Times are a Changin’

Happy Monday!

Wow. Considering the time change really screwed me out of a full night’s sleep, I’m quite perky.

This is weird.

But understandable. I am in the beginning of a 4-day work week. Never a bad thing.

And I really don’t mind Monday. It’s a day of recharge, reset and general detox.

Instead of this:Not a healthy diet does champagne and cheap beer make.

And after a day of indulgence in the two (and fourth meal at a late night mexican spot like I said we always do), all I really want to do is feel refreshed. Solid breakfast. Salad or soup for lunch. A dinner that doesn’t involve grease. 

My insides cry tears of joy when Sunday rolls around. It’s a beautiful thing.

Getting the “living in excess” out of my system is important. At least for a few days.

Only problem is I’m SUPER lazy on Sundays.

Enter frozen food. And whatever else is in the refrigerator. In this case, it was all the necessities for a super bomb turkey sandwich.

Shout out to Mizzou and their #2 seed! Woot woot!

On toasted wheat. I really only like bread toasted.

And you know I’m right when I say toast is one of the best smells in the entire world.

No really. It is.

Oh and yes, I’m trying to bring “super bomb” back. So far it’s not working. What gives?

Through the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program, I got the chance to try out something of my choosing from Alexia’s frozen foods.

This is one of the first times I’ve ever made my own frozen fries. Not sure why I never buy them for myself, but it’s possibly because they’re viewed as a “treat” and order them when eating out because they’re “just not the same”. I’m weird. 

But I’ve seen the light. These were delicious. Alexia does good work because they way more crispy than I assumed they’d be- considering they’re baked, not fried. My mistake.

Kinda like the mistake I made by freaking out and spending a solid 5 minutes trying to figure out if the time on my alarm clock was the right one or not.

It was. I panicked for no good reason. Typical.

Some things never change.

36 Responses

  1. I have sweet potato fries in my freezer right now for tonight- I’m feeling an emergency dose this week.

  2. I keep wanting to try those fries. They make onion rings too. Those I’m afraid to try, I know if they’re good, I will always have some in my freezer and that’s just asking for trouble.

  3. Oh man, our alarm went off and I was confused by the fact that my cell said one thing (thankfullly, it automatically changes) and my clock said another. Didn’t daylight savings used to be in April? Talk about unwelcome surprise!

  4. Fourth meal is so underrated. For real.

    And sweet potato fries rock my face off! Alexia makes some rosemary garlic potato wedges that are out of this world, try those!

  5. Alexia makes the BEST sweet potato fries!!!
    Annnd I’ve been second guessing the time constantly.. and then I just look at my iPhone. Because my iPhone knows everything.

  6. Yum I love sweet potato fries! last time I tried to make them I ended up getting stiches…maybe I need to get the pre-cut frozen kind!

  7. I’ve been wanting to try those sweet potato fries!!! I had so many sweet taters from my garden, I couldn’t justify buying the frozen ones… but then I’d be too lazy to slice them into fries, and they would just get nuked in the microwave. LAME! haha

  8. I love those spicy fries. I typically always have a bag on hand in my freezer.

  9. I love Alexia fries. So good. And that sandwich looks profesh. I bought a turkey sandwich on Saturday, which is odd because I almost never order meat sandwiches, and it rocked my face. Great minds think alike.
    Also, I’d like us to have fourth meal at a Mexican place when you visit if at all possible. That sounds like heaven.

    • I go through weird phases with deli. I’ll not have it for months and then eat it every day for a week. We can obviously see where I stand when it comes to deli this week…

      And if we don’t get fourth meal, I may cry. Just a fact.

  10. Alexia is pretty awesome. You need to try their sweet potato tots. Don’t say I didn’t warn you- one serving of those is never enough.

  11. I have a 4-day work week too. Soooo happy about that!

    But now I want fries… def not happy about that.

  12. I freaked out when I saw the microwave clock and then realized that the oven time was right so I was good. Being on my own schedule with clients is a little tricky being that I have so much responsibility to be at the gym on time with them. The pressure!!!

    Have a great week Amy. Lucky you it’s only 4 days!

    • Well at least having someone depend on you is a great motivator! My roommate sometimes is what gets me up to do early morning workouts. I’m scared the one day she actually decides to go is the one day I’d hit snooze…

  13. I need more spicy sweet potato fries in my life especially since I am having major fat kid moments lately.

  14. I’ve had those fries too, and they were delicious!! You’re making me want champagne…darn you.

  15. OMG, I was JUST telling Jay last week that the people toasting bread in my office were killing me! Makes me want to eats bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So so good.

  16. Agreed. Toasted bread rules. Scent and taste.

  17. haha totally loving the andre. Have you tried the peach or strawberry andre? That stuff is CRACK! haha

    Your sandwich looks delicious..especially since it’s on toasted bread. Do people really eat bread that’s untoasted??

    • I like the regular Andre because I’m not super into fruity drinks. But no worries- that just means you’d get the whole bottle to yourself! ha

      People who eat untoasted bread have no idea what they’re missing out on. It’s inhumane.

  18. I’ve only had Alexia’s sweet tater tots and they were delicious. I’ll have to try the fries.

  19. I can’t even tell you the last time I had freezer fries. I used to live off that shit.

  20. I love those fries!!! I hear you about the time change. I think everyone is struggling!

  21. Alexia is my fave!! And nothing lazy about what you’re doing!! Hope you had a great weekend, sweets!

  22. I hate eating cold sandwiches. Mine have to be toasted too! Unless the bread is REALLY good. Such pretty pictures to end my day with. Hugs and love from ATX!

  23. I love Alexia products! We are big believers in my house! :)

  24. Sweet potato fries? Super bomb. They don’t last long in my house. I don’t know if I’ve tried Alexia’s version but I’m an equal opportunity sweet potato lover so I’ll give them a whirl. Especially since I see they also make sweet potato tots.

  25. Oh goodness, if Ryan and I want to “treat bad” we buy these or Amy’s frozen pizza’s for dinner…soooooo good!!!!!

    I love friggin frozen foods and I rarely buy them. Dang thighs, kill me when I eat too many of them ;)


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