Back to work in more ways than one…

I’m glad you guys like the resolutions post. Originally, I had planned to do “12 in 2012″, but I’m obviously not as ambitious as originally thought and settled with 10.


Oh well.

Also, if any of you have connections and could help me track down a prince to marry (resolution #10), that would be just lovely. Thanks in advance!

Anyway, it’s back to work for this chick. Back to work. After 12 days off. Sigh…

At least it’s a short week?

No? Not convincing enough? Well crap.

Either way, back to work we go. But before I overload on coffee and read a thousand emails that will surely keep me busy until this afternoon, let’s chat about this fantastic new year we’re currently in. Shall we?

Like any other crazed and delusional kid with new years resolutions, I do want to try and consider this week as a way to kick off a great year of (hopefully) good things.

Starting with a semi-overhaul on healthy habits. I say “semi” because I consider myself decently healthy already and also because my life is not complete without cookies. I meant what I said yesterday– more is always better.

But there’s a time and place for everything. Cookies can wait for now. This week is all about focusing in on the eats. Starting as of yesterday because January 1st/New Years Day/National Hangover Day/Rest Day was spent eating a combo of ice cream and chips and dip. I told my visiting friend that she was an enabler.

Although it’s not like I minded.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I won a sweet giveaway from Tracey and received coupons for free Bertolli frozen soup meals.Granted, quite a few pre-packaged soup meals are high in sodium, but how awesome is free food? Especially when it’s good free food?Seriously, the only real issue I have is the sodium content and maybe the price being a little high- I’d have to watch for sales before being willing throw it in the cart. Other than that, it was delicious, filling, and a serving was definitely enough for me. Each package comes with two servings. That means, in my singledom, I get free dinner and lunch for the next day. Sometimes it pays to be attracted to boys who never call before 6:00 pm. Holla’.

So the soup/salad meals are going well. As are other aspects of my health kick.

After a fabulous rest day, the ice cream and chips seemed to give me the needed energy to hit up the gym and log 4.6 miles. With this whole wanting to “run a faster 8k” thing in my head, I was able to start at 8:40 and work my way down to 7:53 over the span of miles. Can’t say I’ve been tracking pace time as of late, but this is as good of a time to start as any, right?

Oh dear. Maybe I really am getting serious about this whole New Years thing.

Now if only everyone else would get less serious about those New Years resolutions so I wouldn’t have to fight the crowds for a treadmill….


41 Responses

  1. Let’s look at things this way. Tuesday is really like Monday, but tomorrow is Wednesday so you’ll forget that today was Tuesday and Tuesday won’t suck. Got it?

  2. I love that second someecard- I am dying this week at the thought of visiting the gym post work. Cheers to your 2012 resolutions my friend!

  3. It would take a whole lot more than chips and cookies to get me to run on a treadmill. Maybe some meth?? I don’t know how you do it…

  4. Avoid the resolution gym crowd! Run outside! You just need layers! Seriously, I ran outside last night, and sure I wore two shirts + a jacket and two pairs of pants, but I was fine! However I do want to go to spin class at my gym tonight … it never fills up to capacity, but I will try to get there early anyway just in case.

  5. I had chips and dip for dinner last night. I suppose my healthy habits are re-kicking off today. Ya know, since I didn’t move from my bed all weekend and ate two bagels in it yesterday.

  6. arrghh I hate this time of year at the gym. Like just get to giving up on your whole fitness resolution already so I can get back to my routine. I’m going to try and go at off-times for at least the next 2 weeks if I can.

  7. I’m actually hoping the gym is crowded tonight! That means LOTS of people in my class! :)

  8. Why is there always so much sodium in yummy packaged soups?! Its cray!

    I hope you have a good day back at work! I never left mine…lol, money doesn’t sleep when you run a business from your home ;)

    Have a great day!

  9. I’m afraid to go to the gym today cuz of all the new year’s resolutions. January is the worst!! At least it doesn’t last but a few weeks tho and they fall off the wagon ;)

  10. I used to HATE when the gym would get all packed after New Years. Didnt all those people realize I was a regular and they should have to get out of my way?

  11. I cringed when I saw the title of this post because it’s so similiar to mine – I swear I didn’t steal it! :) Title theft aside, I commend you on getting back into the swing of eating healthy and working out. It’s been a little painful for me, but I’m back at it too. I even joined a gym so you know it’s getting serious now…I realize I’m a part of the cliche. Which I sort of hate. But I plan on outlasting the resolution crowd so I hope you can forgive me.

  12. Whoops! I cringed when I saw the title of this post because it’s so similiar to the one I posted today. I swear I didnt’ steal it!!! :)

    Title theft aside, I commend you on getting back into the swing of eating healthy and working out. It’s been a little painful for me, but I’m back at it too. I even joined a gym so you know it’s getting serious now…I realize I’m a part of the cliche. Which I sort of hate. But I plan on outlasting the resolution crowd so I hope you can forgive me.

  13. haha, that’s how to do it! I get super grossed out at some of the soup labels out there. looks like you found something hearty. My enablers came out in force NYE, but the couch helped me recover all day Sunday. Ahhh, here’s to a new year.

    Seriously, the gym crowds, getoveryourself. I’m ready for those crazies to give up already. Is that bad?

  14. And AMAZING time on your mileage, you’re killing it!

  15. My perhaps imagined cold, paired with the thought of the crowd at the tiny workout gym, was enough to keep me from working out today. But I haven’t eaten anything with chocolate in or on it yet. Win?

  16. Hahahaha I love that last image. SO true. I hate how full the gym is this time of year! Where were these people the rest of the year?! *Sigh*

    If I meet any single princs, I’m sending them your way ;)

  17. I’ve been walking outside. I talk to myself to keep me company and it’s been working very well. Layer up! And ear-muffs of some sort are a must!

  18. The gym was disgusting yesterday, but no worries, give it a month or so. People will start waking up and say “screw it”..happens every year lol

  19. Sodium content is always my biggest issue with any premade soup. Such a killer. If only it wasn’t so much work to make it at home (though I always have a ton of leftovers when I do).

  20. I wish I had 12 days off. UGH, I haven’t gotten any time off. I’m hoping for a good spring time break…hoping. I don’t get the gym resolutions, but the greedy girl in me hopes they keep coming right now so I can keep making some commission for a little longer at work. Sounds bad, but I have to make all my working worth while for now.

  21. i went to yoga sculpt tonight at corepower and it was literally elbow to elbow. i guess i have been to classes before the new year that were like this, but it’s usually just on monday nights because the teacher is amazing then. but yeah, it’s pretty sick when you accidentally graze the guy next to you when you are doing mountain pose and get a bunch of his sweat on your hand..
    ps thanks for the comment today !! agreed – i love conan too!

  22. Free almost always equal good stuff, I don’t care if it’s ridden with sodium, fat or whatever–it’s free!

    My best friend and I are enablers when we visit each other, all we do is drink too much, eat bad and then complain about it. But I kinda love it at the same time b/c I dont eat like that all the time. And I want to live in a world where I can eat chips and dip every day (without gaining weight of course)

  23. That’s what friends are for! To encourage you to eat seriously yummy things and drink too much and then find ways reasons that the calories don’t count anyway… Or maybe that’s just why I love my best friend so very very much :)

  24. Oh that last comic….too true.

  25. The parking lot was completely full at the gym yesterday – SO very annoying!!

    12 days off is extremely nice… Only 3 more days til the weekend!

  26. I love love soup and never make it homemade…sodium be damned! :)

  27. I was actually surprised at the lack of crowds at my gym this week so far! But they’re probably all at Gold’s Express where it’s $10/month…ugh.

  28. I really don’t get why soups are so expensive…they’re one of the cheapest things to make, and they are sold non-perishable (or frozen). Makes no sense! Regardless, free is good and it looks delicious!!

    I hope you’re easing into the work week easier than I am. It’s been ROUGH.

  29. Happy 2012!! I’m going to check out your resolutions post now! Like your attitude for this new year though! it’s the same as mine! I just want to be as positive as I Can be and feel like it’s going to be a good year!

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