Sweet Surprise

You hear about it pretty much every week. Tuesdays just send me into a “blah” state of mind. Maybe one day I’ll do a rap about this state of mind like Jay Z.

But that would require me to actually be good with words. And this here blog and my random musings are a far cry from anything remotely genius (call it like I see it).

Anyway, until I figure out how to keep the “blah” from happening, there are ways to remedy the sitch. Or at least make it seem a little better. Almost like another version of my Overhaul Days.

Or, in this case, maybe the exact opposite of it?

Sometimes you just do what you’ve gotta do. Holla’.

Anyway, I love getting stuff in the mail. Especially when it comes in boxes from fellow bloggers- because you know it’s gonna be good.

And Leanne over at Skinny Architect did not disappoint.Not one bit. She actually impressed me and could possibly be the cause of a sudden onset of diabetes.

We were partnered up in the latest installment of the Blogger Sweet Swap and she chose to make “Lazy Man Cookies” and “Lazy Lady Cookies”. She said she experimented a little with the original recipe to get the “Lady” version. Makes sense- us ladies are always unpredictable and never follow the rules. Am I right or am I right???

But back to the cookies- or heaven in a pan as I like to refer to them. Whichev. It’s like she knew what all my favorite things were and dumped them in a pan before baking them to perfection.Yeah- listen to how happy I am. It’s probably the sweetened condensed milk. That stuff makes me do crazy things.

Thank you, Leanna, you helped to make my Tuesday that much more bearable. ;)

And now, the question of the day because I feel like it:

What’s the best thing you’ve gotten in the mail recently?

I’ll tell you one thing I received that does NOT fit in that category. A red light violation ticket that showed up in the mailbox this week.

I plead the fifth.

24 Responses

  1. Ugh, those redlight assholes are the WORST.

  2. So sad I missed this installment of the sweet swap – next time I’m in for sure! Those look delicious!
    My bff just received a ticket in the mail, too, from when she came to visit me………. :(

  3. Drooling. I want to go look for milk right now. Sweet, literally, idea. And they were made with love. Amazing.

    My mom sent candy corn, I was over the friggin moon!

  4. Those look insane! I want one. :)

  5. Hmm, I got a save the date for my best friends wedding yesterday. I guess that’s the most exciting thing.

  6. Mmmmm yummmmmm….I haven’t got my treats yet …boo =( Hoping to get them soon…never too late for some sugah!

  7. Save the dates and wedding cards- not as exciting as baked goods! :)

  8. one-two-three-for-FIFTH!!! (random Chappelle show reference.)
    Those cookies look freaking phenomenal. I haven’t gotten my package yet, but I’m assuming once I do it will CERTAINLY be better than the stack of junk mail that came yesterday.

  9. Um, I think my favorite mail item has yet to come. Can’t wait!
    I think you’d make a great rapper. Git it.

  10. oh my god those look amazing! you’re “listen to how happy I am. It’s probably the sweetened condensed milk. That stuff makes me do crazy things.” made me think of How I Met Your Mother’s Ted saying “I think frosting makes me lie” (which is also my new excuse for everything)!! LOL! Happy Wednesday!!

  11. Yum, those bars look damn good. My roommate made friendship bread last night, which left us with THREE loaves. We both took one to work. That was just a dangerous situation sitting there waiting to be consumed. I’m expecting a book in the mail soon- I will be very happy when it arrives as it is for bookclub and book club is in 2 weeks.

  12. You and my husband are having a rough week when it comes to traffic violations. That sucks, I’m sorry. For you anyway. My husband is another story.

  13. Those looks amazing!!!! YUM! How you feel about Tuesday is how I feel about Wednesdays!!!

  14. Dang those sound amazing! I got my Fitness Nutrition Certfication books in the mail yesterday! I’m so excited to start studying!

  15. Thanks for the love! I’m so glad you liked them, and yes, they will most certainly cause an onset of diabetes! :-)

  16. Woah those look SO good!!! I wouldn’t mind getting a package of THOSE in the mail!

  17. Oh goodness I should not have looked at those while hungry…I’m almost slobbering all over myself hah! ;)

  18. ugh chicago and its stupid stupid red light cameras..i’ve gotten two of those. so annoying.
    I think it’s so funny that you hate tuesdays because you don’t hear that very often. That’s how I feel about Mondays…blah..

    Those cookies look absolutely delicious!

  19. I long for the days where there were no red light cameras. However, if I look good in the picture, I am a little more lenient with cursing them out because of my speeding habits.

    Those cookies look delicious and I doubt they would last a day in my house. I have a package waiting for me at home (my mom called me to let me know) and I have no clue who the person is who sent it to me so naturally I think its anthraz.

  20. Last I saw your Cards were up…did they win!?

    That dessert does look diabetes-inducing..but worth the sacrifice, as well!

    You and Mon are so funny. This Tuesday did certainly blow, though…that I can definitely agree with.

  21. this tuesday was the worstttttttt for me. because i had monday off!! tuesday felt like it was 84984 hours long.

    that dessert looks AMAZING! i think my swapper forgot about me!

  22. this looks SO delicious…i just made peanut butter s’mores bars last night, similar, but way different!


  23. […] with a cookie from the sweet swap at the end is also good […]

  24. […] received these cookies through Sweet Swap Round 2 from the Skinny Architect and could not stop talking about how good they […]

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