not pure bliss, I don’t know what is.

He sat back and watched my attempts to devour this monster sundae that was topped with candied pecans, caramel, hot fudge and whipped cream.

I tried oh so hard.Even with his help, I failed.


But man… that ice cream was goooooooood.

And I shall think about it tonight as I get back on the treadmill for the first time since last week. There was a serious urge to go last night after my flight came in, but after various airport delays (seriously- this ALWAYS happens to me), all that happened after I got back home was collapsing on my couch and catching up with dvr.

Priorities, you know.

23 Responses

  1. Oh see, now I want ice cream for breakfast. That sundae sounds good.

  2. haha “male friend”
    Glad you had a great trip! I also collapsed on my couch last night after finally returning home, but I didn’t even put a dent in my DVR.

  3. That’s right! Goose Island FTW!

    Sorry that Mizzou lost but looks like you had a blast at the Cards game. Too bad neither of our teams are doing well right now. Though, one team is doing better than the other. :)

  4. Hahaha I totally have weekends like this!!! And I totally had a raging “snack-tooth” this weekend. I could not stop snacking!

  5. You guys had me quite worried there for a bit. I was afraid we just weren’t going to show up.
    I cheered on the Bears yesterday though. Sigh…
    Can’t wait for my surprise!

  6. Your love of sweets is equal to my love of salty snacks. Together, we can conquer the junkfood world. Glad you had a fun weekend, sorry about the airport delays.

  7. That’s a lot of chocolate for one weekend! I’m pretty jealous. There wasn’t nearly enough of it in mine. Glad you had fun with the family!

  8. Matilda and Sophie are my favorite Goose Island girls! Going home for me is always a bit on the gluttonous side. What can I say? My parents show their love with food. Yesssss…go Cards! I’m hoping they lock in the wild card…As long as they keep winning and the Braves keep losing. *Fingers crossed!*

  9. I’m sort of rooting for your Cards to get in over the Braves. The Braves annoy me for obvious reasons.

    Glad you had such an awesome weekend with the fam and the man friend!

  10. What a great weekend!
    Oh, and I could totally kill that sundae. Just sayin.

  11. You really do have terrible luck with airport delays! A weather thing maybe?

    How cute is your little brother? Mine is a foot taller than me too. It cracks me up that he’s 7 years younger and looks the same age as me!

  12. You didn’t miss much (re: the Bears game.) Believe me :(

  13. Dang Bears! The airport bars in FL were showing FL game and so I didn’t get to watch it either.

    That ice cream looks amazing!

  14. Too bad about those Bears… :(

  15. What is up with you and airport delays? You need to fly by private jet from now on. We can make this happen right?

  16. Sounds like you had a tasty weekend! Dang that ice cream looks so good and shame on you for letting it defeat you! Have a great week Amy!

  17. So true. You look exactly the same but nothing alike. Cute. Congrats to your mom and dad. I always wonder what life is like with married parents :)

  18. Looks like a funnnnn and yummy weekend. God it feels good to indulge, huh?

  19. That sundae sounds really amazing, as does the Chocolate Bar. Sometimes a weekend of excess is totally necessary. Sounds like a blast, even with the losses.

  20. I believe you meant the Packer game, not the Bears game, since the Bears clearly weren’t playing. From your perspective, I’d say you didn’t miss much.

    Also, try harder next time. :D

  21. You and your brother look totally alike. I love it!

  22. That cake and that ice cream both look incredible. Worth every calorie ;)

  23. […] helped last night. After an indulgent weekend, the 4 miles seemed like a good way to rebound back into healthier ways. Even if there are meetings […]

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