White Castle Giveaway!

Oh hey there.

I’ve been absent. Which makes me feel bad (sorta).

And since I feel bad, I’m going to try and make up for it. Give me a minute and I’ll get to it…

Just so you know- I have an excuse! Our company holiday party happened and, not only do I participate, but I also help plan.

This year involved a dinner cruise. Insert any one of the following responses:

“I’m on a boat!”
“I”m king of the world!”
Hum the theme of Gilligan’s Island.

As can be expected. We were on a boat. And I AM pretty much king of the world. So yeah.

Cheesy? Maybe a little. But I didn’t mind. I find anything acceptable if you wave free food and drinks in front of my face.

This girl can be easy to please.

We didn’t dock and leave the boat until about 10:00 pm. In which we immediately hit a bar at Navy Pier until it was clear we would all be a wreck at work the next day due to sheer exhaustion. 

Clearly my regular routine was disturbed. Clearly I opted to sleep in instead of go to the gym. And clearly I wasn’t about to deal with making  breakfast.

But it’s ok. Because White Castle sent me a few awesome coupons for when they rolled out their breakfast menu.

Do you know all the things you can get with a $5 off coupon?Holla’.

Breakfast sandwich sliders? Are you kidding me?!?! I opted to try the sausage one and offered my roommate the bacon one because I didn’t want to seem obnoxious with all the food.I’m a little sad that my roommate accepted the offer. Because I could have easily eaten two.

The french toast sticks? They were sort of lackluster. I didn’t mind offering the last one to my roommate nearly as much. Maybe they forgot to give me something like syrup to dip them in. Or at least that’s what I would have done.

Sure, it’s not the most healthy breakfast in the world. And I’m sure I could have made something similar on my own. However, sometimes time is short and fast food just seems like the perfect thing to fix a craving. It’s all about balance, ya’ll.

Either way, I’m glad there are a few more coupons for coffee and sliders for when I’m running a little later than usual to or from the office.

Which will be nice. Because I’ve also been spending time offline to visit Little Miss Mon. She recently found herself in an emergency surgery situation and is spending a few days in the ol’ hospital. No worries- everything is fine. I just took it upon myself to visit her and fill the “sarcasm from Amy” quota she needs to live her life properly.

I also got a scary look into what my life will be like in 60 years when we’re carting IV stands for each other to the bathroom. The Golden Girls have got NOTHIN’ on us.

Anyhoo, because White Castle hooked me up, I am going to hook YOU up.Oh boy….

Look at all the fun stuff they sent!I’ve had more than one house guest attempt to steal the shirt. It’s a hot item, my friends. But I saved it. Just for you.

May I suggest you wear it when you go see the third Harold and Kumar movie? Maybe with your free sliders hidden in your purse as a movie snack?

Just a thought…

To enter, all you need to do is tell me if you’ve had White Castle or not. Or what your favorite fast food breakfast is. Or any comment at all, really. I’m not picky.

For a second entry, tweet about it and let me know you did so! Twitterific!

I’ll pick a winner next Monday so that SOMEONE gets a neat pre-Christmas present. You know you want it.

Happy Thursday!

28 Responses

  1. I’ve actually never ever had white castle but from the looks of it, I’de love it! haha..Oh and I dont have twitter so I guess I am out :( Oh well…

    How cool to have your holiday party on the boat!! That’s a really good idea..how fancy of you lol

  2. I’ve never had White Castle, nor do I think they have them anywhere in PA… however, I still wanted to comment and tell you I love you so if I win, I’ll give it to the HIGHEST BIDDER! muahaha…

  3. Hahahahahahahaha this is awesome. Being from Chicagoland, of course I’ve had White Castle. Sometimes even when sober! But usually only when drinking. Also it is a running joke between my husband and I that anytime we are trying to figure where to go out for lunch or dinner, he ALWAYS suggests White Castle, knowing I will always shoot him down. I usually know better (when sober). Anyway, this would be an awesome Christmas present for him… or a super-ironic shirt for me to wear around him.

  4. PS I tweeted (as @not_margaret)

  5. I don’t think we have White Castle around here, so you can give me entry to another lucky entrant, but damn, that shirt is pretty hot!

  6. Love this giveaway! Never been to whitecastle, but I am planning a trip to the Chicago burbs over break to see my sister. This would be perfect!

  7. When Scott lived in North Aurora, I visited during Valentine’s Day weekend. The plan was gun range, sushi, comedy show in the city. We ran out of time for sushi, so we stopped at White Castle (chicken sliders FTW!) and just drive into Chi-town to make the show. It was a pretty awesome date. ;)

  8. I don’t think I’ve actually had White Castle since college! Remember the frozen sliders they sold that you could buy at the grocery store? Yeah, those were pretty popular.

  9. I don’t think we have White Castle in Canada. I guess thats just how it goes when you’re in a different country and all. :)

  10. White Castle is a family favorite! Anytime my relatives head to St Louis they are all about it, multiple times. This would make THE PERFECT gift for a special person. Great give away! Merry Christmas!

  11. I’ve never been to White Castle because I’m pretty sure we don’t have them here in Los Angeles. Just another reason why I want to move… :)

    You sure can get a lot of food for your money…and french toast sticks? Brilliant.

  12. Saw you on Monique’s blog and thought I’d stop by! Glad I did, as there’s awesome White Castle stuff up for grabs! My favorite breakfast has always been French toast, but I’ve been making lots of pumpkin pancakes lately!

  13. I haven’t had White Castle. It doesn’t really exist on my side of the country. But I keep hearing about it.

  14. Hahaha oh my gosh thats hilarious.

    funny story: the AAA baseball team in columbus does “$.10 slider night” and I asked if I could have one without the meat on it (just the onions and whatever else is on the bun) and they actually said NO! Isn’t that sad?

    The ironically, the only time I’ve actually set FOOT in a white castle was to ask if we could exchange a $10 bill for a roll of quarters (ah, laundromat days) and they said no to that too!

    Needless to say, I think White Castle doesn’t like me.

  15. I live in OFallon, MO., its right next to my house. I LOVE white castle! Its the best late night food around! Pick me! ;)

  16. I’ve not had White Castle since college! But I loved their chicken sliders back then. My jean size is testiment to that. ;)

  17. hah – I vaguely know what White Castle is. I think there may be one in Harlem, but I’m not sure. Have never been! I’d have to say my favorite fast food is a Shake Shack burger. so delicious

  18. I have had White Castle and (yes I’ll admit I’m kind of a freak)…but I’m not really a fan. That being said – those breakfast sandwiches look super tasty!!! I might just become a White Castle convert :)

  19. I’ve never had White Castle. My sister drove several states to get to one just to try it. I would definitely share my winnings with her!

  20. I’ll be the Harold to your Kumar:) Don’t apologize for life getting in the way… but I stalked your blog while you were gone. Cuz I missed you.

  21. ive never had it before! id love to try though!

  22. Gosh, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve had White Castle. I think it was when I was 8 or 9 and on vacation.

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  24. I’ve only had White Castle a few times. The breakfast looks perfect for a hangover!

  25. Um, I frickin LOVE White Castle. We used to go there all the time when I lived in Indiana and when my mom flies back there, she is that woman on the plane with two double cheeseburgers with extra onions. YUM.

  26. I have never had White Castle and I don’t think we have any around here but those breakfast sandwiches look amazing.

    I have an apple and a boiled egg every day of the week. Boring I know.

  27. I have definetely had White Castle in my life. My family is absolutely obsessed. In fact my uncle, who was born and raised on them in Chicago, moved to Dallas years ago and built a shrine to WC (no seriously). Everytime White Castle has a promotion I have to send him a drink cup, wrapper, etc. In fact he is so obsessed with White Castle who tried to convince me to go out one night and steal a WC garbage can with the logo on it. That is not a good reason to get arrested. So pretty much if I win this prize it will be headed to him. And now I am embarassed for myself.

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