New Obsessions

The word “obsession” has become horrifically overused. Don’t you agree?

“Like OMGZ GUYZ, I’m like SO OBSESSED with filtered water I just can’t stand it anymore!”

Cool down.

It’s water. You’re supposed to be drinking it anyway. So really, it’s more of an obligation than obsession. The only difference being that it’s filtered, which really isn’t all that unusual in this day and age (like how I sounded 80 right there?). So uh… take a breath. It’s not that exciting. Neither are highlighters, saltines, or any song by Taylor Swift.

The first two things listed there are true examples of things people have said they’re like totally obsessed with that I find highly unlikely and a little sad if it is actually true. The last one just being a jab at Taylor Swift.

I really don’t like her music. And don’t think  you should either.

Anyway, clearly my standards are high when it comes to what I would deem what qualifies as an actual obsession to be truly thrilled and excitable about.

That being said, here are three new ones I have. You be the judge if I’m being a hypocrite or not.

I probably am. But hey… it’s my blog and I do what I want.

1. Cookie butter.Did you know that diets high in fiber are found to be associated with a healthy heart? Thanks Special K! And notice how I keep all my important things in this particular pantry- cookie butter, cereal, and vodka (on the shelf below).

Yeah. It sounds weird. Maybe even a little gross. But as I was passing by the shelf of new items, it called out to me.

No really, there was a big sign.

So I picked it up, not really understanding what it was, but mostly because it said “cookie” on the front. I’m a sucker for such things.

It’s been opened no less than 10 times in the past 2 days. Mostly to dip pretzels. Once or twice to dip a finger. Obviously this is something I’m only allowed to buy maybe twice a year. And also do not let me know if you have it in the house when I come to visit. Thanks in advance.

2. This stupid push up pyramid challenge thing Kelly got me started with.

My arms are so weak, guys. Like obnoxiously so. But I’m totally dedicated to working my way up the ladder and back down at least every 2-3 days. Usually while watching tv. It’s also making me crazy sore in the core area because it turns out girly push ups really don’t do anything. Who knew I’d be living such a lie for so long?

Wish me luck on keeping this up. Maybe I’ll let you get in on some tix to the GUN SHOW. Holla’.

3. Remember my thing for Vince Vaughn? How we sometimes have breakfast dates and such?

Well. Vince is married. And has a kid. I hate to admit it, but maybe it’s time to throw in the towel on that dream.

But don’t worry. Another dreamlover has caught my eye. He’s handsome. He’s funny. And, most importantly, he’s single.Oh hey there Jason Segel. You cold? Come join me on the couch, why don’t ya?

I look forward to where this relationship will take us and cannot wait to enjoy regular cups o’ coffee with you.

Now if any one of you still want to get me a Christmas gift, he would be a GREAT one to pick up for me…

Just sayin’.

So yeah. My three new obsessions. Like OMG GUYZ AREN’T THEY AWESOMEEEEEEEE?

Oh yeah… the winner of my White Castle Giveaway?

Congrats goes to Krissie!

Hey girl- just email me your info and I’ll get the fun stuff on it’s way!  :)

And there you have it. Excuse me as I go to celebrate Ugly Sweater Day at work. Tis the season…

40 Responses

  1. I started only doing “man style” push ups like a year ago when I had a trainer yell at me and I’ve never looked back. They really are one of the best workouts for your upper body and you will see a visible difference in your arms pretty quickly!

  2. 2 weeks ago my boyfriend was at a Capitals game and goes up to the bar and notices he’s standing next to Jason Segel. He asked him what he was drinking and Jason Segel said gin and soda. Which clearly means he’s dieting. Then my bf texted this to me and I freaked out and got mad that he had special club seats and I couldn’t had gone with him!!! Still can’t get over that. I’m so jealous. That should have been me at that game….

  3. I’m a total wuss when it comes to upper body too! I hate pushups!!

  4. Maybe its a good thing you don’t live by me. Judging by our similar celebrity crushes, we’d like the same guys whenever we went out. And you’d get them all, and I’d be “that friend” and that would just suck (for me).

    I’d probably drown my sorrows in a vat of cookie butter though. Which sounds really nasty now that I said it.

  5. I don’t think I’m physically capable of doing a real push up. I’m being serious.

    And you know my feelings are mutual regarding tay swift – boo.

  6. THANK YOU for posting about the cookie batter. I’m now on a mission to find that.

  7. I am making a special trip to TJ’s in the next two days to hunt down that cookie butter. Also, agreed on Jason Segal- you might want to put aside your fear of Muppets and enjoy him singing and dancing in the new movie. :)

    • Right? Clearly I’ll have to hide that from him in the beginning. Which would only lead in disaster. Because you know I’d stay at his house and he’s probably got them hanging out on shelves and such all over. Omg… .I wouldn’t sleep a wink.

  8. I’m just going to say, I’m impressed that you made it as long as you did on giving in to the cookie butter. I figured it was just a matter of time. :) Also, Jason Segel is all yours. I’ve never really understood his appeal. So if I see him on the sales rack at Target, I’ll totally pick him up for you!

  9. YES! I’ll email you right now! :D Enjoy the sweater party!!!

  10. You love the push up pyramid. I did it yesterday after a week off and it sucked. And cookie butter? I want.

  11. oh god, i just bought the cookie butter the other day and i cannot stop eating it. i bought it mostly because i thought it was only a seasonal thing, but NO, it’s going to be YEAR ROUND. dear god trader joes, do you know what this is going to do to my hips?? i still do girly pushups, because the regular ones are too much for my shoulders.. but they still hurt, haha!

  12. That cookie better is so freakin’ good…I say it’s better than Biscoff!

  13. How is I’ve missed Cookie Butter at TJ’s? I’m there like every other day. Looks like I’m going to have to go today as well. Oh, darn.

    Oh, and I’m sure you and Jason will be very happy together. :)

  14. I’ve started doing real push ups lately, they’re freaking hard. But when I realized that kind of thing would help me appearance in the chest area, I decided it was necessary. :)

  15. I suck so hard at man pushups. I’ve been trying, but to little avail.
    And I’m going to ignore that cookie butter thing. Can’t go there.
    But yes, Jason Segal. YUM!

  16. I love Jason Segal. Guy makes me LMAO!

  17. I’m scared to try cookie butter. I fear that I too would become obsessed. I can assure you though that I will never be obsessed with any Taylor Swift song. Never ever.

  18. I first tried cookie butter in Spain and was deeply saddened to find out it was a European thing..but TJ’s never disappoints because a few months later, I saw here in the States! That stuff is crack.

  19. I prefer modifying push ups by elevating my hands. This takes a little weight off but gives a good core workout.

  20. Oooh….not a Taylor Swift fan at all! Ick.

  21. I don’t understand cookie butter. What is it? How can cookies be a butter? Is it just sugar in a jar or some shit?


  23. I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR POST! And apparently I like filling out comment forms incorrectly, so ignore my other one. OOPS.

  24. That cookie butter is going to be the death of me. Seriously. I can’t stay out of the jar!

  25. […] so obsessed (yes, Amy, I think this can qualify as an obsession at this point ) that I went out and bought another one […]

  26. […] there was no red carpet…. no fancy dress… no Jason Segel as my […]

  27. […] so obsessed (yes, Amy, I think this can qualify as an obsession at this point ) that I went out and bought another one […]

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