Pasta Party

That is what is happening in my house every day this week.

Because I made the super awesome braided calzone on Friday night and gave them a place to crash over the weekend, Hannah and her man made dinner on Saturday night. Homemade baked mac and cheese and hot wings.

Clearly they know how to please.

However, there may have been someone who got a little overexcited in how much macaroni to use/make.

So this happened:Yes. I took this picture last night. After three of us dined on it Saturday. After the roommate and I ate from it on Sunday. And after the roomie and I both packed some for lunch yesterday.

As a firm believer of “waste not, want not” and “I’m too cheap/poor to throw this away and feel ok with it”, I’m working really hard to incorporate it into my meals until this massive pan of mac and cheese is done-zo.

Quite a feat considering I do not cook pasta overly often.

Not sure what the reasoning is. I think it’s a completely unconscious thing. Since my days often tend to be front-loaded with carb-heavy breakfasts (oatmeal/toast/pancakes), I often opt to keep the carbs to a minimum the rest of the day and focus more on protein.

It’s just how I roll.

So, since pasta isn’t the typical breakfast food, it just doesn’t make as many appearances into my routine unless I’m doing some heavy race training or am in serious need for comfort food.

Even then, my comfort foods tend to be more along the lines of soup/chili and ice cream/cookies. If we’re being honest.

Anyhoo, my attempts to dress it up into something different are feeble at best:But at least I’m throwing some green in there. That’s gotta count for something.

The roomie loves mac and cheese. And makes it no less than 2-3 times a week. So hopefully, between the two of us, this shiz will be taken down before Thanksgiving rolls around.

And hopefully neither of us turn into an actual noodle.

So uh… well… anyone have any breakfast mac and cheese suggestions? (ew)

29 Responses

  1. I hate when I make too much food, especially when it’s something I know I shouldn’t eat more than twice in a row. Plus serving sizes are a joke in our house, so the less I make the better for everyone.
    A lot of times I’ll cut the recipe in half, but you could probably freeze your leftovers!

  2. I’d be eating mac and cheese for breakfast. I’m weird that way though and sometimes I really like leftovers for breakfast.
    You could always freeze some too. It would be super convenient to have when you’re in a rush or something.

  3. I could eat mac and cheese every day and not get sick of it. Ugh, and homemade at that! Google Mac and cheese breakfast pie you’ll find an egg creation that actually looks good – I think anyway ;)

  4. DUDE! Why was I not invited to this pasta party?

    When I was in elementary school, I literally ate Kraft mac n cheese every day. Super healthy I know. I don’t know how I’m not neon orange.

  5. Yum, that looks awesome. Also, broccoli is a pretty solid side in this instance, I think- it looks like a good pairing to me!

  6. Freeze that up. It’ll be like your very own “Amy’s” frozen dinner. Literally. Only probably healthier than what you’d get from the other Amy.

  7. Your roomie sounds awesome. She eats mac and cheese 2-3 times a week!!! I’m jealous :)

  8. You can send me some. I’ll eat it. I need to try the whole make your own macaroni bake thing.

  9. I admit that I really love mac n cheese cold. Straight out of the fridge when it’s all clumped together. Nothing better I tell ya.

  10. I’d totally destroy some mac-n’cheese. I guess you could mix sausage or bacon into it for breakfast? Unless you don’t like either of those things.

  11. omg that looks delicous. also, maybe with eggs and some spinach it could be somewhat breakfasty? Sometimes I think leftovers are even better than the just cooked mac and cheese.

  12. I guess put it with ketchup? lol, Maybe a lil McMacuffin?

    Homemade pasta is the best, hard to do, but that’s what makes it so good.

  13. I would eat that for breakfast. Would you believe that I actually ate mac and cheese more than once when I was in Mexico over the weekend? It’s an obsession, I tell you.

  14. Not for breakfast, but I love my mac-n-cheese with some tuna mixed in. It’s delish!

  15. I could probably eat the rest of that mac by myself. For breakfast. My love runs that deep. Too bad I’m not there to assist!

  16. Omg that looks SO good Amy. I seriously LOVE mac and cheese!

  17. I always make too much pasta as well. I currently have half a pan of spinach & pumpkin mac & cheese in my freezer that I can’t face. Don’t get me wrong, I love mac and cheese. Just not for every meal for seven days straight. Luckily you have a mac & cheese loving roommate to help you out! Normally the boyfriend bats clean-up for me but my mac & cheese has spinach (read: something green in it) so he won’t touch it.

  18. I love broccoli with mac and cheese. The best.

  19. Next time I’d put it in two pans and put one in the freezer. Of course you probably won’t want it for a long, long time.

  20. I am with you on the not so much pasta person. I rarely eat it (unless I am carb loading) but a good mac & cheese here and there is ALWAYS a delicious idea lol

  21. Fold that stuff into some eggs, boom, mac & cheese omelet.

  22. Oooh, you could also fry over hard/pan scramble two eggs with some sausage or ham, then dump it on top of a portion of the mac & cheese.

  23. I could do mac’n’ cheese for breakfast and I’ will proudly admit it here!

  24. Try to stop me from eating that for breakfast.

  25. That is a lot of mac and cheese…good lord!!! I am impressed that you aren’t tossing it..that is love.

  26. A tray full of pasta? What could be better? And throwing some green in there is admirable in the face of so much cheese.

    I hope your Thanksgiving involves even more fantastic macaraoni. Have a great one Amy!

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  28. Mmmmm… pastaaaaa. Oddly enough, mac n’ cheese is the only pasta I don’t like as a leftover. The cheese gets all balled up… maybe that’s just because I only make blue-box mac.

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