Christmas by Numbers

Hey kiddos!

Long time no see, am I right?

This is what I’ve been up to:

Number of family get togethers: 2

Me and my bro. I had to drop the "little bro" because that is clearly not the case anymore. I would say we wish you a Merry Christmas, but you can't even see the tree...

Number of get togethers with friends: 5

Number of hours on the road: approximately 20

Number of times I saw it snow: 0 (Weird, but lucky when you consider that usually at least one leg of my trip is spent in a snow or ice storm.)

Number of times I listened to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”: also 20 (still not tired of it)

Number of meals eaten from holiday dinner leftovers: 3 (and counting)

I probably also attacked those cookies afterwards. My sweet tooth has no discipline.

Number of pieces of pecan pie consumed: 4 (Yes, I ate 2/3 of the pie over a 3-day period. What? I wait all year for this… BAM)

Number of Paula Deen recipes used: 1 (it’s a good one- get excited)

Number of bottles of water consumed on the road: 10ish (don’t worry, I recycle)

Number of stops at Panera/St. Louis Bread Co: 2 (definitely do not call it Panera in St. Louis- people will get heated)

Number of packages from bloggers I received while at my parent’s house: 1

Kace @ Then Change It sent these and I have been using them to snack on as I road trip back to Chicago. There could not have been better timing for their arrival. Thanks girl- the brownie batter cookies are for sure changing my life! And maybe the number in inches of my waistline. But we're not discussing that now...

Number of loads of laundry I did at my parent’s house: 2 (it was conveniently awesome)

Number of lackluster workouts: 3 (The Shred – holla’)

Number of days I still have off before going back to work: 6

Number of days I will hopefully be productive when it comes to cleaning/working out/running errands: 2 (let’s be honest)

Number of salads I will be consuming this week to counteract the crazy amounts of holiday food: 7,000 (give or take)

Set plans for New Years: 0 (I should probably work on that in one of the 2 productive days I should be having, huh?)

Number of calls from the roommate about the carbon monoxide detector going off when she got back: 1 (don’t worry, it was checked and was just a dying battery- I promise I won’t die in my sleep any time soon.)

Alright, time to leave you once again. I’m in St. Louis and am getting ready for that 5th meeting with friends and the last 5 hours of my trip. Next time you see me, I’ll be back  home in good ol’ Chicago!

18 Responses

  1. Yay glad you got it! Brownie batter = picky palate (of course). Honest to God – make them just to eat the dough. Best cookie dough I’ve ever had.

    Looks like a great Christmas!!!

  2. I’m so jealous you still have six days off. Next year I’m taking the week between christmas and new years off, I think it will make christmas seem longer. Safe travels!

  3. I know your not short and that makes your brother really, really, really tall! We have been on the road a TON this holiday too — Columbus to Chicago to Champaign to Bloomington to Champaign to Taylorville to Champaign to Columbus. Bleck. Enjoy your six remaining days off. Even though I’ll have only worked 5 days in the past 3 weeks, it went too, too fast!

  4. The Shred during the holidays sounds pretty brave to me. Enjoy the nice, long break (I know I am!) Good luck getting anything productive done- it’s a nice week for lounging :)

  5. I didn’t know Panera had any other name. I’ll be sure to get it right if I’m ever in St. Louis. Have a safe drive!

  6. Glad you had a nice trip home, now get home safe and get back to our chats <3

  7. You and your brother look like twins. Freakishly tall twins. ;)

    I will also be joining you in your copious salad consumption endeavors. Good luck to us both.

  8. Sounds like a good Christmas to me. :)
    I’ve made zero plans for New Years too. I still haven’t decided if I want to change that or not.

  9. I love sweets too and just can’t work up the energy to care about the calories over Christmas. I’d just rather enjoy it.

  10. The angel on the tree looks like a bow on the side of Marty’s hair. It’s awesome. Almost like a fascinator.

  11. Love your cute!

    I JUST made plans for NYE and its like 3 days away. Is it bad that I would have much rather laid in my pajamas with a bottle (or two) or wine at home? If that’s not lame I dont know what is haha

    Sounds like you had a great christmas..enjoy your time off :)

  12. Sounds like you had an amazing trip! I want some pecan pie!

  13. Cute dress! Sounds like a good trip :) I saw your tweet about being stuck in the city on Friday, too!

  14. So glad you had a nice holiday! I also need to eat about 7,000 salads to counter attack the crap I shoved in my mouth this past week.

  15. Really weird about the detector going off because our alarm was going off yesterday. My roommate is out of town and I was at work and she thought someone was breaking into the house but turns out it was just a dying battery. The batteries are going crazy I tell you!!

    You all are so frickin tall, I love it. Glad you didn’t have to deal with any snow on the trip there and jealous that I didn’t hear All I Want For Xmas too much this season. It’s one of my faves–how could someone not love it?

  16. I actually made the fam go to Panera last night so I could get a huge salad for dinner! My sweet tooth was out of control this Christmas and I’m telling myself that salad counteracted all the damage I did. :)
    Safe travels home!

  17. Sounds like 1 perfect holiday! :)

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