Portion Control

It’s something I think 95% of us have issues with from time to time.

And I salute the other 5% of you.

Because if something is that good, rarely do I ever want to stop.

You can never have too much of a good thing… right?Yeah you can.

Like on Saturday. Miller Lite is a good thing.

12 hours of bar hopping where it’s the sponsor of the pub crawl?

Not a good thing.

It’s safe to assume it was part of the reason I spent most of my Sunday being lazy and not moving from my couch.However, I did move a few times.

Not only to start up the crock pot, but also to grab one or two of these cookies from the mind of Cookies and Cups (Yes, I am introducing yet another baking blog and you’re going to like it).

Several trips to crab cookies, actually.

This chubby hubby cookie bar recipe has been on the top of my “to make” list since… I dunno… forever. So when it came time for the latest of the Blogger Sweet Swaps, I was already prepared.

Too prepared. I made a double batch. Just in case. Ya know?

But to answer the question in your head- yes, I always have a massive jar of pretzels around. $4. Target. BAM.

This was unneccessary. A recipe and a half would have been fine. Or even just a normal-sized recipe. I could have easily just had one or two and sent the rest on.

Nope. I said “let’s double this shiz”.Little did I realize this would require me to unwrap a bag and a half of Reese’s mini peanut butter cups. Next time I’ll think to get the regular-sized ones. Less work…

Oh crap. I just remembered I still have that other half of a bag in the pantry. Um…


Sure, my work friends were happy. As was my roommate.  Hopefully my Sweet Swap partner, Jessica, is, too.  The sweet/salty combo is fantastic. Adding pretzels or some sort of “crunch” should now be a standard for any baking venture I have. And the caramel- oh my geez.

It’s like a puddle of caramel, people. A big and amazing puddle.

If you’re scared of knives like I am, you can also bribe your roommate to cut the squares for you. Or at least still be in the same room in case you lose a limb in the process.These cookie bars are now in the top 5 favorites of things I’ve ever baked. It’s a bold statement, but is very true. Mostly because I’m a sucker for anything cookie-based. I’m a girl of simple taste when it comes to sweets. Boys take note.But my poor stomach. It couldn’t keep up with my sweet tooth. As much as it wanted to. Because these are hefty cookies, my friends (cut them small- trust me). And after the 10th or 12th one?


Portion control.

I need a better grasp on what this concept is.

I also need to realize there is no real reason to ever double a recipe of anything.

Lesson of the day…

37 Responses

  1. If it makes you feel better,
    I ingested close to 3500 calories yesterday (VERY ROUGH ESTIMATE) :'(.
    It’s finals time at Boston College and OY VEY. portion control went out the door yesterday .

  2. My teeth hurt just from looking at those. But I don’t mind.

  3. My favorite part about this post is that it’s called Portion Control and the first picture is a bowl with 4 sticks of butter. hahahaha

  4. Ummmmm…. I’m going to need like a dozen of those in my face immediately.

  5. I am going to wear out my oven. This looks amazing. Salty and sweet. Seriously, I want to fly over to visit and steal these. MMM. Great pics!! Now I must go find some chocolate to pacify me.

  6. Yuuuuum- I can’t get enough sweet & salty. I’ll have to add these to my “to bake” list as well!

  7. Um. OMG. I need to make those cookies. Holy crap.

  8. Oh my. Those look amazing. Pretty sure portion control doesn’t apply when it comes to these things.

  9. Those look awesome. I love the salty sweet combo so much!

  10. Damn those look awesome!

    With sweets I can definitely over do it and then I feel sick…but of course I do it again so I never really learn…it’s just so good when eating it though!

  11. Oh my gosh..those look dangerous!!! So good!

  12. I’m so terrible at portion control. Especially at night. And when someone brings in a tray of cookies and sets them on my desk. A-hole.

  13. You can send me these and I can test out my portion control. Really I make a great guinea pig.

  14. I have ZERO control when it comes to cookie dough. I just can’t help myself! I’d rather eat the dough than the cookie…..

  15. What is the strange concept of portion control you reference? I have no idea what that is. Clearly. I tend to just eat until I feel sick and then hate myself a little. That’s not how everyone does it?! ;)

  16. Give me now!!! I would have no control with that around me. At all.

  17. Oh man those look heavenly. Who could possible even think of portion control with those bad boys in front of you? You obviously had to make two batches… quality control:)

  18. Why was I not there when those came out of the oven? That was very poor planning on my part.

  19. Portion control? Ummmm what is that.

  20. I am rarely appreciative of my food allergies and intolerances, but my ass definitely appreciates it regularly. How could you have self control over something like this?

  21. I’d have no portion control around those babies either. Reese’s are my fav candy, and Reese’s in baked goods? Well there’s just no stopping me. Then again, there was no stopping me this weekend either after I baked a batch of sugar cookies. Thank goodness I had the good sense to send half to my grandfather. (I downed the other half Saturday and Sunday)

  22. Umm what the heck is portion control when you make something with pretzels AND pb?? Yeah I wouldnt know how to control myself. Good thing I don’t know a thing about baking! haha

  23. Anything the includes reese’s and a big pile of caramel? Yes. Please.

    Damn you.

  24. omg, what are these amazing inventions? They scream the opposite of portion control to me. yayyyy for holiday treats!

  25. I would fail miserably at the portio control test with these staring at me. YUM.

  26. those cookies look great!! I love baking!! so de-stressing. uhhh, i think therapeutic is the word im looking for..

    anyway! i usually dont make bars, but I should try those!!

    and, portion control is HARD. i hear ya

  27. You sold me! Adds to holiday bakiong list!

  28. oh my god, I adore Cookies & Cups…but I’ve yet to make anything yet!! Pretty much I just look at the pictures and recipes and day dream….

    Holidays and holiday recipes make the portion-control dyslexia get worse!

  29. For some reason I’m singing Portion Control to Prince’s P*$$y Control (I’m classy like that)

    You know how I feel about peanut butter. That being said, I dont think these would last 15 minutes around me, I may just have to make them (gasp!)

  30. Oh.my.word. This is perfection in a post.

  31. DUH this things are completely and totally AMAZING!!!!!

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  33. At my urging, my wife made these. I can earnestly say their name is truth in advertising.

    I used one to fuel my 9 mile run yesterday, but I’m still not sure I deserve another.

  34. So glad you made these and liked them :)

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