Double Date

Sometimes I’m a player.

I know. Hard core Amy up in these parts. Love ’em and leave ’em. But what’s a girl like me supposed to do? I love them both and they both know what I like. We got all sweaty at one date. The other was spent refueling with cheap drinks.

Weirdly enough, they know about each other. And are totally cool with it.

Clearly they know there’s enough Amy to go around.

Of course they do. Because they’re two of my friends. And going out on dates with them is way easier than actual dating. Because they don’t really care what I look like and there’s no awkward end of the night involved. Win.

The first was with Annie as a guest at her gym. She called last week after a new class she attended called R.I.P.P.E.D.. I’m not sure what all the abbreviations are, but it involves 50 minutes of stretching, plyometrics, cardio, kickboxing, arms, and whatever else will get your heart rate up.

This is my summary of events:

1. It’s quite obvious I haven’t been in a group exercise class for at least 5 years. Awkward.
2. I can’t kickbox to save my life. Or really do any move that involves more than 4 or 5 steps. The calorie burn during that section was pretty low because I was too busy laughing at myself in the mirror. Again- awkward.
3. My triceps have been super ignored. This was already known, but when the instructor kept making us “pulse” at ever move during the arms section? It’s a wonder my entire arm didn’t just fall off completely. Which, looking back, may have hurt less.

All in all, even with my awkward ways, it was fun to do my cross training with Annie. Definitely a switch-up in the routine- which was welcomed. Yay for date night at the gym!

Afterwards, I drove my tired butt over to Gatsby’s Pub– one of the hole-in-the-walls Mon and I frequented when we were still neighbors. Cheap beer, cheap food, and quiet enough on a Monday night for us to freely conversate about everything we’ve been up to in the last month (Wait- month? We really need to start hanging out more. What have I been doing?!?!).

Maybe it was the cheap beer, or the mindless gossip, or the hour of strength training that just happened, but I was just as surprised as Mon was when it was time to order and I blurted out “steak quesadilla please!”What?

Here’s the thing. I went through a phase in high school where I wouldn’t eat beef. Really ironic, considering my dad is a cattle farmer. Maybe this was my way of rebelling as a teenager? Strange on all accounts.

Anyway, I warmed back up to the idea of hamburgers and such (who wouldn’t?), but steak was something I never developed a craving for again. Probably a texture thing?

And I don’t see myself ever really ordering a big t-bone anytime soon. But sometimes strips of it in a dish like this with cheese and guac? You’d do it, too…

Alright kids, wish me luck on my journey home tonight. Rain/snow/freezing rain is happening all day. Sounds about right. It is Tuesday, afterall…

26 Responses

  1. I’m right there with you on the beef. A burger done right is heaven. I have never in my life craved, ordered, or cooked a steak. I’ll eat it if it is put in front of me, but I don’t seek it out.

    How is it only Tuesday?!?!?

  2. Damn, now I want a steak quesadilla for lunch.

  3. how did I now know your dad was a cattle farmer?? how cool. I don’t eat beef often either, but when I want it I defintely have it. mmm, iron. If only real dates were as easy as friend dates, right?

  4. There is nothing better than a steak quesadilla. Yummmm.

  5. Yeah, this weather IS fitting for a Tuesday. I actually got my butt on the train this morning so that I didn’t have to drive in it (which means an extra 30 minutes on my day, but at least I get to read a book). That quesadilla looks awesome…and now I’m craving steak. Maybe we should have beef at family dinner? No? Too much?

  6. I love beef. Even though I know how bad it is for the environment and how wasteful it is. :/

  7. I very rarely eat steak, I’m just not a fan. And really only like ground beef usually. Gimme a burger! Also I get ridiculous mental pictures of you every time I think about you living on a cattle farm growing up.

  8. I definitely crave beef on weird occasions. Awhile back I ordered a steak salad with blue cheese dressing. I hate blue cheese. May or may not have assumed I was pregnant and freaked out a little.
    But yeah, steak can be delicious.
    AND the workout class sounds legit.

  9. You know, I’ve never liked steak – ever, but there’s always been something appealing about steak quesadillas and fajitas. I don’t know what it is. Theyre just good.

  10. Haha both of those dates sound awesome to me ;) That class sounds intense!!!! I need to get myself back to the group fitness classes. They always manage to target some muscle I’ve forgotten about for the last 5 months.

  11. I love gym dates! And triceps are the worst. No matter how much I work them I’ll never have the muscles.
    Mmmmmmmm……….it’s funny to me how much I love steak…….considering I was a veggie for 3 years. :)

  12. And here I thought we were going to find out more about your juicy love life ;)

    I’m dying for a good workout…

  13. Sounds like your muscles wanted some iron and protein after you abused them!

  14. I can’t WAIT for this class to start, sounds hard and wonderful. (TWSS)

    And I am the same way with beef, normally I avoid it, but I can’t turn down a delicious filet and every now and then I use it instead of my normal ground turkey just because I’m feeling dangerous.

    Safe travels love!

  15. I don’t eat beef a lot, but mostly because I’m cheap. That stuff is expensive.

  16. kickboxing, step, Dance Revolution — it’s ugly for me too! but you did it!

    I want to go to Gatsbys…mmm! Looks SO fracking delish.

    I didn’t eat beef much in college bc I always felt better when I didn’t but now I really can crave a meaty hamburger. Ah, a selectarian.

    Hope you are staying warm and safe in the snow! Make a snow angel for me. No really, I want a pic and everything:)

  17. I love steak, but don’t like burgers or beef in any other form. Weird right?

  18. RIPPER just sounds something I would die in..kickboxing for this girl? No thanks. Too much coordination haha

    UGH is all I have to say about this weather. I guess I’ll take this over the 2 feet of snow last winter

  19. Safe travels home! The weather has been crap lately all over! ugh!

  20. God I love nothing more than a juicy, perfectly cooked piece of steak – anytime, anywhere. I hate most veggies though. At least we can agree to disagree there.

  21. Your Dad is a cattle farmer? That’s cool!

  22. I used to crave steak at least once a week and now I don’t want to touch it. Isn’t it weird the stages our tastebuds go through?

  23. Say the word “guac”, and I’m there! I gave up beef for about 5 years, and have started eating it just a bit here and there. At first my stomach wasn’t sure, but now it’s okay as long as the beef isn’t still mooing. My mom grew up on a cattle farm in Indiana, too. :D

  24. i am TERRIBLE in group fitness classes but i force myself to go to yoga sculpt. i am decent at it until the instructor makes us do something crazy like steps-squat-jump or something super complicated (sarcasm) and i just cannot handle it. i literally want to scream THIS ISNT YOGA.. but i keep going back for more.

  25. […] more crock pot greatness.Funny how I just said I never eat steak and here it’s making a second appearance in less than a week.Straight from the farm. […]

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