The Non-Plan Plan

Oh hey there.

It’s day 2 of the first full work week since mid-December.

My patience with this week is already starting to waiver. Just a bit. But I’m a Leo and have never been known for patience, so really, any at all is a win, right?

Another win?

Trading a bowl of homemade beer cheese soup for 2 cupcakes. Yeah. Like you used to do in elementary school on the playground before lunch. But at work with a coworker. It’s how I roll, yo.The cupcake had a rough trip home, but still tasted quite lovely. I licked the gladware container directly after. It, as expected, also tasted quite lovely.

In other news, my spur of the moment decision to switch to an earlier race than planned has thrown me into half marathon training once again (thank goodness if I keep consuming cupcakes like I do). While lying around doing nothing all day Sunday, I contemplated how to approach it.

A life without structure is no good for me. But a tediously drawn-out plan has often left me rebellious, pouty, and hitting a wall mid-plan.

So we’re compromising.

Introducing my loosely-structured “Non Plan Plan”*:

Monday and Wednesdays: Run between 3 and 5 miles. If it’s only 3, I best be busting my butt. If it’s 5, there’s a little less pressure. (I ran 4.2 last night at 8:22- Holla’)

Tuesdays: Strength training with some cross training (err- elliptical or stairs). I hate this day of the week anyway, so may as while pile it on, right? We’re going to call on Jillian and my collection of her dvds for assistance here. Bonus points for free weights done while catching up on my DVR. Every little bit counts.

Thursdays: Rest Day. Can be switched up with Fridays if necessary. I can’t predict the future and we’re close enough to the weekend where cocktails may be necessary. Not often, but sometimes.

Fridays: Cross training. Or also known as “Free For All” day. Just no running and some sort of strength should be involved at some point. That’s the rule.

Saturdays: Long run! I have no idea why the exclamation point happened. This is easily the roughest day. My long runs (start at 5 and slowly progress to 11 miles) are scheduled for Saturdays because I have been known to party it up more on Saturday nights than Friday nights. Priorities.

Sundays: Yoga if I feel like it. Anything else I do has to be low impact. But being as how most Sundays are spent on the couch watching the slow cooker work magic, this shouldn’t be an issue.

So there you have it. A perfectly reasonable semi-plan that seamlessly works into my already-set schedule.

*This is all subject to change 100 times as weeks go by. Life happens.

42 Responses

  1. Good luck with your training. I can’t imagine running 11 miles on a Saturday or any day at all! That’s completely unknown territory to me. 4.2 miles at 8:22 is amazing too!! That makes me tired thinking about it.

  2. “But being as how most Sundays are spent on the couch watching the slow cooker work magic, this shouldn’t be an issue.”

    LMAO! I’m right there with you. Not with the slow cooker- but with the couch.

  3. ughhhhh you are reminding me of my own impending training plan.

    you have a solid plan here. good work.

  4. I would have licked the frosting too. I’m such a frosting licker.

  5. I like your non plan. That’s the type of thing I would have to do if I ever did decide to train for something. I like structure, but hate being told what to do. Its a tricky situation.

  6. I’m with you on the Sundays..if I go out on Saturday night chances are a Sunday workout isn’t happening. Do you do yoga at the gym or at home? I’ve done it at the gym a few times, but wasn’t crazy about it – thinking about trying the free week at the Core Power across the street.

  7. Sounds like a good non-plan plan, friend. And I think it’s smart to keep it flexible. I set myself up for disappointment every time I try and stick to something too rigid.

  8. I love this plan- good luck my friend!

  9. That sounds like the perfect “no plan!” I always do long runs on Saturdays because Sundays are always rest days for me and I just can’t stomach the idea of working out hard on a Sunday. Sunday workouts for me included lots of walking….from the the kitchen to the couch while watching football! :)

  10. I have an individual cupcake carrier, yep that’s how I roll. habits are awful aren’t they:)

    Good plan! Plus I like how you say things like, “if I feel like it.” Listening to your body in training is the best no plan-plan to me. Good luck, sweets!

  11. I’m totally a frosting licker. I’m glad you didn’t waste any. Loving your plan. I may have to steal it/copy it! 11 weeks out!

  12. I love your rationale behind long runs on Sat vs. Sun. Priorities is right!

  13. Haha good luck. I really should sign up for a race or something, but I just can’t bring myself to commit to the training. Maybe next year WHEN I LIVE OUT THERE you can convince me to train for something with you.

  14. That non-plan looks pretty legit. I think you’re in line for success my friend.

  15. Great plan! I am following something pretty similar, trying to do 1-2 days of strength training per week and one day of speed work. It feels good to be following a training plan without having one for so long!

  16. I love the “free for all” day! I need more days like that. :)

  17. Sounds like a good plan to me! Hehe, I always have Yoga )R Rest on my Sunday workout plan, but 99% of the time, I end up crossing out yoga and circling rest ;)

  18. I like non plan plans a lot – sometimes going by feel and not stressing about stuff is the best way to go! Also, brilliant move with the cupcake trading. those look delicious

  19. Sounds like a good plan to me. My plan is coming along pretty well. I hope my knees hold out for the entire length of it. Only time will tell I guess. Thank goodness for scheduled yoga days.

  20. I love the non plan plan! I find I have to have flexibility in my goals or else I just can’t do it. Even if it’s something like an eating plan, it’s much better if I just have a certain amount of calories, rather than having to stick to specific foods. I need freedom, yo.

    I’m also a leo and have no patience ;) hehe

  21. Wow girlfriend, good luck with this training!!!! Thats a lot of running and I fully give you credit…..I wish I could run that far…11 miles?! EEKKKK!!!


  22. Semi plans are the best. That way no one gets discouraged for not doing exactly what you were supposed to. Good luck with training!

  23. I started training as well…let’s just say, I need the practice haha, My training schedule looks just like yours..Saturday are long runs because let’s face it, after boozing it on Saturday nights, there’s no way this girl is getting up to run yoga it is! haha

    Good luck with your training!

  24. sounds like a great plan! i LOVE jillian dvds – i have both yoga meltdown and 30 day shred and they are seriously hard! i totally am the same way about making schedules. if my schedule is too strict, i freak out when i can’t adhere to it! if my schedule is too lax.. i won’t get anything done. so i like the no plan plan for suuuure! ps today was a gorgeous day to run outside! i can’t believe what chicago winter has been like!

  25. Good luck with the training! I like the non plan plan.

  26. Love your non plan plan!

  27. My plan is similar – Love Sundays and Slow Cookers!

  28. I totally would have traded for those cupcakes too! Ya gotta love a win like that. Good luck with your training. I know you will make it happen!

  29. Cupcakes > soup. Just sayin… especially to someone who has only consumed saltines, dry toast, soup, and lots of sprite in the past 48 hours.

  30. I’ve been taking a way looser approach to marathon training this time around and it’s great. I like being so easygoing about it and not obsessing over a plan!

    The non plan plan sounds great!

  31. UGH, I am training for a half marathon, so you have inspired me to actually make a schedule. UGH. I wish I wasn’t so lazy, but your’s seems practical. You are awesome as usual.

  32. I’d say that’s an even trade. I like the plan- and the fact that you factored cocktails in. :)

  33. I like this non-plan plan! it seems to be working fantastically for you :) Good luck with the longer run girl

  34. Omg, i finally found your blog–about time. Im a terrible roommate. Nice WORK, I will creep this on a weekly basis :)

  35. Good luck with everything that you want to do over the next few weeks! I’m sure that you will stick to the routine — it’s fun to switch it up a little, too. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  36. you go girl! and I have the same disclaimer at the bottom of all my plans too :)

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