Making Due

As a “plan ahead” kind of gal, and someone who particularly enjoys routine, this last week or so has really thrown me for a loop.

My workouts have been sporadic and wonky. It’s been a “guess what Amy will actually do today” kind of week.

Let’s pretend I’m attempting “muscle confusion” to get my hot bod in tip top shape. Instead of realizing that I’m just being lazy/moody/irritable.

Due to our habit of weekly champagne brunch on Saturdays, I often observe Sunday the way God intended- as one of rest. Preferably buried under blankets with a large bottle of water within arm’s length.

Maybe it was the lack of celebratory drinks after a hard loss to KU (I will NOT talk about it). Maybe it was the amazing weather (since when is 53 degrees amazing?). Maybe it was the guilt from multiple Mizzou-Themed Cookies being willingly shoved into my face (thank God my coworkers willingly took the rest of them out of my grubby little paws- early onset of diabetes was just around the corner).

Frozen pizza pimped out with green peppers, olives, and more chedda'. This is what happens when you need more food in a pinch. Making due with what you have. It's an art.

Or maybe it was the pizza.

Whatever it was, I found myself at the gym on Sunday afternoon doing the stairmill for funsies. And also walking around the neighborhoods for an hour or so with my roommate.

Weird, right?

And because of my suddenly active Sunday, Monday changed a little. The legs weren’t as fresh as they normally are on Mondays (usually I’m coming off a day of total rest), so I only ran 3.7 miles on the treadmill at 8:34 before switching to a walk for another 10 minutes or so.

It was a half-mile or so less than the usual, so compensating included push ups (the guy way- I’m getting better!) and some planking through Monday night tv time.

My arms are slowly getting stronger, but I’m nowhere near getting my muscles to look like the dudes at the gym that are so bulked up they can’t even put their arms fully down to the side.

Oh wait… that is gross. Nevermind.

All in all, it was still a good workout. So the break in normalcy wasn’t nearly as annoying/disruptive as originally assumed.

This is me making due with the given time and energy levels. And that’s really all I can ask of myself.

And because my friend is in town to take the bar exam today and I am celebrating with her afterwards, my workout will be nonexistent today in exchange for food and wine.

I know, right? I am SUCH a good friend… sigh…

There really isn’t a better day to do it, so I’m glad she called. I hate Tuesdays and don’t mind the distraction.

She may be the one taking the bar exam, but it’s clearly still all about me.


18 Responses

  1. Something is always better than nothing. At least that’s what I tell myself on days where my workouts aren’t necessarily structured.
    And that pimped out frozen pizza looks gooooood. :)

  2. Why is it not Friday?!?! Sigh. At least you’re breaking up the week with celebrations. Nothing wrong with that ~ Enjoy!

  3. I haven’t been able to really work out at all because of my lung issue, it’s becoming irritating.

  4. Yah. I’ve been all over the place with my workouts lately. Friday night I took off because I was helping my friends move. I told myself moving was a workout, so it counted. But the pizza and doritos, not so much.

  5. That pizza looks sick. The good kind of sick. As in I want it. I can do some guy pushups now, but I always end up resorting to incline or kneeling ones by the third set. Sigh.

  6. lol…I love you, you always make my day! Your hilarious. :) Need I say more. Have a beautiful day my friend.

  7. Get your swole’ on girl. And I took off yesterday to indulge in wine and do not regret that decision one bit. No ma’am.

  8. That pizza was dang good for being thrown together in a pinch, I must say. As we the cookies. I was impressed that you held out on eating the dough before they baked. :)

  9. I keep thinking today is Thursday. I’m going to be really disappointed come 5pm tomorrow when it’s not really the weekend…….

  10. I’m slowly getting better at guy pushups too! I still hate them with a passion though.

  11. That is a pimped out pizza…..mama like! Its been way too long since I’ve made pizza at home. Mostly due to the fact I don’t want to spend $3 on dough when I used to be able to get it for $1 at TJs. I just may have to shell out the big bucks soon.

  12. I’ll be sitting in a diabetic coma right next to you! Hey, hey that pizza turned out great.

    I want a champagne brunch with you (sad face).

    And on that note, that Someecard has me in stitches!

  13. My night time prayer last night was that I would wake up and it would be Friday…that did not happen! UGH!

    Great job on the arm workouts. I swear, ever since I changed my diet a few months ago, I can really do some great planks and my guy style push ups are better than I ever thought they would be. I’m loving it!

    I hope you have a great week and that it goes quickly!

  14. Okay, That ecard? My life.

  15. hahah you crack me up Amy, seriously.

    Good for you on getting some planking and push ups done. Ask me when the last time this girl did a push up and I will probably just ignore that question because it’s been since high school when they made you do it. So good for you..that alone deserves a glass of wine :)

  16. I kept thinking today was Wednesday. That’s kind of normal though right?

  17. Your distaste for Tuesday has rubbed off on me. I now loathe it just as much as Monday.

    My workouts have been wonky for the last couple weeks. As has been my eating. I’m resolving to start over in March. March is the new January.

  18. Even if I don’t have any vegetables lying around, I will always add cheese to frozen pizza. I just can’t help myself. The weather has been gross here, so my motivation to get out and run has really dropped.

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