Alternative Thanksgiving

You can always find something to be thankful for.


Family. Friends. Health. Fitness.

Those are all the “hey duh” ones.

Here are a few more for your consideration.

1. vh1 Music Countdown. Cheesy show? Yes. But it makes my Saturday morning runs a bit more delightful. Until they play Bruno Mars, anyway. I’m SO over all that business.

2. Mizzou. Ranked #4 and looking to creep our way back into the top 3. If you don’t have a college team you normally cheer for, I’ll let you borrow mine. I’m happy to share.

3. The Challenge on MTV. My reality show guilty pleasure. Because there’s nothing like watching a group of hot messes do weird physical challenges in between all the drama and drinks.

4. Generic Walgreens brand nighttime cold and sinus. It helped me sleep peacefully 3 nights this last week. And I’m convinced the sleep is what helped me bounce back to feeling like my usual fabulous self.

5. Strawberry Shortcake band aids. Instead of just “accident-prone”, I’m an “accident-prone fashionista”. Stupid tuna can…

6. My forgetfulness. Because otherwise, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon a dusty, yet still quite good, can of pumpkin in the corner of one of our cabinets.

Notice my trusty "cookbook" in the background.

The sole survivor of Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas festivities.

But not anymore.

Still learning the art of the "perfect" donut.

I’m the weird kid who craves soup/chili in the middle of July. So it should be of no surprise that the smells of fall baking filled my kitchen in the middle of February.

I took another stab at one of Prevention RD’s baked donut recipes. These were her pumpkin spice donuts with chocolate glaze.
Because chocolate is always a necessity up in this house.
And they were delicious. As was the rest of the food made for our 4th Mizzou Champagne Brunch.
My roomie Bailey and I took our turn at hosting the weekly get together. And decided to switch it up a bit with biscuits and gravy.
Ohhhhh buddy. If you need a meal to stick to your bones (a good thing when poppin’ bottles on a Saturday afternoon after a 7-mile training run), this would be the way to go. It keeps your hand steady when playing Tumbling Tower.
You know the game Tumbling Tower, right?
It’s Target’s $8 cheaper version of Jenga. I think the real version is maybe 2 rows of blocks more. But that’s ok because it turns out 6 kids sippin’ cocktails really don’t need the 2 extra rows. Perfect!
 7. And finally, I’m thankful for the endless food options that are only a brisk walk away.
Because sometimes you just want a sandwich with bacon in it. And surely the walk there cancels it out.
So there you have it. 7 new things to be happy about over another lovely weekend. BAM.

27 Responses

  1. mmm love the looks of that donut! ha

    I love that you are being thankful and its NOT thanksgiving! I think people need to do this more often! LEt’s see..right now I’m most thankful for having a healthy pregnancy and my loving husband who is helping me get through it! AND the green smoothie I’m drinking right now..tastes lovely ha

  2. Generic drugs and store brand games are great things to be thankful for because that translates to more $$$ in your pocket – another thing to add to your list!

  3. HA! Loving this list. Does your strawberry shortcake band-aid smell like strawberries??

    Donuts, any kind, any time, any place.

    You’re adorbs!

  4. Those band aids are so freaking adorable. I always wish I had My Little Pony ones…

  5. Hahaha I love when I discover random cans of food in the back of my cabinet. Especially when baking desires strike!

    Those doughnuts look AMAZING. I want a bite!!

  6. Aww, I miss Costello’s! Their sandwiches are soooo good!! Totally jelly.

  7. I looked for a donut pan everywhere this weekend. I’m convinced we don’t have them in Canada.
    And I love your Strawberry Shortcake bandaids. I have Disney princess ones. :)

  8. Now I want a sandwich, and bacon, jerk. Oh and something pumpkiny would be delicious too. I think my two favorite kitchen smells are butter melting in a pan, and baking anything with pumpkin in it.

  9. Target has an $8 version of Jenga? Kick ass! I need to get that. “tumbling tower” is a great game for kids. The older kid can work on strategy. That is, the strategy of keeping the one year old from knocking down his tower on purpose. Fun!

  10. Quit posting pictures of homemade donuts, you are killing me!

    Lol, just teasing ;)

    It does seem that the countdown always features Bruno Mars!

  11. I seriously need to try making donuts. I keep picking up the donut pan at the store and then putting it down!

  12. I cannot figure out why I love The Challenge. But I do. I secretly have a crush on Mark – who is probably old enough to be my dad (j/k) but seriously the guy is hot!

  13. I really do love living somewhere where I can walk to get basically any craving I may have. Especially when that craving hits after several glasses of wine.
    Again, I want to be a Mizzou fan (though I’m still not) just for these gatherings.

  14. Amy, it’s JUMBLING Tower! Don’t defile the magic that is that game. :) It really is jumbly, too. Thanks for hosting on Saturday, the biscuits and gravy were awesome! That and the bubbly, obviously.

  15. LOVE biscuits and gravy. I can’t comprehend it when people say they don’t like it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in constant, random “how the heck is that even possible?” injuries!

  16. I am so sucked in to the Challenge..why? Who the heck knows, but it’s fascinating.

    I may have to make the donuts…I need some more recipes for my new pan ;)

  17. I’m obsessed with all the MTV challenges! I love it!!! I’d go on the Real World just to get on those damn challenges.

  18. I’ve been living under a college bball rock, I guess! Go Mizzou! Illinois is having a dreadful year. I’m not sure how you can beat Michigan State and Ohio State and then lose to Penn State and Minnesota. I should hang my head much lower, I do believe.

    I’m so glad the donuts were a hit…they look fabulous!

    Have a great week, my dear!

  19. Every sandwich deserves a little bacon once in a while. (Is that a song lyric? It should be.)

  20. I gave up the MTV challenges a while back. I used to LOVE them when they were real world/road rules. Then they brought in a bunch of random people, and now it’s like their full time job. And it makes me angry.

  21. Perfect!! I like this list!!

  22. I can’t stand Bruno Mars or The Challenge. I went to college with CT and he dated one of my good friends. She went to visit him on his season of The Real World and he turned into an already bigger douche than he already was. Oh man, I hate that kid.

  23. i needed this post. having some relationship struggles (i.e., the “i’m moving 1500 miles away” bomb was dropped on me. on my birthday.) but dammit if i don’t kick ass in the gym. also thankful for spotify, soy lattes, and xfinity on demand. it’s the little things.

  24. Oh how I miss the MTV challenges! We dropped cable7 months ago and rarely do I care, but the challenges are all kinds of perfect entertainment.

  25. I want to go slice my finger so I can justify buying those bandages, I wanna rock the Strawberry Shortcake! The only thing that would be better if it was scratch and sniff!

  26. haha I love that meal..what can be better than biscuits and gravy PLUS that delicious donut?? I am not sure there is anything better! Ohh Jenga, how I miss it! I actually have a “truth and dare” Jenga and those things are dare is like hug the person of the opposite sex. haha. obviously it’s from like middle school.

  27. […] My roommate and I signed up for a Mardi Gras-themed pub crawl. We decide to take a break from Mizzou Champagne Brunch this weekend and this is what we get ourselves into? […]

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