Victory is mine!

Hey, remember that time the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series?

That was pretty neat. We can talk about it again if you’d like…?

No? Well… ok… But can we at least talk about the bet I won with Kace when they played the Phillies for the NLCS title? Because my winnings came in the mail yesterday:

Cue the angels singing and a spotlight coming down from the heavens.

Please understand- I’ve heard ramblings of the amazing Tastykake from some of the east coast girls for QUITE some time now. So when I had a chance to try some out? Count me IN.

My head was buzzing with excitement. Or from inhaling the smell of sugary goodness. Either/or.I shared with my friend at work (I’m SO nice) and we both dug into the Peanut Buttery Kandy Kakes first (we each had our own package- none of that splitting business). Because great minds think alike. And peanut butter and chocolate rock.The “cake” part was spongy and light and the thin layer of peanut butter on top confirmed what I already knew in my heart…

… I’d almost consider moving to Philly. Just for these babies.Good thing I can order them online and don’t have to. Whew…

Now the question is how long will they last? I offered to take some with me to St. Louis next week for the man friend. This will hopefully keep me from face planting in the tin they came in.

He gets me a massage… I bring him a tastykake. That’s fair, right?

If you say “no”, that just means you’ve never had a tastykake before.

Either way- a big thanks goes out to Kace. And the St. Louis Cardinals for winning. But mostly Kace. :)

Must be a week of new things (heeeeyyyy really awkward transition!). Or sorta new. Or “I haven’t done this in over a year” new.

I’m talking about yoga, people.

Yes, I dusted off the good ol’ Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown dvd (literally- it was  in the back of my media table that my dusting routine never reaches). After the same mix of cardio and weights for quite some time, it seemed appropriate to throw something new into the mix.

Plus I was sore from also breaking out Jillian’s Shred workout earlier in the week and running/ellipticalling sounded a little daunting.

My thighs are now burning thanks to both The Shred and Meltdown. It’s also embarrassing how few chatarunga push ups actually happened.

To be honest, even when doing the yoga dvd regularly (once or twice a week), I couldn’t do those stupid push ups.  Sooooo weak…

So that’s that- my meager attempt to make a few changes. Because I’m a big subscriber to the idea that “you can’t expect change when you’re not changing anything”. And let’s face it. I was in a rut. All cardio and the only action my weights were getting was when I was stubbing my toe on them as I walked by. Not cool.

So let’s do this, shall we? Happy Thursday!

32 Responses

  1. I have never been to Philly, but those cakes alone make me want to pay a visit!
    I tried Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown yesterday for the first time. It kicked my ass. I had a hard time going up the stairs and almost considered the elevator haha

  2. These remind me of those oreo cakesters at the grocery store. Only better. And less…um…oreo-y?

  3. I want a tastykake! I did the shred again today. I’m trying to change things up. My body was just feeling too draggy for my liking. I need to try that yoga video! I hope you have a great day Amy!

  4. My parents used to buy a box of the pb chocolate tastykakes for our lunches, but literally had to lock them up in a cupboard because we would scarf them.
    Welcome to the beginning of my journey into binge eating…

    Seriously though, they are freaking awesome. As is Kace.

  5. Tastycake! They don’t sell that up in Boston, so when I used to visit my parents, I would go to the convenience store and stock up on the pies and peanut butter crimpets. (sp?) I felt so unhealthy. Like the store clerks would judge. But still, I wanted to sneak in a box of arugula or something to my order so it looked less sugary ;)

  6. Oh those chocolate cupcakes are amazing. I suggest you eat one, now. I just drooled thinking about the cream filling.

  7. Nice! I just remembered I never posted about MY WINNINGS. Probably because I ate everything in 5.2 seconds.
    I gotta get on that!

  8. Yah, those pushups are just mean. I’ve never been able to properly do them. I usually just whine a lot when the dvd gets to that part. :)

    I can’t decide if I’ve heard of tastykakes before. You make them sound pretty amazing though. Now I want one.

  9. I dont know what it is about yoga that I just cannot get into. I think it might be my lack of patience and my drive it always be on autopilot..I am always go go go.

    Never heard of tastykakes but a friend of mine just moved to philly so i’ll be sure to tell her to send me a present with tastykakes lol

  10. Those are my favorite! We truly are spoiled here in Philly. :)

  11. YUM! Those remind me of moonpies….i loved those when I was a kid!!

  12. Surely you won’t eat all of those. You can send me the butterscotch one. Really. I won’t mind.

  13. My friend from work is always raving about Tasty Cakes – she says they’re so much better than Little Debbie. Guess I’m gonna have to do a taste test now!

  14. I want a BIG bite. Those look so tasty. Who’s the big winner, Mikey? (I hope you get that Swingers reference:)

    Jillian does yoga eh? I figure it’s be, SWEAT STRETCH UNTIL IT FALLS off. But she does know what she’s doing:)

  15. I realize I was not involved at all with this bet but I think you should share your winnings with a fellow Chicago Cardinals fan. Ahem, me. ;)

    Actually, no – you should share them with the man friend because I’m still highly impressed by the fact that he bought you a massage. So sweet.

    As for Jillian, parts of my body that I didn’t even realize could ache are currently screaming from the Shred. I’ve never tried her yoga workout but will keep it in mind for future torture sessions/workouts.

  16. Happy Thursday to you too! I haven’t tried those. Are they kind of like Little Debby snacks? I’m a huge Swiss Cake Roll fan.

  17. I’m hitting the yoga circuit tonight too–it’s been so long, I’m kind of scared. And I forgot about those damn pushups- argghhh!

  18. I have never done the yoga meltdown DVD actually! I really should try it!

  19. a TIN of tastycakes? omg. when we lived in Massachusetts and would drive down to SC, we’d always buy a TON …i think it was somewhere in virginia that we found them.

  20. LOVE me some Jillian. She’s the best when you are trying to change things up!

  21. Yum, those Tastycakes are awesome and now I have a serious craving. I think you can get something similar around here…but then again, what do I know? ;)

  22. those tastycakes look deeeelish! i woulda grabbed the pb kind first too, no question :).

  23. I can’t do a single push up. It’s sad really, just how little upper body strength I have. And even Jillian couldn’t help me with that…although I am inspired to dust my Yoga Meltdown DVD off now.

  24. Those look AWESOME!

    As you know, I love Jillians DVDs

    Oh, also, I was totally in your city for a layover on Tuesday! haha

  25. You were going to get them win or lose. Everyone deserves to try a tastykake in their lives, and I figured they’d be a nice consolation prize for you.

    OK good – they lived up to the hype!!! The kandy kakes are classic, but krimpets jussst edge them out in my book. Sometimes the kandies are good chilled, just saying. It gives the chocolate a nice crunch.

    I think there is a recipe for a kandy kake type bar somewhere on the internets…google it.

    But in terms of ordering online? Kind of a rip off. Seriously. A lot of times there are boxes of 6 packs 2 for $4. So 12 packages for $4 bucks. Plus a much wider selection to try…imjussayin. Let me know when you need a fix and we’ll work some sort of exchange out!

  26. I wanna get back into jillian tooo! haha! that was my attempt at a whine. i think its time for 30 day shred and i to reunite.

    cause it feels so good

    jk it hurts like a biiiiotch!

  27. Hahah love this throwback! My biology teacher used to talk about tasty cakes all of the time… he finally shared with the rest of the class at the end of the school year :)

  28. ooo kandy kakes. how i could i forget!! peanut butter + choc = always a win.

    why do you think they used ks?

  29. Thank God for Kace and Philly for it’s lack of follow through and Tastekakes! I’m in Pittsburgh and may have to grab a box to take home with me since they are gods gift to my mouth and all :)

  30. I was just debating Tasty Kakes vs Little Debbie with someone the other day!! I can’t believe anyone could think Little Debbie could come close to the deliciousness of Tasty Kakes but I guess to each their own? The peanut butter ones were always my fave. enjoy!

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  32. […] finally, a site for sore eyes: TASTYCAKE. Amy B posted about these treats earlier in the week, and reminded me just how much these things rock. For some […]

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