Steps Toward A Better Mood


I’m done whining now.

Tuesday’s over and you guys can come out of your hiding spots.

I swear it’s safe.

I’m even in a sort of good mood. Believe it.

Must be because I actually had a productive workout last night. One where I didn’t feel like jumping off the elliptical mid-workout to run home to dive under the covers. And that’s a win. 25 minutes on the elliptical and 25 on on the stairs before retiring back home for some Jillian Yoga Meltdown.

You know I’m not very loving when it comes to yoga, but it’s all for the sake of switching it up a little or adding something new here and there. Especially since my core is often ignored on the regular. Even if I did only 2 of the 3 circuits because I was pressed for time, it was something new and appreciated.

My mood also lifted a bit when I trucked it with the roomie to go pick up our participation packs for the debauchery long-awaited Twelve Bars of Christmas (TBOX) pub crawl we’re participating in.Really, it’s just another excuse for us to dress silly and run amuck in Wrigleyville with all the other hooligans. Much like we did for Halloween and every other Wrigleyville Block Party. What can I say? It’s all in the spirit of the Holidays…

Oh… and I grocery shopped. It’s possible that part of my mini depression was due to lack of cereal and peanut butter.

Don’t discount the theory. I’m gonna look into it. Most likely by eating ample amounts of both. I’ll let you know what happens. Other than the enlargement of my backside, anyway.

Until then, I shall continue on my path of semi-clean eating with a random version of a veggie wrap:I say “semi-clean” because it seems pretzels were my crutch for getting through the entire afternoon.

But looking past that, this asparagus and mushroom wrap with mozzarella was quite filling. The tortilla was massive- I know it had a lot to do with that. Because let’s not lie- asparagus goes right through you and straight to work on making your pee weird.

There’s no way to sugar coat such things. You know it. I know it. We’ll acknowledge it and move on, shall we?

To sum it up, yesterday I worked hard on not letting winter blues set in by doing the following:

1. Changed workout routine. My abs/core were clearly getting ignored. And a  happy tummy makes for a happy Amy.
2. Drinking in the cold in the name of Christmas. I’m a giver. And giving makes me happy.
3. Shopping. Even if it’s food, it’s credit card cardio and it counts. Being poorer does not make me happy, but a stocked refrigerator does.
4. Eating healthy things that make your pee weird. Veggie detox? All in the name of a healthy holiday season. Happy happy, freakin’ happy.

That sounds about right.


36 Responses

  1. “credit card cardio” – LOVE it! :)

  2. I have been a total ab-hater lately too. I’m trying to do at least a one-minute plank every day and push ups every other day just until it become a routine and I don’t have to think about it.
    Then I’ll have super sexy Jennifer Aniston arms and the world will be a better place…

  3. I love asparagus, but that aspect of it is totally weird. Oh well! I’m going to start ab destruction soon, too. :)

  4. Abs are something I always manage to squeeze in at least twice a week, although not like you can tell. You should try the pyramid push up crap I’m always talking about. Works your core and arms without you even realizing it.

  5. I did TBOX last year. Get ready for a shit show! You better dress up ridic and post a lot of pics of it :)

  6. I’m sad I’m missing TBOX. Oh well- there’s always room for that kind of debauchery next year!

  7. Ohhh TBOX. I did that a couple years in a row and had SO MUCH FUN. Pace yourself though, if it’s your first one. You’d be surprised how drunk you can get by noon :)

  8. Wow – it’s so warm and GROSS here…I thought it would be getting old, but hearing you talk about the cold there makes me grateful for the damp nastyness.
    Also, I am now addicted to Jillian. It’s kind of your fault – in a good way.

  9. I had a decent workout at lunch yesterday that lifted my mood for a sec, then I was a bitch again, and still am. But I still like you, so there’s that.
    Huzzah asparagus pee! Makes bathroom breaks more interesting, yes?

  10. Wrigleyville is going to be ridic!! Cannot wait to hear how you do.

    I am glad Amy is in a better mood:) And you killed it at your workout session, a trifecta.

    keep up this awesomeness, A!

  11. Christmas pub crawl?! I like the sounds of that!

  12. Ummmm . . . Im pretty sure we changed moods. I was actually considering doing some jumping jacks beside my desk to perk myself up a bit. You know, so I dont accidentally start yelling at customers or something. :)

  13. Your winter plans are spot on. I sorely miss the drinking aspect — it’s one of the best parts of the season ;)

  14. Credit card cardio…yes please to that :) That pub crawl sounds fantastic! That would sure brighten my mood

  15. Veggie wrap = perfect fuel for credit card cardio! Bonus that it makes your pee weird! That’s just entertainment!

  16. Ahh I am so glad you decided to do TBOX!! It’s going to be SO much fun..minus the 30 degree weather but hopefully we wont notice it too much since we’ll be drinking by 9 haha.

    Is this your first one?

  17. The gym and Jillian then grocery shopping? What time do you go to bed? Or am I just old?

  18. BAHAHAHAHA! I hate the asparagus pee. But I LOVE the asparagus.

  19. Drinking in the name of cold. AMEN.

  20. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never partaken in the glory that is TBOX – I’ve only heard stories. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time! As for drinking in the cold, I’m not there yet.

  21. Food shopping totally made me happy today and that rarely happens. Maybe it was the fact that Christmas carols were playing as I purchased my sushi? Anyway, I relate!

  22. Yayyy tbox! I will for sure be attending

  23. I’ve been a total GYM hater. Seriously, i need motivation!!

  24. Sounds like you’re taking steps in the right direction :) I’m experimenting the winter blues, too, except mine are more of the winter pissed-ff-at-the-world’s. either way.

  25. Love the shroomie wrap! Anytime I think of asparagus, I think of you. Is that weird? If so, sorry but it’s true! I bought a month long membership to a yoga place here and am a little afraid to do it. Its been really long since I’ve done yoga and so used to cardio and weights that I gear I will be completely ungraceful. Wait, that will happen on its own.

    Have fun on the bar crawl, I love the name of it!

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