Old Woman Habits

One thing about going out on a Thursday…

… this old woman will absolutely NOT go out the next night. Seriously- who can do that??

Kids these days…

Granted, I don’t normally go out a lot on Fridays anyway. At the end of the week, I just really want to come home and collapse.

And catch up on my DVR. Because I need to watch my “programs”. Like an old woman.

That’s right. I think I’m getting old.

I’m constantly the only one cold in the office. I’m frugal. I fell in love with a picture of a cat my friend sent yesterday.

Dag nabbit. I’m a lost cause.

And I imagine, if there were such a classification of “old woman food”, this may be it:It’s no secret I’m a brussels sprouts fan. And can eat half a bag in one sitting, no issue when I simply cut and roast them.

But… there are other options…Like if they’re sliced/shredded. It deceives me into thinking I’m eating more this way. Sweet. Because being painfully stuffed afterwards is never a good thing.

Really, I saw this on a few other girls’ blogs and only wanted to do it to save time. It’s much faster. Which is good. Because I have no patience.

Plus, it’s kind of pretty.

Maybe that’s a stretch. But the shredded went well with the artichoke pasta I paired it with.And it went REALLY well when I just decided to mix it all into one mess. Just sayin’.

Because old women fall asleep on the couch by 11:00 at night, they often wake up pretty early the next day.

And because they often feel the need to be productive, there will be a grocery shopping trip and a 6-mile run at the gym. Most likely all before noon. This provides plenty of time for an afternoon nap.


And because old women such as myself often feel the need to pretend they’re younger than they really are, this old woman will be attempting her second night on in a short period of time.

Send help. Or a sweater. I’d hate to catch a chill.


But before I go… does anyone have a butterscotch?

16 Responses

  1. I was so proud of myself for going out to happy hour and a work party last night. I was convinced I stayed put late and was so proud until I looked at the clock and realized it was 10:30. I’ll see you at the grocery store with my old lady coupons:)


    I feel ya ;)

  3. I like staying in on Fridays in the fall/winter, too. But then there are times I prefer to go OUT on Friday and stay in Sat because it takes me that long to recover and I hate rollling in at 3 on Sunday morning…Sunday is foodshopping and laundry day. Can’t mess with that. My friends were planning some big thing tonight and I’m already secretly hopign it gets canceled; regardless I’ll be peacing out after dinner to be home by a reasonable time.

    I’m two years older than you (I think)….but mentality wise I think I’m like, 20.

  4. Great minds think alike, I was thinking about doing a post like this.

    Much to my surprise, I went out last night but was exhausted by 10pm. I came home, watched 30 Rock and passed out.

    And fact, I always have a candy or cough drop in my purse. Let’s go get our early bird on!!

  5. Haha – my boss bought me a space heater for under my desk so I would stop complaining about being so cold. I think we’re all getting old.

    Oh, and shredded brussels sprouts are amazing.

  6. Yep it’s definitely faster! And almost as good as roasting…

  7. Well, I had more cabbage for dinner last night, soooo…you’re not alone. Why am I so obsessed with cabbage lately/always? I managed to get a good workout in this morning, too…maybe there’s something to this staying in on a Friday thing after all.

  8. That looks delicious! I love roasted brussel sprouts. Do you ever sprinkle parmesan cheese on them? SO GOOD.

  9. I don’t enjoy going out at all lol I’m 25 yet act like I’m 85 lol

  10. Ahh the life right? haha I am the same way. On my days off, I am happy if I can make it past the 10 pm news lol. Oh and sometimes when I force to show myself in public, I get super sleepy and I become that girl who yawns at bars lol

  11. Hahahah!!! “Programs” I caught up on mine last night too!! And tonight….lol, in again watching UFC with the man ;) This chick is gettin OLD and wrinkled!!!

    Happy Weekend!


  12. I have to try this! I love Brussels sprouts (I just bought a bag!) Thank you for sharing with me…and thank you for leaving sweet comments on my blog. They mean so much. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  13. I lov brussels sprouts but have never done the shredding method. Looks great though!
    I love Friday nights in so much. DVR work is serious business.

  14. All you need are some werthers in your pockets………. :)

  15. Hahaha I love it. I’m like an old lady sometimes too (Or maybe an old man, with my newspaper reading habit every morning. What can I say, I love the Wall Street Journal…)

    I love sprouts too! I need to try them shredded this way!

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