100 Words Saturday- Cards Win Edition


The Cards are moving on to the NLCS!

I went to a friend’s house to watch last night. They had no toilet paper. Clearly it was an all boy household.

TP arrived at some point in the night. Whew!

But that’s trivial. Because CARDS WIN!

Anyway, I kept it chill because college football is taking over my afternoon.

That and I’ve got a 6-mile run planned with my friend beforehand.

So I’m awake and psyching myself up.


Coffee and catching up on Jersey Shore.Oh Snooki, you need to get it together.

Vince thinks so, too.

Later, ya’ll!

7 Responses

  1. : ( I suppose I need your address….

    Hats off to the cards for playing fundamentally sound baseball this series. This is why they don’t play the game on paper!

  2. How dare you.

    Or congrats,whatever… but if you can spare some of that TP I might need it to dry my tears.

  3. Dude what is the deal with snookie?! She’s been out of control. Like even for snookie.

  4. […] Since we last talked, the high I was riding on wore down significantly. […]

  5. I hope Snookie got you fired up for your run. That’s a long one!

  6. I’m now 2 episodes behind in jersey shore!!! I need to catch up and watch the mess that is snooki. Oh, and shhh don’t my bf but I was sorta kinda happy when the Phillies got out…too much baseball!! But congrats on your team winning ;p

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