Land of Leftovers

So this week’s Terrible Tuesday wasn’t really that awful.

I believe this is 100% due to the fact that it was treated like a Thursday of sorts.

Oh… and there was food.Lots and lots of food.

This year our company decided to do a lil’ Thanksgiving Potluck in the office. It involved Jaime and I making a list of a well-balanced Thanksgiving meal and everyone signing up for “the easiest thing I can pick up from the grocery store across the street”.

And you can feel free to laugh at the “make due” tupperware dish in the corner. More dishes that looked like this showed up after the picture. Working with all guys leads to such things as “well I brought three [literal] cans of corn, I’m just going to leave them here and you can figure out what to do with them.”

Ok then. Does someone have a can opener?

Had all the guys gotten their way, the potluck would most likely have consisted of wine and cheese and crackers. Which is not bad for a cocktail party. But a Thanksgiving lunch at noon in our conference room? Eh.

At least I know the cookies were homemade. The cinnamon roll sugar cookies recipe was broken out again.

Which also means I suffered from sugar overdose earlier in the week.

It always happens that way. Le sigh.

I saved back some of those cookies to also send home with my dinner dates for the evening:Angie and Mon!

Being as how they’ve been so good to me and seem to sort of enjoy my company from time to time, we decided to throw ourselves a little “Friendsgiving”. But at a restaurant. Mostly because we don’t have time to cook a full meal on a random Tuesday. But also because Mon doesn’t like turkey.

I called her unamerican and weird.

But since I’ll get my fill of turkey over the holiday season, I was quite content to meet up at Stonewood Ale House and order myself a fabulous meal of baked french onion soup.Just this.

Ok, this and beer.

After a full day of eating and making multiple trips to the break room to snack on the leftovers, something simple and small was needed.

I don’t make a habit of dining out midweek, especially when I’m still trying to kill the last of all that mac and cheese (Ps- thanks for all the suggestions of what to do with it!), but every once in a while? The good company and conversation is much appreciated!

With that I should probably go. Time to fill up on coffee and scavage for more pot luck leftovers in the breakroom…

Seriously. I’m living in the land of leftovers.

What more do you expect during the holidays?

Safe travels!

18 Responses

  1. I love a work Thanksgiving! And that soup looks delicious. I’m living in a bizarre land of leftovers after my party this weekend- JW told me he literally brought stuffing, a tortilla, and cheese to work for lunch. I was sort of horrified. Haha.

  2. I had soup for dinner last night too- baked potato at red robin. It was rainy and cold and it just felt so right! And men are hopeless; I guarantee 75% of the guys I know would do the exact same thing.

    Have a great thanksgiving!

  3. I love French onion soup. I really need to make a huge pot of it this weekend so I can have it every day for a week. Bonus, I’ll totally smell like onions and people will avoid me. Sweet, sweet solitude!

  4. God Mon….use some powder on le forehead once in a while. Gebus.

  5. I love that someone just brought cans of corn. That is exactly why we could never do a potluck at my work. I’m the only girl – it wouldn’t end well. :)

  6. We used to do company potlucks at my old job and it was the only things I liked about that gig. The new job bans any kind of social interaction during lunch like a buncha Nazis.
    I need to try some French Onion soup. I haven’t had it since I was a kid and decided I hated it.

  7. Only thing*. Singular.
    That is all.

  8. We’ve had leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s this past Sunday and now we’re headed to Jay’s parents for Thanksgiving tomorrow which, I’m sure, will result in even more leftovers. Good think I like turkey….. :)

  9. Men are hopeless. And I LOVE french onion soup. Gimme.

  10. That’s the bummer when you don’t host T-day is that you get screwed out of leftovers. Last year we went to our friends’ place and they had 6 pies for 6 people and the host was freaking out when his gf almost gave us a whole pie to take home..haha

  11. I love potlucks! When people actually cook stuff. LOL. It sounds like your coworkers are funny :)

  12. Can of corn…HAHA. At least he brought 3 of them?

    We’re doing Thanksgiving pot-luck style at home this year. My brother signed up for mashed potatoes. I fully expect that they will come from a box of flakes.

  13. I adore potlucks. Mr Potluck knew what he was doing. It’s great to see what people bring in and make for their traditional dishes. I would be lingering around the dessert table, no doubt!

    happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Thats a nice spread you all had-I’m a bit jealous! I hope my new office does something around Xmas time so I guess I’ll just wait and see. It’s been forever and a day since I’ve had french onion soup and think that will change soon.

  15. I love french onion soup. One of my faves. But it has to have the bread and melted cheese. Otherwise it’s just wrong.

  16. Holy crap, that really was a spread in your breakroom! Do I see a chafing dish back there?

  17. I love that food table! I am hoping my work looks similar to this tomorrow! haha

    Who doesn’t like turkey? That just baffles me haha..what’s a thanksgiving without turkey?? lol

    Have an awesome thanksgiving my dear :)

  18. I’m jealous! We don’t do anything at my work. Happy Thanksgiving!

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