Inside My Head

Hey kids.

I really don’t have much to say today. Why, you ask?

Well. I’ve been doing a lot of the same thing over and over. It doesn’t provide much good material.

Nothing new to notate in the workout department. Still sneaking in a little weights or yoga here and there in with my cardio obsession to mix it up. Big whoop.

Nothing new to notate in the kitchen area. Eating leftovers and trying not to buy anything before going out-of-town for the weekend. Bit whoop.

So maybe I can just fill your head with random useless knowledge?

I mean… more random and useless knowledge than usual?  (Let’s be honest.)

Ok, so here it goes…

1. I had a dream about Ryan Gosling the other night. It was really strange to me, even in the dream, however I did not ask him to leave. ;) RG used to really creep me out. But it wasn’t his fault. I had a super creepy neighbor that looked like him. Very similar in both the face and the torso region. I know this because I don’t think the kid owned a shirt. Or at least he didn’t when he casually “stopped by”. This behavior really was only welcomed for about 2 weeks. Then it got weird. Plus it got cold. Which made it even more weird than before.

Moral of the story? Bad associations are not fair to anyone. Sorry Ryan. I’m willing to give you a second chance now. Give me a call so we can hash this whole thing out. Thanks.

Another moral of the story?  Lock your doors.

2. I will make one mention of the workout session last night. And that mention is out of frustration. I mean- is it necessary to have three treadmills out of commission because you’re cleaning them during the PEAK of the crowded time at the gym? Really? Why not do such things at, I dunno, 9 or 10 in the morning when half the crowd is there? It’s common sense, people. Common sense.

Oh and then I ran 4.2 miles. But we’re not talking about that. Remember?

3. I’m tired of the Bieber baby drama. And wish they’d stop referring to it as a “love child”. Clearly love was not even a factor in the situation.

And am I out of line when I say I kind of hope the baby really is his?

Yeah. You heard me.

4. Christmas is coming and I’m SO not ready. For that and the holidays in general. Walking through Target this week gave me anxiety. And when someone mentioned Thanksgiving being only two weeks away, my heart stopped for a second or two. My only goal this year is to not be THAT person buying gifts the day or two before Christmas over my lunch with the rest of the masses. Not like that’s ever happened before…

5. More leftover sweet potatoes were consumed last night. And as I ate in total contentment, I wondered if my overconsumption would eventually lead to an orangish glow in skin color?  I heard that happens when too many carrots are consumed. Is this the case? Or a myth? Too lazy to google…

It’s almost welcomed- I’m going to a wedding over the weekend and the extra glow may be nice.

So there you have it. A peek into this mind of madness.

Scary, right?

PS- You still have oodles of time (yes, oodles) to enter my Manna Organics Giveaway! So… like… you know… do it!

So here’s the million dollar question of the day: What celebrity totally creeps you out? Let’s discuss.

38 Responses

  1. I never had feelings about Ryan Gosling until I found out he had a band, and it’s really good. Check out Dead Man’s Bones. Anyways, after that just thinking about him gets me all hot and bothered.
    SO NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS! I don’t even really know who I need to buy gifts for so I can’t even plan it. And the man friend’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. AAhhhgh.

  2. Ryan Gosling is hot. If anyone ruined him for me I’d be pissed.

    Also, this Justin Bieber baby thing annoys me. This woman has just gone and accused herself of statutory rape has she not? Why is no one talking about that?

  3. I never liked RG until I saw him in Blue Valentine- which is super weird bc he plays kind of a loser creeper in that movie. But he sang (like Kacy said) and that did it for me.
    But I am 100% creeped out by Shia Lebouf. He is like a man child. Don’t like it at all.

  4. This is the sole reason I haven’t yet blogged today. Not sure what would end up coming out.

  5. haha speaking of dreams, I had a dream two nights ago that the Cubs won the world series. Wrigley was CRAAAAZY. Hopefully that will actually happen for real in my lifetime. I loved Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. So yummy!

  6. I think the one “celebrity” that we should all be creeped out by is child bride Courtney Stodden. And I love that even though her husband is clearly a sicko for being a 51-year-old and marrying a 16-year-old, SHE’S still the one that comes out looking creepy!

    I had a dream last night that I was in a tornado. I felt pretty bad ass.

  7. I’m with ya on RG…he is rather creepy.

    Derek Hough (Is he a celebrity?) gives me the willies. He looks like a little girly boy and lately he’s sportin’ facial hair. Eww. Just eww.

  8. Funny how Ryan Gosling doesn’t do it for me either. In “The Notebook” I was totally rooting for James Marsden (sp?). He is way hotter and not creepy at all.

    Yes…lock your doors!!

  9. Can we talk about Nicolas Cage? That is one creep-tastic man and terrible actor.

  10. I’m with you. Ryan Gosling is not cute. At all.
    And Chloe Sevigny totally creeps me out……..totally.

  11. So glad Ryan was able to make up for his prior creepiness to you, Amy ;) Also, he and Rachel McAdams need to get back together, stat.

  12. i am so annoyed about the beiber baby drama..seriously can we move on to bigger things in this world than him? I am sick of hearing it.

    Just for shits and giggles I kind of also hope it’s his…break the hearts of million 9 year old girls…lol

    I also dont get the whole RG craze..he is not attractive to me whatsoever..

  13. I’m sick of the Bieber baby drama, too. His voice is…creepy.

    And treadmills should take about 30 seconds to clean, no reason for them to be out of commision!

  14. I too cannot hear anymore about the Bieber drama – I can’t stand period anyway – but I might be alone on that one! :)

  15. Funny you should mention that. Tony watch a Jennifer Connelly moving last night and I didn’t realize how much she annoyed me until he mentioned she was in the movie. She has no facial expressions. Yeah, I don’t think he’s looks at her face. Yes, sweet potatoes will give you a nice orange glow if you eat too much. I got that way with pumpkin a few years ago. The bottoms of my feet and the palm of my hands turned orange. YIKES! Eat with caution! That means enjoy it! When it’s good who cares if it gives you a little funky glow. Just don’t turn in to an Oompa loompa!

  16. Haha, you are cracking me up! I dreamt about RG last week, BACK off. I totally want the Biebs to really have to think about singing “Baby, Baby” more often, mwhaha. And she’s not even a cute tween, geeze.

    Yes, to all you gym workers reading this – we know you’re out there — put down that squirt bottle during prime time.

    You’re one day closer to Friday sister!

  17. Ohhhhhh, creepy Ryan Gosling lookalike neighbor? I kinda want to hear more. Well I did until the whole no shirt thing (totally awkward with the cold Chicago weather, I seriously think some people are raised in a barn)

    I hope the Biebs is the baby daddy. solely for the reason that he does a remake of Diana Ross’ song “Lovechild”

    And dont even get me started on Xmas. I usually finish shopping in the summertime and havent even bought anything this year. I think I may play the whole I was unemployed for six months card and keep it on the cheap.

  18. People that resemble serial killers creep me out. Saw some guy the other day that looked like John Wayne Gacy. No joke.


  20. LOL! I totally cracked up when you said you kind of hope it was Bieber’s baby, because I kind of do too. These people seriously must not do the same thing everyday. What a life.

    Thanks for reminding me about Christmas. My goal is to get my shopping done by the end of November. Care to place a wager of that happening? I made a list at least.

  21. Hey Amy!! May be a dumb question, but is there a way I can get your blog added to my google reader?

  22. Wow I just learned of JB’s pregnancy through this post… guess I’ve been living under a rock lately!

  23. I kind of hope it’s Bieber’s too. That kid should get some good payout that way, right? Anyway – Eminem creeps me the heck out. He’s so angry. If I saw him on the street, I think it’d be one of those, “look down. look down. don’t look at him or he’ll shoot me.” kind of things.

  24. Who needs self-tanner when you’ve got sweet potatoes?! Way to be healthy and economical. As for Bieber…I suppose crazier shit has happened. But just the thought of him having sex with anyone gives me the creeps. I have not problems with Ryan Gosling, but if Bieber showed up in one of my dreams I definitely ask him to leave.

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