Outside the Running Box

Oh check it out- it’s Wednesday already!

With the crazy that is work, I barely noticed Tuesday go by.

Good thing- sometimes I’m a bit irrational on Tuesdays. Stupid, stupid day of the week…

Anyway, I wasn’t chattering away as normal yesterday on here, but you can assume it was the same ol’ same ol’ around here. This girl has issues breaking from routine.

But today we’re changing that a little.

Nikki was talking about her interval running yesterday and it happened to catch my eye. The treadmill boredom is a real thing. And it’s awful. Plus, if you want to see change, I can’t just “think” or “talk” about going outside of the box. I’ve got to actually do it.

Seems reasonable enough, right?

Speed work isn’t my favorite, but that doesn’t mean a little interval training is going to kill me. And it’s all for the greater good. So that’s what happened this morning. For 40 minutes, I did a 5-minute circuit:

3 minutes at 8:34, 1 minute at 7:47, 1 minute walking

Because I’m OCD, this happened for 45 minutes (9x) so I could make sure to hit 4 miles of actual running.

Running. It’s a sick addiction.

So yeah. 45 minutes, ya’ll. That will tire the hell out of you.

And apparently also make you say things like “ya’ll”.

Clearly it’s the exhaustion talking.

Another way I was thinking outside of the box?Oh hey there, pretty green thing.

How did you find your way into my shopping cart last week?

Oh yes- the sales at the grocery store.

Blasted! I’m more of an orange/yellow pepper kind of girl. And I ended up having to go and buy something else to go with it in order to use it. So really, was there money saved? No.Ah well. I still like green peppers decently well and they work fabulously in wraps with spicy chicken sausage. So no harm done.Not for the faint-hearted. Spicy spicy spicy! (especially if you throw some salsa in there)

Plus, it assisted in the quest to help my roommate use  up a bag of flour tortillas that is about to kick the bucket (according to the “use by” date).

It’s all about teamwork.

Making it a win-win.Maybe the protein is what kept me from collapse on the ‘mill this morning?

Thanks pretty green thing- you made it all possible.

Just remembered I need to be sure to wash that glass. Tonight will be spent cheering on Mizzou once again. We’re ranked #2 right now and seem to be on a bit of a roll (knock on wood).

It’s my half birthday today, so they better not let me down.

You hear that boys? Do it to it!

26 Responses

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that red/orange/yellow peppers are like WAY BETTER than green ones. They are practically different vegetables, in my book.

    (Maybe they actually are different vegetables? I’m not a vegetable expert.)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I like red peppers best, but with sausage it has to be green peppers (and onions, of course!)

  3. Weeeee had the same dinner last night <3

  4. Sometimes the treadmill really is the dreadmill. That’s when I know things need to change!

    And I think green peppers don’t get enough love – they’re fantastic on pizza!

  5. Sadly the orange/red/yellow peppers are never on sale – boo! I do think they are better than plain old green ones.

    Happy Half Birthday! :D

  6. I wish I could still do speedwork!!! Stupid stress fracture…

  7. Holy monkeys after like 20 minutes on the dreadmill my eyes glaze over. And if I make it to 30 I’m celebrating. 45 is killer, especially with all that running! Although I DO think intervals help.

    It also helps if there is a good show on tv ;) Hehe

  8. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person that keeps track of their half birthday. It’s an important holiday! I’m with you on the green peppers- I like the red ones the best. I mean, green ones are just red ones that haven’t ripened yet, so I guess that makes sense. You know what else is funny? I don’t find that jalapeno sausage very spicy! I think I’ve killed my tastebuds.

  9. Interval training does keep things interesting, but usually has me feeling like I might die. So… it’s a toss up.

  10. Your run sounds HARD. I am just getting my splits under 10 and that’s tough for a turtle like me. Those spicy jalapeno sausages are the best…soooo good!

  11. I can’t get enough sausage. Love it. I haven’t made wraps with it yet though, so that needs to change. I see something very similar to that in my near future.

  12. Hooray for weeks going by fast! I too, thought for a minute today was only Tuesday.
    Also, I just bought those same chicken sausages last weekend :)

  13. I love interval training, I feel like it makes the workout go by so much faster, especially on the treadmill. Also I had an instructor at my gym tell me once that it basically doubles the intensity of the workout.
    I actually like green peppers, but I have equal love for peppers of all colors. Kumbaya.

  14. Chicken sausage is one of the few kinds of link sausage that I like, which is ironic because I don’t really like chicken that much.

  15. I’m not a fan of green peppers. I love yellow peppers, red are just okay.

    This is the most boring comment to probably ever be left on your blog. Sorry.

  16. ugh I am already SO bored with the treadmill..especially since my gym does not believe in changing channels (you can only watch so much of CNN before your head starts hurting). So maybe I shall try interval training too..I guess as long as I hit the necessary mileage I am good.

  17. Smile. Happy half birthday. You are rocking it with that sausage burrito. I just had some turkey sausage for lunch. Oh so good! Thank you for sharing, sweet thing!

  18. I love green peppers although I feel like they get a bad rap. When Keith and I eat Mexican food we usually always split fajitas which is perfect because he hates the peppers and the onions…major score for Kelly!

  19. Happy half birthday!! That burrito looks awesome!

  20. The green peppers gets a bad wrap for not being sweeter like it’s colorful friends. Poor thing…

    Thanks for you comment today!

  21. Im with ya on this one lady, green peppers are no bueno for me! I end up err tasting them several hours. Yeppp TMI! Sorry bout that!

  22. I seriously just had TJ’s sausage last night, too! I used their frozen mixed peppers instead of fresh, though. I was lazy.
    Happy Half Birthday!

  23. Tortillas have a use by date? Oops.

    Love all of your culinary creations as of late! Like you, I only buy produce thats on sale at the supermarket. Peppers on sale this wk–holla! Apparently I eat too much sausage and peppers because one of my coworkers asked if I was having some kind of sausage and pepper meal yet again for lunch.

  24. Switching up my treadmill routine has become a must for me in the mornings. Especially since I can’t seem to find “Saved by the Bell” reruns on in the a.m. anymore. If I can’t watch a good Zack Morris/Kelly Kapowski episode while plodding along, I’ve got to throw some intervals in just to keep me awake.

  25. Happy Half Birthday! I need to figure out when mine is and milk it for all it’s worth. :)

    Great dinner idea – I need to figure out what sausage is all about. I think my picky family will actually like it!

  26. […] anyway, I noticed this was much faster than the last time. And that’s something exciting. Surely the conscious decisions I’ve been making towards […]

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