Full House Flashback

Something amazing happened the other day, my friends.

The roomie had a lil’ spark of motivation and decided to try out the whole early morning gym routine with me this week. What? You really are asking to get up super early to trudge to the gym with me to work out when sleeping in is one of your favorite things?

You got it, dude!(Source)

I was happy to have someone around once again to make me that much more accountable for waking up and going.

However, we both pouted on the way home when the smell of the bakery up the street reached our nostrils. Do they really have to go and start baking doughnuts right after my 50 minutes of cardio?

How rude.(Source)

Especially when everything I’ve been eating as of late is horrifically unoriginal.Oh hey there book that really wasn’t that interesting and baked mac and cheese from a couple of weeks ago! On the advice of many of you, instead of overdosing on it last week (I was very close to literally turning into a noodle), the remainders were frozen. But since I’m not feeling overly creative in the kitchen, and quite lazy if we’re going to be honest about it, it’s getting broken out earlier than anticipated.

Although I did bother to turn on the oven and roast those vegetables. So that’s something.

That’s also the reason I’ll publicly apologize to my coworkers for warming up the brussels sprouts in the break room yesterday. Sorry dudes. I know they smell weird.

I’ll cut it out…(Source)

Anyway, somehow we’ve managed to make it through the week (almost). After having a really short week, there was concern this week would drag.

Oh wait, it did. But no more than usual.

Friday is so close I can almost smell it. Or is that sweet smell of doughnuts again from my early morning walk home from the gym?

Have mercy…(Source)

Oh and some peeps were asking about our little stuffed giraffe under the tree:That would be Adler. He came to us on the day it was over 100 degrees outside, our power went off, our food all went bad due to said power outage, my birthday plans were then up in the air, our basement flooded due to ridiculous rain, and the roomie was having a less than desirable day at work. As I was picking up a massive cooler at Target to salvage what food was left, Adler caught my eye. He’s now a part of the family. Along with the Woolly Mammoth, “Woolly” (duh).

And now that we’ve adequately explained yet another “crazy” about me, let us carry on with out day…


29 Responses

  1. I heart you so much right now for this montage of amazingness that is Full House quotes.
    That is all.

  2. I give you all the credit in the world for doing morning workouts. I sleep in as late as I possibly can.

  3. I love the Full House references. That show is a classic, and kids these days are stuck watching complete crap.

  4. How long did you google for the Full House pics? I love Uncle Jesse, I wish he would sing me lulabyes for bedtime.

  5. I loved Full House. So cheesy, but such a classic.

  6. I don’t think I fully realized until now how much the Olsen twins looked like a troll doll when they were little. Just needed to get that off my chest.

  7. I would need someone to hold me accountable for morning workouts. Don’t think I’d ever do them by myself!
    Uncle Jesse was always my fav. I used to think he was such a “bad boy”!!

  8. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one plagues by Dinkel’s in the morning. I’m proud of you for sticking to it!

  9. Love your friends under the tree. At the least it’s something to talk about yes?

    And thank you thank you thank you for the Full House post. I was at Costco yesterday and saw the Forever stamps and started singing Uncle Jesse’s “Forever” but the Ali Baba version not the ballad version.

  10. Is it wrong that I would have went straight for the donuts and nixed the workout? Oh yeah,, I’m that girl :) Just kidding….but I still would have stopped after the workout.

  11. Adler is SO CUTE! And that is soooo something my best friend and I would do.
    I used to workout in the mornings buuuut somewhere along the last year or so I got super lazy and now getting up before 9AM is way way too early…

  12. This week didn’t drag for me either. It didn’t fly by, or even float along swimingly, but it wasn’t as bad as expected. Woohoo! Now if only today would quit feeling like Friday, I’d be on a roll.

  13. Love the “Full House” flashback. It was pretty much one of the staples of childhood – as frightening as that may be. Congrats on not only sticking with your morning workouts but also inspiring your roomie to join you. Impressive!

  14. Oh my gosh, this post made my day.

    At my old job, a coworker and I would start rants with, “Politeness week is OVER!” which is definitely stolen from Full House, though not really a catch phrase. ;)

  15. Is Full House back on TBS in the early mornings or something? It used to be…then it was Saved by the Bell (still awesome)…and then Home Improvement (na step down, but still enjoyable.) Now I’m getting to the gym around 7 these days, so I’m not up to speed on my TBS early shows!

  16. Haha, gah I miss that show! And I so wish I had someone to drag me to the gym in the mornings.
    My last roommate and I used to have a big ass giraffe in our apartment as well. He was lovely.

  17. Holy crap I just about had coffee coming through my nose after reading about reheating brussels sprouts…gosh they smell bad, but they’re so good. It’s a bummer to smell the bakery after working out like that. Did you do something wrong…is karma coming to get you or is your will power just being grossly underestimated?

  18. Ahahaahhaa omg. FULL HOUSE

  19. So it’s not a good book? Sometimes these super sarcastic little collections are far too indulgent for my taste. Good to know I shouldn’t waste my time!

    And the smell of donuts…it’s my favorite smell in the world.

  20. “Oh wait, it did. But no more than usual.”

    Bahahaha! I love it.

  21. This is fantastic. Thank you for it.

  22. Thank you for bringing Full House back..I miss that show. I used to watch every episode and recite the words with my sister..yes, we were that cool haha

    Isn’t it funny how gross brussell sprouts smell but how yummy they really are? I think people tend to pre-judge them by their smell not realizing their potential..

  23. No Kimmie Gibler!!!

  24. Shut up!! I am laughing so so hard. This brought back so many memories. OMG this is amazing, Amy! Seriously, made my day.

  25. Well this post certainly brightened my day :) So many memories are surging back right now!

  26. Hahaha what a perfectly timed post… I’m going to a “90’s” themed party tonight! I’m totally going to wear my TMNT shirt tonight. I’m pretty excited, and this post totally got me in the mood ;)

  27. My daughter and I always watched Full House. She even had Full House shoes!!!

  28. […] friend Annie texted to let me know she was the girl with the stinky lunch yesterday and it made her think of […]

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