Things I Probably Get Way Too Excited About

I’ve really enjoyed posts in list form as of late. It’s organized. It’s efficient. It’s perfect for my OCD self.

So enjoy…

Things I Probably Get Way Too Excited About

1. Noticing how Jason Segel spent his Valentine’s Day:

Granted, I was with my roommate, but we both feasted on pizza, watched a movie, and celebrated how awesomely single we were (or me- she has a BF)! Obviously Jason and I are so alike. Like two peas in a pod.

DUDE. Get at me.

No, seriously. What are you waiting for? Let’s have our people talk.

2. Leftovers from work meetings I don’t even have to attend. Sometimes… just sometimes… we really hit the jackpot.Artichoke and mozzerella-stuffed chicken, anyone? With lemon roasted broccoli? Secondhand fine dining. For FREE.

3. Cereal sales at Target. If it’s less than $2, it’s probably going in my cart. Which is why I all of the sudden find myself with 4 boxes of Kashi that do not fit in the already overflowing pantry… Why do I keep doing this to myself?!?!

4. New kitchen creations:

Yes. It involves cheeeeeese....

This is what happens when you can’t decide between a breakfast burrito and grilled cheese for dinner. A weird combo of both. But somehow works.

Saute the green pepper and mushrooms before throwing them into a lil' ramekin with the egg until they all bake together beautifully. Then put pepperjack on top to get all melty. And yes, "melty" is a technical term.

I don’t question such things.

Instead, I just add broccoli for good measure and call it a day as I consume it and wait for Modern Family to start (this was Wednesday- obviously).

5. Good hair days. More specifically, good bang days. My bangs are very temperamental. And we only get along MAYBE once a week. Today is a good day. Hopefully they’ll be good to me in a few days for a rescheduled date I have…

6. Presents of all shapes and sizes.My coworker Jaime brought my new friend to me yesterday. Her name is Lolita. And she now is the gatekeeper of my computer screen.

7. I ran again!

This really shouldn’t be that exciting, but hey- that’s why the name of the list is what it is. I ran 2 miles before retiring to the elliptical for another 20 minutes. No issues. Tomorrow I’m going to have another go at a long run of 7-8 miles.

And even though I like to live dangerously (MUAHAHAA), this run will happen with caution. Promise.

8. The glass of wine I’m SO having immediately after getting home from work now.

I can almost taste the chardonnay now. Maybe that’s because I’m already drinking it.

Just kidding- it’s 8:00 in the morning. I snuck the bottle in for lunch.

Just kidding again. You’re so gullible. I put it in a travel mug so no one would get any ideas…

Happy Friday, folks.

32 Responses

  1. Ha. I hear ya on the wine – I think I’ll be popping some shiraz tonight, which I totally couldn’t drink at work – mainly due to the tell-tale purple wine lips. Chardonnay really is the way to go. ;)

    Good luck with the run. Happy Friday!

  2. I’m a little too excited about Lolita, as she looks like a fun friend and fairly low-maintenance. My kind of gal.

    We got hit with a shit ton of snow today, so I’m too excited about taking a couple hours off from work this afternoon to shovel, pretend to write a blog post, go to the gym and then hibernate for the rest of the weekend. Seriously. I’m not being sarcastic. Snow storms = staying inside with food and mindless entertainment. Yay!

  3. I’m considering growing out my bangs because we can’t get along either. Its highly irritating.
    I’m helping a friend move today (she says its because I’m beastly – not sure if that’s a compliment), and there will be wine after. Knowing that is what will get me through the day.

  4. Everything you’re saying sounds awesome to me. Good luck with your long run and enjoy your weekend chicken!

  5. I have a shirt that says #GetAtMe. Do you want to borrow it??

  6. I like your travel mug idea. I wish I would have done that b.c I’m absolutely bored and can use a little pick me up.

    I heart Jason, he is just so dreamy. You two would make beautiful, tall babies! Jason-what are you waiting for? PS-please school me on how to insert tweets in posts, I can never get it to work!

  7. I’m planning my wine attack as we speak. Its past 10 am though, so it’s respectable.

  8. LOL – enjoy the wine!

    Happy you got a run in! :)

  9. It’s good to get excited about the little things.

    Swap the chard for a mimosa and you can drink now ;)

  10. I used to work at the office where all the important-people meetings were held, meaning it was not uncommon that I got to enjoy their leftovers. I’ve recently moved offices, and while I like my new office better, there are zero meetings here, other than our department meetings which are not catered.

    Also, I feel ya on the temperamental bangs. After my recent attempt at straight-across bangs, I realized side-swept was MUCH easier, so once they grew out enough (like a quarter of an inch, high maintenance much?), I went back to side-swept.

  11. Haha, I wish we actually were drinking wine with lunch right now. THAT is how you do TGIF.

  12. And that’s why I can’t have bangs. I just get annoyed and end up pulling them back. We’re not friends.

  13. All I ask is that you invite me to you and Jason’s wedding. I promise I’ll behave…

    Wine is definitely in my future tonight. I could probably get away with drinking at work but I fear I would slur in my emails and give myself away…Just kidding. Sort of…Is it 5 yet?!

  14. I love list-posts, too. Type A’s of the world, unite!

  15. It’s all about the little things. And how are you supposed to *not* buy cereal when it’s under $2? And all I ask is when you and JS get married I can be a bridesmaid. Or a female usher… or just invited.

  16. There is a CEREAL sale at Target?? giiiirl you know I be running there like asap!! My stash is slowly starting to dim out so I need to re-stock!

    I also cannot WAIT to get my drink on with a glass (or three) of some cheap TJ’s wine. Classy, I know.

    Have an awesome weekend Amy!

  17. I rocked the $2 Kashi sale at Target. Also bought a pink plate with a picture of a violin on it because why not right? Happy weekending!

  18. I had no idea that Jason Segal was single. That just seems wrong. Or very right.

  19. Aww–that little creature for your computer is cute! I want one for my desk @ work! :)

  20. I remember those Lolitas!! I don’t know their proper name but they are adorbs.

    I think Jason Segal is amazeballs, what a hottie.

    I actually am going to try your sandwich, seriously sound delish!

  21. I always get excited for wine. It’s the best thing on Earth. Glad to hear you’re getting back in the running game!

  22. I think you should contact Jason and let him know just how alike you are. And then invite him to something special. Maybe it will turn out like the Timberlake/Kunis marine ball date thing. Yep.

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