The Darkness

I wish I were talking about the band and one of their fun-loving lil’ diddies…

Sadly, I’m still all weirded out by the time change. And now I’m also having flashbacks to freshman year of college…

Anyway, it’s that time of the year where the only sunlight I get to see is on the weekends or during lunch. Dark when I leave the house in the morning. Dark when I leave work in the evening.


I should probably start googling alternative sources of Vitamin D. Because this is unacceptable.

And on top of the whole unintentionally becoming a vampire thing, the body is still resisting change to when it’s time to eat and how energetic the workouts have been.

Last night’s trip to the ol’ gym consisted of shuffling feet the entire journey there. A pouty, but quick shuffle- it WAS raining after all.

35 minutes on the elliptical. Those precious minutes WOULD have been spent on the treadmill. However, it seems even the most dedicated of the outside runners have retreated inside for the winter and there was not one treadmill open.

This is going to be an issue, folks. Last night it was fine because I’m still relaxing from a run-heavy weekend. But one of these days I’m not gonna want to play nice.

Time to start dropping elbows.

I’m kidding. Sort of.

Maybe kickboxing classes should be looked into as a way to channel the negative energy. We’ll mull this over during dinner.I’ve been obsessed with sweet potatoes as of late. On her last visit, my mom brought a whole bag of MASSIVE ones from the garden. They needed to be eaten eventually. Plus, they grow in darkness. Which seems to be the theme I’m channeling today.

They were roasted with BBQ rub and chili powder (like cajun fries?) and are a fabulous way to carb load.

For what, you may ask? Well- I’m trying to sneak in that deep tissue massage my man friend got me for finishing the 15k this weekend. And my muscles are going to need that extra endurance. It’s gonna hurt. Hopefully it’ll hurt so good. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it will hurt.


I guess it’s time to go now and kick this Tuesday in the buttocks.

Wow, more violence. Sounds like I’ll be a mean vampire this winter.

Watch your necks, ya’ll.

26 Responses

  1. Good luck chick! I felt like yesterday was my “Tuesday” but I’m ready to attack this day with more positive energy! Maybe the sun will come out this week? Sometime? :)

  2. I am sure you might have addressed this but with all the drama in my own life I may have missed it…but are you and the man friend maybe more that just friends?

    Or maybe you haven’t addressed it and I am just being a nosey rosey. That, in all honesty, is probably much more likely. :)

  3. I always forget how painful massages can be until I get one. I hope yours is enjoyable though!
    Definitely hating the time change. It makes me want to go to bed at 6 p.m. Ugh.

  4. I feel you girl. I am seriously going to be an angry person for the next week until my body adjusts. I was falling out during my Eagles game last night (which we won’t discuss any more) and it was only like 9:30.
    And I love kickboxing. It is an awesome workout and more importantly, it keeps me a sane person. Plus I feel like a total bad ass when I walk out.
    My advice: buy your own gloves. The ones they give you are funk & stanky.

  5. I just bought a huge bottle of Vitamin D. And I’m not happy about it. Or the fact that we will essentially be living in the dark for the next couple months. Blah. Carb loading is required just to survive winter in Chicago, so I commend you for proactively increasing your intake. Besides, sweet potatoes are amazing. I prefer them in fry form, but baked is acceptable, too.

  6. I used to hate the people that used to just show up at the gym when the weather was bad. They got in the way, and I was there every day. That should give me priority. Just wait until New Years. That’s when you’ll have to start throwing things.

  7. Urgh, I hate when there’s no treadmills available at the gym! Thankfully that doesn’t happen often at the time I head there, but still…it’s like WHAT DO I DO NOW?! :-P

  8. Seriously, yeah our gym is INSANE after New Years and it lasts for a few months. Insane as in – line out the door of the women’s locker room of women waiting for lockers, people fighting over treadmills, 50 people crammed in a studio for classes meant for 25. Madhouse. I can’t wait…

  9. My Monday was sucktastic so I’m thinking my Tuesday will be okay.

    I see that boy has elevated status to “my man”…nice!

  10. I’m actually ok with the time change right now, because the sun is actually up when I wake up. Sure driving home in the dark sucks, but it’s so much easier to get out of bed.

  11. I hear ya on the time doesn’t help that the past two days have been like the dark hole here in chicago..I’m so over the gloomy weather..bring on the sun! haha

    I hope your Tuesday goes better than last Tuesday…

    Good news is that you may get some Vitamin should be a sunny weekend :)

  12. That is my go-to karaoke song. I once got so into it when we were playing SingStar, that I whipped off my shirt and ran around the room in my bra.

    I’ve missed your blog; glad to be back.

  13. I remember that song! I don’t think it’s a good song, but I still really like it, especially when I’m singing it… alone… in my car.

    I hate the darkness though. Coming home to a dark house after work is dreadful.

  14. I hear ya, now that I’m working outside of the house, I feel like I don’t get much time in the land of the living! I’m wondering if the tanning bed once a week would be a dose of vitamin D? Those sweet potatoes sound perfect. I need to try that rub on them!

  15. The time change sucks, except for the part where my alarm didn’t go off but I still woke up in time because my body thought it was an hour later. Like you, I am completely addicted to sweet potatoes right now. Yum!

  16. NICE! I want to run a race just to get a massage. I’m gunna give the hubs a heads up, ’cause he’s not as smart as yo man. Lucky gal.

    I didn’t think I could get any whiter, but I just may. But I wrestle with the love for sun during my morning or evening commute, and I think I ultimately do prefer longer daylight in the evenings. Fabulous seeing as that’s no longer a possibility. I feel ya..

  17. I love me a massage! I don’t get deep tissue though- last time the therapist damaged a nerve in my back (near my shoulder blade) and it was numb for 8 months. I go to a soft touch therapist now.

  18. i used to rock out to that song. ahhh. ugh, i really neeeeed a massage. bad!

  19. gah, I hate that it’s only 6 p.m. and totally dark out. It makes me want to go to sleep and/or hibernate. I’m also obsessed with sweet potatoes! SO delicious and easy to make.

  20. You should work in education. I took my kids outside for their snack today and gave them extra recess – twice. (two sets of kids). I need the daylight more than they do, I think. Plus it was 68* and I wasnt wasting it.

    If you can, sneak outside at your lunch and walk around the block or something. I heard just 10 minutes of daylights can help with SAD (which I totally have).

  21. not only do i hate this darkness – i hate my paleness. its a lose lose situation for me.

  22. Oh Lordy… The Darkness, Penguin. Really? That brings me back to driving around with the boys from St. E on a weekend night and singing at the top of my lungs. If I remember correctly Sarah had quite the rendition.

  23. Um, thank you for getting that song stuck in my head through the end of time.

    But seriously. I love that song ;)

  24. I can totally relate:) You are in the same situation as I am, it gets dark SO early. Nothing is worse than when someone hogs all the treadmill when you’re ready to run. blerg! Glad you are sticking to your guns and yams, er potatoes. I think sweet potato is essential for fall, mmm.

  25. I’ve also been having a recent obsession with sweet potatoes! so good!!

  26. The dark is getting to me too. It really bums me out to leave and return in the dark. Sigh.

    We grew sweet potatoes last year! It looks like your mom’s turned out a lot better than ours :)

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