Manna Giveaway!

Thank you for all the congrats on finishing the 15k this weekend! You guys are the bestest of the bestest!

And because you are the bestest of the bestest and I just really like you guys in general, why not have a sweet giveaway?

Do you all remember when I got this in the mail from Manna Organics?

Four whole loves of the good stuff. ;)

I started out by trying the sunseed and the sourdough and just recently took down the whole wheat sprouted bread that was chillin’ in the freezer.It was my breakfast all last week.

The thing I really like about the sprouted bread is that it’s so soft and cake-like. It’s addicting stuff. This is a warning.

And it also goes extremely well with coffee. Which, with me, is a non-negotiable in the morning. Obviously.

Three loaves down. Only one more in my possession. Sadness.

But lucky for you, the folks at Manna Organics contacted me once again and thought it’d be fun to do a giveaway!

I agreed. Because free food is always a good thing.

So, if you want to receive the same package of goods I did, you have three different ways to enter:

1. Tell me something new you tried this weekend.
2. Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment saying you did.
3. Go on facebook and “like” Manna Organics. Then comment and let me know you did.

You’ve got until I pick a winner next Monday morning. Aaaaannnnndddd GO!

PS- This giveaway is only open to US Residents. My apologies go out to our friendly neighbors to the north.

Oh and look at the flowers Miss Annie got for me last Tuesday– they’ve bloomed like craaaaazy!She had called after seeing my first picture and was rather upset with how they looked. I assured her the directions in the box said they’d start blooming in the first 24 hours of being in water, and they weren’t kidding!

Happy Monday!

49 Responses

  1. The flowers turned out beautifully!

    This weekend I ran 16 miles and tried fueling with egg and cheese on an English muffin for the first time. And….the last time. Let’s just say I’m REALLY glad there was a port-a-let on the route I was running.

  2. I tried kickboxing for the first time this weekend! Loved it:)

  3. Something new I tried this weekend? I went to a bridal store for the first time ever. And reconfirmed why I never, ever frequent those types of places. Blech.

  4. Something new I tried this weekend was getting up before 11am on Sunday and who knew how much better all that extra time is! I probably won’t ever do it again, but still, pretty sweet…

  5. Flowers look gorgeousss, and congrats on your PR saturday!

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous… And congrats on your race! I tried pinkberry peppermint frozen yogurt… Amazing.

  7. I tried a new brand of yogurt at my parents house! (Still wasn’t as good as my LOVE For Chobani!)

  8. I tried vegetarian “beef”

  9. Late congrats on your 15K! You rock!
    Something new I tried this weekend? Does a beer tower count? I also had a turkey burger that had mango and peach chutney in the patty. It wasn’t great.

  10. I love your blog!
    This weekend I tried a muscle pump class, REALLY fun, and killer.

  11. Hmm something new… I browsed the Under Armour website without buying anything for the first time? LOL I didn’t do much this weekend. ;)

  12. I did not try anything new. I laid around and ate and watched terrible movies. But I would like to have the free goods anyway, cool?

  13. Thanks for the warning – I’m sure that bread wouldn’t last long at my house!

    I tried wine with football this weekend (as opposed to beer). It actually went very well.

  14. Those flowers look beautiful- I’m just catching up on your race post- nicely done!

  15. Congratulations to you and your friend on your race, great time!!

  16. I tried a new beer this weekend – Pyramid’s fall seasonal. It’s a red and it was great!

    Congrats on your 15K!

  17. Tried a new Chicago restaurant – Pizza DOC.

  18. I tried a few new ciders this weekend. And the best carrot cake.

  19. Congrats on your 15K! Go girl!

    I tried and succeeded at buying skis. My very own skis!

    Oh, you meant food. Well, I tried a bahn mi from Whole Foods (YUM) and wheat bran for breakfast (eh, kind of mushy). Does that count? I want to win bread!!!

  20. This weekend I tried picking a paint color on a whim.

    epic fail =) but hey at least i have color on my walls? haha

  21. I like manna organics on facebook! <3

  22. I tried a new restaurant – and it sucked!! So i need some good bread to make up for it :)

  23. This weekend my neighbor brought me a piece of apple cake. It was such a nice gesture and delicious too!

  24. I tried a beer called Irish Death. It was stout and strong, and delicious!

  25. While it was not this week I did try Macro Bars recently. They are these organic/vegan food bars that are quite yum. I am not vegan but these bars are del

  26. I like them on FB!

  27. Something new I tried this wknd…..hmmmm… a hippie my phone number. I love the hippies but have never proactively agreed to giving one my info and continuing the flirtation. It was nice.

    That counts right?

    If not, OH……Fried Pickle Spears. They were frickin nasty.

  28. I tried mochi ice cream!

  29. I keep wanting to say manana. Still so proud of your race, looked like a blast.

  30. I agree with Nicole, I keep wanting to say manana as well haha
    I tried pumpkin ice cream this weekend, oh yum :) With chocolate sprinkles!

  31. tweeted:

  32. FB fan / like Manna Organics. My FB profile:

  33. I concocted a recipe for pumpkin martinis. Vedy vedy good.

  34. I tried a new running route and ran to Jersey from Philly! Bridge running is fun! (and so bread!)

  35. Oooh, you know how much I love mah bread! Ok, so I didn’t really try anything NEW this weekend, but I did have Irish nachos. And they were glorious.

  36. And I tweeted.

    Excuse me.

  37. I facebook-liked Manna Organics.
    I will tweet as soon as I finish this post (comin’ @ ya)
    New this weekend? I tried the spicy curry noodles at the Chinese restaurant near my grandma. Delicious and fabulous. And I tried an amazing new bar in NYC called Summit – well, I tried the drinks there and not the bar itself but I think you know what I mean… :)

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  39. i tried yuengling light beer!!! delish!
    thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway. xo

  40. Something new I tried lately was Turkey Meatlof Muffins. Yeah they sound gross but they are pretty good. They were basically like Turkey meatballs in a muffin pan. Healthy too :) I’d love to win your giveaway!

  41. I just tried Zevia. I like that it’s natural.

  42. I tried a NYC bagel for the first time this weekend. It was KILLER and has ruined regular bagels forever.

  43. I tried PB2 and it was gross.

  44. this weekend i had a soccer tourney! it was awesome!
    and i tried floor hockey for the first time this week in gym class!

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