Random Thoughts For Your Weekend

1. Hocking up loogies in the break room is frowned upon.

2. No really. It is. So don’t do it over and over again. I’m serious.

3. I don’t think I’m going to believe Punxsutawney Phil this year. He can suck it. Because I’m looking forward to spring. And also because it was forecasted that this would be the worst winter Chicago has seen in decades and I’m yet to see any real evidence of this (knock on wood).

4. Rarely do I comment on my stance on political issues and controversial things of that nature, but I’m rather saddened and disappointed with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. There’s a common goal involved. Makes sense to work together, yes? I just don’t understand how you can achieve the goal of “a world without breast cancer” unless you plan on attempting to help everyone trying to prevent it.

5. Tonight I’ll be spending my night prepping for tomorrow’s big rivalry game: Mizzou vs. KU! What does this include? Running by the grocery store for a bottle of bubbly and baking donuts. Sure, the game isn’t until 8:00 pm, but hey- tradition is tradition. Brunch time is set for much later than usual, but it’s still brunch. And that is what matters.

6. I found vh1’s The TRL Decade as I was at the gym last night doing my elliptical/stairmill combo (20 on each). It was a look back to highlights and the significance of TRL over its time on the air. It made me reminisce. And it made me feel super old.

7. Personally, I think closely tailing people in traffic is SUPER annoying. But the opposite is just as bad, if not worse. Why? Because when the person in front of you has about 15 feet in between them and the next car and about 10 cars sneak their way into your lane in front of them on your 7-mile trip on the interstate? It’s easy to get frustrated.

In summary?


Mizzou rocks.

As does Friday. Go get your party on.

22 Responses

  1. I love that poster (said as I wipe a tear away from my eye as I sit at my desk…)

    The end.

  2. Oh man, TRL, I haven’t thought about that in years. 90s MTV was so much better than the MTV these days. And we are old. Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Friday, Amy! If you think #1 is bad, you don’t even want to know the things that come across my desk (I’m in HR)…never a dull moment!

  4. Why do people spit loogies in public areas? That should be done in the bathroom. There are always loogies in the gym water fountains too. Freakin’ sick!

  5. I hate it when other drivers let too many people in when there’s a lot of traffic. Its rude – you wouldn’t let 40 people cut if front of you in line at the grocery store, let them wait dammit.

  6. I hate that stupid groundhog and his association with my state. And HAPPY FRIDAY!

  7. I would like to be a part of that tradition. But I’m kind of a KU fan. Lots of family there.
    Our sports friendship is so rocky…

  8. It is 40 degrees right now. Everyone was all, you’re moving to northern Wisconsin….are you nuts?

    Who’s laughing now? Me, that’s who.

  9. Happy Friday! I love pretty much everything about this post, including champagne brunch and the TRL shout out. Cannot wait for the weekend!

  10. Sheldon Cooper is my new boyfriend. I really love him so much. Don’t believe that damn groundhog – we’re gonna get hit, and we need to to kill off all the bugs.

    TRL was my life in high school. I legit rushed home to be there by 3:30. I need to find this program, stat, but as a general rule of thumb I don’t watch VH1.

  11. Hahaha I get SO annoyed when people leave so much space in front of the next car that we all essentially get “ditched” over and over. So annoying!

    I love the sound of your Friday night plans. They sound a lot like mine!

  12. That groundhog is stupid. Period.
    I’m going to be in your neck of the woods this weekend. Chicago, here I come! :)

  13. Aren’t some people nasty in public. Where were they raised, seriously?!

    TRL, ahh I’d run home for school for NSync. Wish I lived in NY to make posters, Mimi’s nervous breakdown….so many memories. Damn you could almost cry.

    Sounds like you want to punchatohim phil — here here!

  14. They say the groundhog is only right about 39% of the time. But to be fair, if this is what our winter is looking like, I’m kind of ok with it.

  15. M – I – Z ….

    The bonus of the PP/Komen situation: how quickly the public responded to raise a lot of money for Planned Parenthood. And as upset as I was about Komen’s original decision, I don’t feel great about them reversing it this morning. Because I just don’t trust their motivation anymore.

  16. happy friday!!!

  17. haha that picture pretty much sums up my view on life haha

    TRL..oh god. I remember voting for and requesting songs on TRL in computer class in Junior high!! Holy oldness!! And I totally had a little girl crush on Carson Daly…ugh wtf was I thinking lol

  18. I am going to believe Phil. It’s been a pretty mild winter here so I won’t mind an extra six weeks of snow (shoot me, I know)

  19. I have to tell you, I’m pretty annoyed with drivers these days. The weather has been so nice here in Atlanta that a lot of our older group has been driving like its a Sunday drive…when I have to be at work!!!

    I hope your team wins and you have an excellent weekend!

  20. Phil kind of freaks me out. Like, he’s really fat and has really serious handlers.

  21. TRL! Every day after school. What do kids watch these days? Youtube I guess. Funny how we can feel so old and yet not really be.

    Do you ever feel like some days every stupid driver got a memo to be out on the road the same time as you? Tail gaters are the worst, nothing gets me riled up faster!

  22. As a high school and college TRL junkie, I need to find that VH1 special and get all sentimental ASAP!

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