Good morning!

I have a confession to make.

My long run yesterday? It didn’t happen.

There was alot going on.

 We fake “tailgated” with brunch and the Mizzou game at noon. I was in charge of two things:Chopping the veggies for omelets and bringing stuff for mimosas.

Obviously I chop a mean veggie. But I was a little lost in the whole “knowing what kind of orange juice is best” thing. Most pulp? With pulp? No pulp? I’m so confused!

I don’t like fruit. So it’s really not that strange that I wouldn’t like orange juice, is it? And why would I ever have a reason to buy it if I don’t drink it?


I was given a really hard time about it anyway.

But it’s cool. Turns out as long as you have ample amounts of champagne, people really don’t care what kind you bring.

The Mizzou game was basically over before it started. We killed ’em.

And since I invited Megan over to play as well, it only seemed natural this turned into a sing off/dance party.

Sounds about right.

So here we are again. Facing down a 5-mile run. And this time I don’t have excuses. It’s happening…

…as soon as this rerun of Friends is over…

16 Responses

  1. I’m not an orange juice fan either – my husband loves the really high pulp stuff and it makes me want to throw up. But I can drink orange juice in mimosas any time!

  2. I drank FAR too many screwwdrivers in college and as a result, all orange juice makes me want to vomit. I swear it all tastes like vodka.

  3. YUM. Mimosa’s are my favourite. I had like 6+ on New Years Day :) It’s the only time I ever drink champagne!

  4. Long runs shouldn’t happen on Saturdays…just because. So I think you are totally excused!

    And I love orange juice…no mimosa needed. I’m uptight like that. :)

    Happy Sunday Amy!

  5. blech, no pulp!! Just me though :)
    Good luck on your run today, I am going to try and make in to do my leg workout… god speed, friend.

  6. I fully intended to do at least one long run this weekend. Then it snowed. I’m pretty unimpressed with the situation.

  7. I love mimosas and frankly don’t care what type of OJ is used as long as the champagne is added. Haha! Good luck on your run!!

  8. Yup, sounds about right. Oh the pictures that I allow you to post of me…Is that when Chuck was holding my leg? Hahahaha :) I feel that the massive amount of mimosas that I consumed was excused by my impromptu push-up-off. That totally counts as a workout, right?

  9. Mimosas!!! Really I’m not a juice a fan either. I figure the oj just makes me look less trashy drinking champagne before noon… hope your run went well!

  10. Team pulp all the way! I can’t keep oj in the house b/c if I know its around, it will be gone within two days. I have no control around the stuff. But mixed with champagne I’m not a fan, I’ll take my bubbly straight up please.

  11. haha i’m with the “as long as theres champagne” mentality with ya. booze = happy. the end <3

    and now Its time for wine!

  12. Hahaha good luck on the long run. One time my bff and I made mimosas with pineapple juice and they were sooo good!

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  14. I wouldn’t have a clue what kind of OJ to buy either. Maybe that Trop 50 stuff? So I can drink more booze with less cals?

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